Does race affect gainz?

I’ll go first

I’m black and down 30% on $60k that I started with in November

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Thats literally impossible

Yeah no black person has that kind of money to invest.

It’s the truth, how is it impossible? I’m 80-90% down on multiple alts

Yes it does you should turn Asian

amazing comment.

It's very possible.

I earned it from porn, umad?

He black - dump it

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Yes, the white man is holding down our crypto gainz my pharaoh! Don't give in to their oppression.

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Jews are the smartest so they will tend to lose less
and blacks are the least smartest so they will tend to lose more

how many bikes did you have to steal to have that much initial investment

I do own lots of chinkcoins,

theyre niggercoins now that you have them

I'm white and down 60% on 120k that I invested in March (last year)

Time to kys?

Think of all the crack you could have sold with that, user.

>invested in march '17
>not up by at least 3x
Wtf did you do man, went all in in scam ICOs?
I invested in november, down 20% and already want to kms

shut up nigger

Butt muh dikk

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Missing 2 zeros there, faggot.

im black i started january of last year went up 200k now im down 120k

Are those alts BitConnect and Davor? Since that's what you folks seem to be interested in.

I'm black and I'm up 23x since 2016

don't let these whites bring you down brother