Are there any countries that will somehow not be affected by the impending total collapse of our civilization...

Are there any countries that will somehow not be affected by the impending total collapse of our civilization? Would it be preferable to move somewhere before it all comes crashing down? How can I prepare for the collapse? What do you believe will cause the collapse?

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US Economy crashes
President is impeached
US falls into chaos and brings the rest of the world with it.

There is no escape user.

The world is a big place, there's gotta be somewhere to go, even if it means starting from scratch and living in a primitive hut somewhere fishing/hunting/farming.

definetely not national debt kek
just print more monei

There are definitely countries that won't get much worse than they already are

>rise the retirement age to 68
>wow you just pushed back the "collapse" by half a century

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I live in rural australia so don't really give a fuck

This picture is biased. it's the equivalent of saying "1000 people died because of x" to get you to fear it, because saying ".0000001% of people died because of x" doesn't make you feel the way they want you to.

tl;dr looking at only debt is an incomplete picture and you need to look at debt/GDP ratio over time


There's gotta be somewhere:
>fertile land/plenty of animals to hunt
>not full of violence
>not vulnerable to massive natural disasters

Money has no value, it's not real, its printed whenever they want. Debt is not real.

Pretty sure you’re thinking Australia

>Would it be preferable to move somewhere before it all comes crashing down?
Yes, the land of kangz, Wakanda.

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Ok but my labor has value in this society. If for whatever reason society collapses and the human race is back to square one, there will be a different set of skills necessary to survive.

This desu. Murica will just say "lol no" when the slant eyes ask us to pay. Hahahah btfo chinks.

Yes. Ahistorical nations may have a chance of survival. Small insignificant places that you can't find on a map. Polynesian countries and shitholes. Anything else tied into the system will collapse

This is what I'm thinking. Trying to find some youtube channels or something about survival in one of these places.

International jewry has poisoned the entire world.

New Zealand , South Island countryside

That's not true. At first we'll probably drag everyone down with us, but as the dollar collapses, it liberates a lot of emerging nation's that borrow in dollars. It's like getting a huge reduction in your mortgage, and now you have more money for other things. The Chinese will most likely end up backing the RMB with gold, and leaving America in the fucking dust. Wealth isn't destroyed user, it only transfers. This isn't a zero sum game.

This is kinda terrifying. But I'm susceptible to fake news. Anybody want to dispute this?

seems like a lot of people benefit from the dollar collapsing, so why has it not happened yet ?

>The eventual endgame is that the price of gold skyrockets and the dollar permanently collapses along with the global banking system and modern society as we know it. Black Friday will be everyday as the masses murder each other for a peach pit. This is sure to happen anytime between now and the end of 2018. Don't believe it? We'll find out soon.


no dude its pretty accurate. Shit is going down, just time it and go all in on btc right before it kicks off

wait what i thought zero sum game means in order for someone to gain someone must lose therefore sum of 0 since nothing was created nor destroyed just 'transferred' just like u said wealth does, pls explain?

>Anybody want to dispute this?

Yeah, nobody gives a shit about gold. The people pushing the gold shit are gold sellers themselves 99% of the times. When shit hits the fan, people will probably use some kind of cryptocurrency. That being said, the federal reserve has kept interest rates artificially low for many years, and if they increased the rates to free-market levels, the dollar would immediately collapse along with every other currency tied to it. Also, the federal reserve bank is and always has been controlled by unknown foreign banking institutions/people. The federal reserve "chair" is just a figurehead to give the illusion that it is controlled by the US government. They have us by the balls and could tank the economies of every single civilized country at the drop of a hat. And that's just ONE possible way for society to collapse.

They don't want to here OP.

They only want to kick the can so they don't have to think about there own death.

Collectively they are like infants.

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Just buy Chan coin since each site after the collapse will require a crypto currency payment to use.

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1 Month Access
$2.00 / ~0.000216 BTC

Permanent Access
$25.00 / ~0.0027 BTC

Seems legit

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>Yeah, nobody gives a shit about gold

I'm not here to shill it but that statement is incorrect. Most cultures place a high value on gold for various reasons and switching to crypto is so far fetched even in current +3 it's dishonest to think that it's going to get mass adoption anytime soon. Maybe after a couple generations have passed and the relics of the past centuries lose societal value and the general population becomes more tech savvy this will possible.

I think the people who are not tech savvy are the people who do not matter, smart phones aren't even expensive in 3rd world countries either.

>Most cultures place a high value on gold for various reasons
I think it all comes down to: Gold gets you pussy. Cause it shines.

Fuck off we're full
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Well, we in the US have the world's most powerful armed forces (debated) as well as an arsenal of nukes and muh freedums. If we get to an unprecedented level of debt and just can't pay it, there's always the "rofl get fucked" avenue, telling your creditors to go screw and fabricate a new monetary system/policy

Also quints?

does that look like five repeating digits to you? fuck off back to plebbit there's no "full house" for quints

literally this

Im legit worried the burgers will start another major international conflict like they did after the .com crash.
Remember, steel tarifs dont make much economic sense but they make a lot of sense as war prep.

Doesn’t matter if you are destroying yourself from within. Nobody conquered the Roman Empire before it collapsed from within either.

Yeah if people hust work a little longer then this insane national debt growing trillions a year will go away

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Venezuela. It's already there. Things won't change much.