Only the most iron hands will make it...and when they do, everyone will witness the stinkiness of the most alpha males on the planet

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I have a stack in a cold wallet set aside for 1k

I have a stack ready for $100. I want an aston martin vanquish asap.

Do you link fags really believe your own shit? It may reach 1k/token someday but jesus fucking christ the apes will be running this planet by then

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I hope the majority does not, realistic LINK fag checking in. Aiming to sell most of my stack near the $10 range, bought most of it between 15 and 30 cents. If we see $100 it will be a goddamn miracle.

May Sergey have mercy on your souls

>selling link ever

You know the very second LINK hits 1k everyone is gonna try selling it and the price will drop fast as fuck. Lets all determine the numbers where the sell offs happen. Keep it secret though so reddit posers dont know what hit them

most links will be staked.

expect a slow but steady climb to $1000 over the course of two years.

i'm a never-sell. not until $1500 anyway...

Wouldn't it need to have like twice the market cap of bitcoin to reach $1k?

I'm not selling at $1k either, except what I get from staking.

ah, i remember having the same thought about bitcoin and eth

$1 is too less, I am not selling till ~4x. Obviously, there will be a small 10-15 minutes long dump between $0.9 and $1. Once it settles near $1, it will easily each $2. That's when I will sell 25% of my stack.

selling LINK is a meme

I'm selling at $100

Well, an ape already made his way to the Whitehouse twice, so it shouldn't be too long.

Are you rich or suicidal?

I'm gonna sell 1k LINK at $100, then 3k LINK at $1000, then hodl the rest of my stack (7k). If LINK ever actually reaches $1000, no fucking way would I sell everything.

>If LINK ever actually reaches $1000, no fucking way would I sell everything.
i genuinely believe LINK could be well in excess of $5000 in 2+ years. i think it's that big and that important to the future of cryptos generally.

I hope staking isnt too complicated. I only have this much crypto

was worth 31k and im not too sad about it. J!K!

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Selling my stack at 998 to fuck you all over.

He's only in his first term???

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That would require every single node with 50,000 LINK to be worth $250 million
At that point who wouldn't just dumb it all and retire

Holding 70 LINK is actually my only retirement plan.
Us millenials right?

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>why don't filthy rich people just retire?!

I was talking about Obama since he's a nig nog

I actually think it's more embarrassing to have bought into a scam with $40 and to legit expect a moon than to have put a few grand into it.
I can't imagine how silly you'll feel in 5 year's time when it's $1.

i predicted ethereum now im predicting link.

$20 eoy

confirmed to make it, my girl, my mom, her mom and dad, my childhood best friend, all his family and friends, all are all in on link and we are all resolute to stake our link with a small 10-15% sell at 1k with a continual hold till 10k at the VERY LEAST. The difference between waiting 1-3 years and waiting 2-6 years to me is nothing in terms of effort or will, but the financial difference is quite literally tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. You niggas don't actually think you will be investing in celestial mining with a few million do you? I am not in this for a low key retirement, I am in this to launch humanity into the golden age, if you arrive at anything short of that aspiration you are a weak handed, short sighted, low balling cuck and your genetics should be removed from the genepool of humanity.

at that point most people would've sold at $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, etc. Not saying $5000 is realistic, but remember that people held xx,xxx in btc and sold at a few dollars. Most people holding Link then would have like 5-10 or something

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