Who else spaghetti burrito and trade?

This keeps the spaghetti from spilling.

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no, because Im not a 7 year old girl

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i always trade with a mountain of canned sardines and black olives in front of me

>spaghetti everywhere

mericans spend more money on burritos than burgers

Bruhhh spaghetti sandwiches in garlic bread is the bomb diggity.

That looks like a good idea. It could work for any pasta dish. A chicken alfredo or a beef stroganoff burrito would be delicious. Thanks user.

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You must be a fat Mexican Italian. God you must have the smelliest greasiest of mustachios

>nothing but carbs

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nowadays mericans are, in fact, chicanitos

Thanks just cooked 100k

I know sodium intake is usually a meme but christ dude I hope you stay hydrated

Spaghetti burrito, fish and chip sandwiches.

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jail food, instant ramen burrito

yea i drink beer all day too

a spread

Who else second hand doggo spaghetti and hodl?

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enjoy your man tits. Beer is estrogenic af

i don't care it's worth it

Fucking perfect.

stop wasting your time cooking, switch to Soylent and enjoy the free time to keep shilling your shitcoins without worrying about food

oh wait... your mom probably still cooks for you

What if he doesnt want low t?

Nicotine suppresses estrogen though.

You really still believe soy lowers t for estrogen? kek

let me guess, you hold link, ven or omg

Wtf no that's the silliest thing I've ever heard

Not enough simple carbs for me.