If lower marketcap and less coins in circulation = bigger gains potential...

If lower marketcap and less coins in circulation = bigger gains potential, then why are all of you listing coins that already have huge marketcaps and lots of coins in circulation?? Is the risk just too much?

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Cause most low cap shit coins are just that, shitcoins

Theyre all still connected in a way to King Bitcoin so follow the kang

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yes atm risk is high. market needs to recover. when btc is back at 300bil mcap shitcoins will see an influx of money again and even tittycoin will hit a 250mil marketcap. so buy tittiycoin now.

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Because market cap is a meme

however top 20 and under 250m do perform better in bulls

This coin will be huge in the future

Approximate Total Coin Supply by Year (Inflation fixed at 20%)
Year Coins Minted Coins

2016 90000 18000
2017 108000 21600
2018 129600 25920
2019 155520 31104
2020 186624 37324
2021 223948 44789
2022 268738 53747
2023 322486 64497
2024 386983 77396
2025 464380 92876
2026 557256 111451
2027 668707 133741
2028 802449 160489
2029 962938 192587
2030 1000000 0

Veeky Forums hates XBC but you shouldn't write it off, it's worth looking into, far less shitty than it seems at first glance and definitely underappreciated for its potential longevity and network strength I will hold it regardless of whether merchants adopt just for its properties as a hedge against btc. If you cost average it as a btc holder I think it's a better hedge than even bch or other alts because the network is very reliable and the holders generally seem mature and long-term oriented from the price action in the past. people think unit supply doesn't matter but it does in the sense that a smaller supply gives the price action better "resolution" in that the market cap varies less with the price action than large supply coins. that aspect combined with network strength, place on polo, and the other factors I mentioned are all reasons I think it's a good hedge against btc and worth running wherever you have 556 mb free.

When Hedge Funds start eating Bitcoin Plus it will be a new adventure like we've never seen before. And they are coming.

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