This was the most pathetic bull run in existence

This was the most pathetic bull run in existence

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its not over you piece of 1 week lambo with 2$ shit

that's why it's called a bull trap

Bull runs don’t end in a day user

it's a bulltrap

It’s bullcrap

It's dead

The 4 types of Veeky Forums replies.

Some of you guys just cannot grasp retracements. We literally just made a higher low. It's over. Uptrend confirmed. 1 billion eoty.

>its never going back to 10k

By the way, OP. Thanks, just bought 100k.

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Death Cross happening in a few days. Buckle up son.

Thanks just bought at 100k

what indicator shows the death cross?

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Please keep fudding, we need more bottom sellers.

>this is a suckers rally
literally fulfilling the final part of the cycle.

50&200 day MA.

On the daily

Please keep shilling. We need top buyers

When is this going market going to tank so I can buy?

Of course it was. It was a fake manipulated bullrun. Did you really think the g20 would trigger such a rush? We got one more big dip before the real thing takes off in april/may

I have been following it for a few days now to see how it develops. During the last day, it has slowed down but CERTAINLY not reversed at all, only slowed down. At first I was predicting that the cross would take place tomorrow, but it looks like it will take a couple more days.

The good news is that the Death Cross will be followed by a Golden Cross. Golden Cross is the best time to buy any asset, Nothing beats the Golden Cross. Your pocket literary turns Gold.