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>We are the least of us.
>We are a brotherhood of like-minded individuals working to help each other succeed.
>You have seen us before:

>We want complete transparency. Too much FUD, FOMO and crashes are manipulating our mindset, so if you want a safe haven away from all of that and feel like you can contribute, come join:

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We're here for you guys. All legit.

I received nothing hence not legit


Same here received nothing from the first post



Last time only lies.

We're not encouraging begging or promoting this mentality but we are here to help and to set something up for everybody.

Please sir

got nothing from first post please sirs

Check again.

Legit they sent me eth


God bless

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That's not a slack invite link maybe a discord?

Pls sir I have wife and kids sir thank you kind sir many blessings to you and your family sir

Where's slack invite link?

Check what, you inbred. That address has yet to receive anything and here is the proof:

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Thank you

Staying strong regardless of my stack size just gotta have faith that in the end itll pay off

Behind you we stand if we receive a nice little package or not, stay strong friends and fight the fud



OG OP can throw out as much ETH as possible to people but it's not actually a good plan unless OP can help others by helping them break out from a beggar mindset.

Great, do you have anything to offer the group?

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>>We are a brotherhood of like-minded individuals

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No more free rides. Tell us what you can offer our group.

OP is either a scammer or delusional, he promised some other time to give something to people, yet he didn't give shit. Now he says to "check again" yet nothing is given. Full of bullshit and empty words, a worthless person.

I have something to offer to Veeky Forums and that is warning them about dumb cunts like you guys.


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OP has like 40k tops, goofy mofo. Worth it for the lulz


Believers of faith. We're all going to make it.

You're a fucking idiot, OP last thread ended up giving away ETH to everyone, complete strangers, and most of them were pajeet fucking street shitters like most of you you fucking plague rats who ran off

Just because you posted your fucking ID 600 posts too late in a sea of fucking thirsty cunts and didn't get shit doesn't mean you have to bring down the entire movement down you fucking bastard.
I really hope none of you join since you're all a bunch of herd mentality fucking cunts who should problably stick to sucking dick for spare change on a damp alleyway. Maybe there you'll get your "shit" you so DESESPERATELY DESERVE, fucking faggot.

fucking cunts don't even have the decency of checking what the fuck is up with the post and just instantly LOCK-ON to the beggar shit

And by the way, if any of you fucking despicable autistic aspies actually got some fucking worthless ETH it'd be great you read the OP text as fast as you read "post eth addresses"
fucking bucket scum beggars pieces of dogshit


Just looking for some peace and happiness.


We are all going to make it.




Believe in what?
In begging?

>No begging, no encouraging begging please read the forum's rules and guidelines
>If you want to work on something or have a skillset, great, hit me up here to help and offer a community of legit, solid people
>If you are looking for a free ride, please, look somewhere else
>Just trying to help the very least of us through organization and a group to share


Thanks in advance

Hmm I dont have a poor mindset for investments but i'm very late to the game so I have barely 70$ into this.

I'll see if you send me some ETH and i'll see how it goes. Looked over the sites and so far so good. I like where this might be going.
I'm thinking i'll be in on this. I'm all about getting a nice comfy retirement fund setup now years and years in advance. It's not about lambos or hot females it's about me knowing I will be able to retire in a few years.
Eth 0x241848053245862E3429aEe84d605EABb3e506E1

Would you promise us zero mindless FUD like the one REQ is going through right now?

Atleast you had the decency to be a bit honest. Well, if you are looking at retiring on crypto, you have to know that there's of ponzis and pyramids set up through crypto sites and ICOs, on Facebook, Youtube, etc. it's not going to last because of this mentality, all people want is other people's money/crypto. If you have any ideas please register and join us on our Discord or Slack.

We just want to offer a community first then work on projects but you only get out of this what you put in and we are still very early days.

Yeah that's something I noticed very quickly is alot of fakes and scams. I'm holding a few coins but it'll be a month or 2 before I can be 100% sure it's legit or not.

OCN with 5900 of them currently
And next is eth at 0.0032312
and than dogecoins at 54 (mostly from autofaucets)

So yeah I admit I posted my address hoping for money but I know realistically if it doesnt show up i'll continue to just invest in coins and pennystocks and other avenues and in 12yrs I will be able to sit back and not stress the day to day things. I have nothing left to lose at my age and being fake about it has done nothing for me and those around me.

As for our site I will be looking into slack and discord since I have neither and no almost nothing about them. But hey if it helps me meet like minded people who are just trying to make some money and secure their future than yeah it's something I will be looking very serious into.

Anyways man thanks for the reply. It might not seem a big deal but it's giving me alot more lean to get in since you didnt trash me when I posted. Thanks