My brother used to browse here.... he killed himself recently

Do you fucks even know what you cause? My brother invested in some ponzi scheme called bitcoin private and ended his life on the 19th after losing nearly 200 grand.

We weren't the closest of brother but i'll be damned if i still didn't love him. He was family.

He never really left the house or held a job but he was genuinely a nice guy.

He would of been 32 in May. You guys took advantage of him. You all have blood on your hands.

The family is going through his browsing history and is going to find out what you were saying to him on here and if we find any incriminating evidence that you fucking idiots pushed him to suicide we will have your IP address traced back to your location and you WILL be prosecuted accordingly. Your toy money can't save you from the law.

p.s. little sneak peek for you virgins, i've already done some skimming through his internet history and the Veeky Forums threads he was in where people were telling him to "kys"....yeah trust me pal I know what that means, and the courts will be informed on what it means.

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>bitcoin private
why did you let your brother grow up to be a dead retard?

at least forge an obit. or death certificate to make it more realistic you larper

No u. Also you were probably a shit brother.


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No one on Veeky Forums believes in any of the btc forks

your brother would invest in CHAINLINK.

fulfill his legacy

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LARPing is fun huh?

You should stay a while newfriend. You should invest into ChainLink to make your brothers lost money back to avenge him.

>He would of been 32 in May
>would of
You might be more retarded than your dead brother
Btw tell him thanks for the profits kek I dumped my bags and have screen shots to prove it

How much TRX for you to kill yourself too?

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Don't blame us for him buying cryptocurrencies.

Nobody put a gun to his head, no pun intended.


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My condolences, you can sell his bags on

Post his private key

Lol did we actually add one to the count?

Yeah OP how did he kill him self. Was it messy? I’m fapping and I need to cum so please be descriptive.

Please respond

>start a larp and only make one post
this is just sad

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hey its me, your brother. i actually faked my death and moved to japan to fuck waifu pillows and watch child hentai cause im a humongous faggot. anyways btcp $500 q2 so dont worry about me!

Hopefully it was like r9k guy

Yeah but let’s just keep playing along

EYYY U CUNT, U CANT COME HERE AND THREAT US LIKE THAT, I will personally find your home and then shit in places that will leave you confused for the rest of your life.

Wasn’t him a Stinky Linky?

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