So many threads about escorts and prostitutes, but never seen a thread about the patrician's choice: mistresses

So many threads about escorts and prostitutes, but never seen a thread about the patrician's choice: mistresses.

>be me
>been in a relationship for 3 years, lived together for 2
>great girl, probably will wife up eventually
>going to meet a Polish girl on Friday when I am at a "business meeting" for a date and will probably smash

Any tips on keeping this low key as fuck or any of you guys running this game or have experience in such?

Relationship is fine so no reason for her to suspect anything. It is just there is so much prime pussy out there and I am a guy in my late 20s with the literal uncontrollable urge to fuck high tier women.

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The things I would do to this semen demon are unspeakable. Dead lord

You guys do shit like this but whine about it when you're on the receiving end?

men are just as shitty as women

You probably wouldn't do anything because people like you become little bitches when an actual woman talks to them.

Either stay with your chick or leave her...don't be a fucking indecisive pussy who doesn't know what he wants.

Man the fuck up and own your actions. Your relationship is going great? Then you obviously care for your partner. Why cheat?

If it isn't, and you want to cheat THAT bad...then just end it. No point in hurting her even more in the process.

Quit being a little bitch, OP.

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>cheating on you gf


Good luck op gonna be hard not feeling guilty after. Just do it and try not to think about it much. I know that feel, been living with my girl for a year. Long term partner material. I wanna fuck other girls now

So you told her? I would always tell her

this is why i wouldn't ever want to have a daughter when there's a chance she might get together with a cockroach like op

murder should be legal in that circumstance tbqh with you my friends

>I am a guy in my late 20s with the literal uncontrollable urge to fuck high tier women

you're like some kind of retarded caveman. go jerk off or something. no one wants to go meet up with girls after they fap 4+ times in one night

man I love this girl, so incredibly beautiful
every time I see her next to another (pretty) girl, they look deformed and inbred in comparison

Break up with her. I hope she cucks your ass.

Men never trick a women into raising a kid that isn't theirs. Or forces him to pay support through the courts for a kids that isn't his.

That is pure evil.

Underrated post. That fact you even made a thread about this suggest your high degree of faggotry.
Sounds like yku could be:
a) stroking your own ego as much as you want to cheat
b) seek validation for you insecurities hoping someone else can tell you how to be a man
c) your just a pice of shit human
D)all the above

Weak as fuck OP, at least try to make a three way happen. Behind someone's back because you want to get a nut is trailer park tier.
Stay morally poor.

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>Men never trick a women into raising a kid that isn't theirs.

That's because we can't give birth, you fucking numbskull.

That’s cause they can’t. If they could they would.

>be OP
>fucks some girl he just met on the side to stroke his ego
>gf finds out and dumps him
>fast forward a year
>OP is depressed, life going downhill, shitposting on Veeky Forums unironcally about how all women are whores and that's why he can't find a decent relationship

I see it now

Same here hehe. I’d totally like, fuck her pussy real good hehe. Like, smack that ass hehe? We’re both really cool right? Hehe. We’re not gay, right? Heh yeah. Totally fuck that. Fuck yeah.

Yeah, mistresses are a step above escorts but their still pure degeneracy. I would be careful about going down this road.

Its fine to do this but stop this shit once you're married and have kids.
Show some fucking respect to your family

You’re going to get drunk and tell her. As a joke. Then she’s going to tell you about how she cheated on you (didn’t). Then you can start anew.

Hide it? Pussy. My wife knows about my side chicks. I think it may upset her, but I don't really care and our relationship functions fine. She even knows it's a double standard because I don't hide that fact.

You're either
1) mudslime
2) getting cucked
Or both.

Fuck op. Sauce?

>Turkroach detected.

Only degenerate fucking sandniggers do shit like this. If you're white and have a white gf/wife that you are cheating on, you're a degenerate fuck and will be right behind race traitors to go when the revolution comes.

She's obviously doing the same. Good luck with AIDS.

>Muh revolution

Fucking deluded polacks. I do think it is unbecoming to blatantly have a mistress though.

how to not be like this

Men evolved to impregnate multiple women while women involved to have only one mate. It's not suppose to be fair.

Mistress are too much troubles. Invest in a nice professional escort

>people think this is a girl

How about giving her a fucking hamburger to eat


Thats a urban culture term Nazi's shouldn't use such words have respect for yourself cuck

You can put your nose up and trying to better the world, but I prefer not to live in a cesspol of nigger ideology. It's simple, would you want your dad doing that to your mom? Someone doing it to your sister? How about daughter. It's blatant classlessness.

That's a perfectly healthy weight, the excess fat you are carrying around has warped your already substandard brain.

gonna need you to provide sources for your claims user. Just saying something doesnt make it true unless you're a feminist than reality be damned.

so yeah need you to provide proof and sources thats a guy otherwise it's just another faggot having his faggot fantasies

You are a fucking retard. Any human make should be attracted to a woman with hips. Evolution has shown they are more likely to give birth to a healthy kid. You fucking neets have been brainwashed by the media to think this is beautiful.

As long as you are prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions. The probability of either of the following is pretty high.The only way you can avoid this if you have psychopathic traits.

A) She finds out and dumps your ass
B) You hook up with a lot of chicks which will take away your attention from your gf/wife to be. You will grow bored and resentful, the relationship will probably have a messy end.

>you have to be meticulous in not leaving any evidence and not raising suspicions.
>you can never get sloppy and your quest for pussy will be a constant conscious effort to hide your other life.
>you can never tell your friends or anyone you know. You should not reveal any unnecessary information about your personal relations or where you work.
>don't see people that have ties to people you know (work, social circles).
>bring a change of clothes that you would not be coming back home in.
>keep texting/chatting to a minimum if your gf has access to your phone or you don't wipe everything regularly.

If you do this and you feel you are losing interesting in your gf and your relationships becomes passive, you fucked yourself. Have fun dealing with the inevitable break up.

Do whatever you feel is right for you. The only person that has to live with it is you.

el creatura...

I bet her tits feel like nice bags of sand


shut up you fat fucking roastie nobody loves you

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>what is subjective taste
>evolution arguments in 2018
>what is modern medicine

You could grow a baby in a fucking incubator after 5 months. Why are you even justifying what you prefer to put your dick into? Nobody gives a shit.



extra underrated post. take what this guys said and multiply it by ten and then you are close to reasonable. Don't be a faggit and fall for the "playa" nigga meme.

You're probably fat as fuck

>implying there won't be a literal race war due to ever increasing tension and forced assimilation of clashing cultures
>everything is peachy, nothing bad has ever happened before
Talk about delusion, bluecuck...

Cash me outside fag. I’m in great shape with a wife who is the same

Not everybody is wants to bag little boy looking bishes or 16yr old look bishes.