Is the world economy gonna collapse?

if so then when?

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probably just after I /make it/. One last cruel trick by the bogs.

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Right around election time. What a cohencidence!

Kek, I was thinking the same would happen to me too! That being said, I would not be surprised if a similar 2009 financial crisis is just around the corner.

It's happening tonight...strap in boys

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For you know quite well that the day of the Lord's return will come unexpectedly....

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Ausfailia is set to have a financial crisis in the next 10 years or so. afraid

Did the fed back the US dollar with sub-prime mortgage debt? Yup.

Is it going to tank the US economy? Yup.

Humongous if non-fictional

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Before 2020 for sure. I say mid 2019 will start and will end at 2025.

Source code for all to see that have eyes to see.

The rest will gnash the teeth in hopes of a pumpier pump.

It will elude them.

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If doubles then tomorrow morning

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Theres all kinds of bubbles right now. auto loan bubbles. wage stagnation. healthcare bubble. shit is going to hit the fan soon. we will likely see another 2008 event. except it probably wont be housing. housing is already dead anyway. i see 100 year old delapidated shacks in my area for $100k. market is overvalued. despite what trump says no meaningful jobs have returned. for every blue collar job he created we've lost more because of his trade war nonsense. steel workers will be laid off soon.

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we can hope

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Four years. Maybe six if we're lucky. Trump is going to destroy the economy by spiking tariffs on industries that the US isn't capable of sustaining on its own. Weaklings like Trudeau are going to let him do it.

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>it is the fault of weaklings like trannydeau that our elected president is an idiot who murders our industry
absolute state of /bizburgers

If Trudeau was even remotely capable of playing hardball and applying pressure to the US, I guarantee we'd be less fucked. Too bad he's too busy fucking up deals with India and making my country look even more like a bunch of faggots than usual.

>if the unqualified idiot would pressure us more, our elected idiot of a president would'nt murder our economy
are you dense?

he wants to replace all the whites with asians and mudslimes. See ya later canuck cuck.

this is all too much

i'm selling

Fiat will die but the effects wont be felt immediately because the new generation will use crypto and blockchain as tech fads
Meanwhile all the wealth and control of important territory goes to china, who will, surprise, hoard gold and bitcoin

There will be a golden age in south america, africa, middle east, russia, underdeveloped asia
World is catching up and oil is cheap as shit
People moving to bitcoin will crash fiat welfare europe and usa


The dollar will be recognized as the shit coin it is
1mill usd bitcoin means us fiat got fucked hard and only idiots will be hodling fiatby then

Jesus had his shit together and so can you. It's not to late to change your ways user.

>he sold?

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September/October 2018

My question is what specifically will cause it.

I would love another housing crash, since I was too poor to buy back in 2008-2011, but now I'm a rich bitch.

And spoiler alert - as much as Veeky Forums loves crypto, that's going to be the first thing to die in the event of a major crash. BTC, ETH and a couple others will probably survive (barely) but alts are going down the drain.

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>if so then when?

Collapse is the wrong world. The economy is a tough beast and has survived WW1 and 2 and the cold war. I think stagnate chronically is a better term mankind has developed iologies as hostile to meritocracy and rewarding appropriate innovation and effort as communism was, this socialist/communist/sjw/entitlement/gender/race idology is the worst aspects of everything from socialism/communism/Nazism/perversion and is entrenche in media, government and now corporations (via HR, Marketing etc). So utter stagnation, false statistics, more poor, less rich, failing infrastructure, waste, food production crisis, energy crisis, funding crisis, destruction of family, nation etc. A mini dark age. But not collapse.

Thanks user, she's cute, cute!

Not so cute now though.

yea I think you're fairly on spot with this.
Hence we gotta "make it" with our crypto gains. Get a nice piece of property in a smaller town where people still have their shit together, learn some basic farming just in case, get plenty of kids and wait it out the best we can.

Collective entitlement, gibsmoney, pensons, healthcare, low income property/socialised housing,
All property I the states because environmentalism. State monopoly on force and right of defence. State not accountable to law. gender quotas, diversity hiring Oligarchy, police state, anti-religion.
Abortion, euthanasia, execution, arbitrary imprisonment, race quotas
Homosexuality, HIV, bug chasing, 'family law', transexualism, steroid abuse, hormone abuse,opiate abuse, antibiotic resistant STDs, sexual abuse of children, prostitution

So stagnation, healthy societies and capitalist economies can't function well with the above rampant

It will take a century. Slow painful stagnation. Communism survived 70s years. This could go own for centuries.

$US will die this year, petrol Yuan starts trading this week. What dollar valuation drop and us inflation soar.

Finance will collapse. The economy will keep growing a lot because there are still a lot of people living in third world countries that will catch up with the west during this century.

Yea fear as much myself. The thing is, the SJWs and the young they're molding into sexual cripples with their modern genderism are destined to die out. There is no way these people are going to keep up the necessary reproduction rates.
However - the blacks and the arabs could pose a threat. Those have no issues with reproduction, so the likely scenario is that the white western society falls into decadence, division and decay and will be slowly taken over. There could be ways out of it but not without getting our hands dirty.


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Guys you don't make money on betting on the world ending or the economy collapsing. Black swan events do happen but do not spend your days anticipating this and looking for investment strategies that will help you cash in on the coming 'crash'. Trust me I wasted a lot of my money buying gold and silver and other shit when I was young muhhh libertarianism did me no good. Obviously hold some gold and risk off assets but majority should be in funds or the stock market if you're planning to build your wealth over time.

Not enough eth in the world you filthy jew

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That's because you applied conventional strategies to plan for unconventional events
Libertarians who got in BTC to protect from economic recessions got 1000x returns on their money
Personally, I banked big on ETH soon after the first time I heard about it (early 2017) because I believe the economic AND legal apparel is bound to crumble under its own weight, and I've been rewarded handsomely for that choice
Call it survivorship bias if you want

What unconventional event sent BTC to new highs or ETH to new highs, there was no black swan event that caused either of these to soar? There was no black swan event, you bought some cryptos and they happened to go up. Before you post some lame reply like "you just mad you didn['t buy cryptos", I bought BTC at $10. Well done for taking initiative and taking risks but you need to accept that there is fortune involved where your investment worked out.

hey baby, what's going on?

What unconventional event sent BTC to new highs or ETH to new highs, there was no black swan event that caused either of these to soar? There was no black swan event, you bought some cryptos and they happened to go up. Before you post some lame reply like "you just mad you didn['t buy cryptos", I bought BTC at $10. Well done for taking initiative and taking risks but you need to accept that there is fortune involved where your investment worked out.

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