1,000,000 XTCC giveaway

Everyone go follow @taichichain on Twitter and retweet the following twitter.com/TaiChiChain/status/976567005699629058?s=09 then tweet at the team someone you recommended to follow. Post your stellar addresses for 20 XTCC. Dubs get 200 trips 500. Post your twitter handle and I'll send you and extra 100 ;)

Trust line info
Code: XTCC
Amount: 1000000000 (1 Billion)

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Sorry, I don't have 1 billion accounts and a well optimized bot to do this.I bet everyone will be tweeting at least 10k fake accounts.


Hoping for dubs




les goooo

what the fuck is "xtcc"?

Add the trust line info or you can't accept XTCC bro

Sent :)

Actually its all been very organic so far. This could be big down the line


Guys, you have to accept the asset trust line the info is in my op. Just go to accept asset in StellarTerm and scroll to the bottom and enter the info. You wont recieve any unless you enter the trust line


what is this trust line bullshit? you expect me to take my nano s out of cold storage and hook it up just to do this? they can't honestly think everyone in the giveaway is doing that. it doesn't say it anywhere in their tweets.



It's just so you can accept XTCC as an asset in your stellar wallet, just look for the boxes to enter asset information, it will be at the bottom of the page under accept assets


ayyy, been in every giveaway so far

Guys you have to enter the trust line info or I can't send you anything

Awesome user that's what I want to see, gave you a little extra ;)



Already retweeted too. Best of luck to us all!

Thanks for sending some my way, bro! Hope you have a good one.

@mason957 I've been in a few giveaways


Willy here,

After you get the airdrop, make sure NOT to buy my sell walls, thanks.

>when your devs can't contain their autism

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trustline +


Frankly, I never owned an Lumens until Willy showed up. I actually like the project too. And XTCC has some of my interest now too (cuz free stuff), but Stellar looks promising.

Im op, just got back to my home comp. sent to you all guys and thanks for following!
be careful around this guy (if its really a guy)

This is directly from their website
>Tai Chi Chain is a grassroots, community-driven project built on top of the Stellar Network. We are focusing on developing & implementing a privacy protocol to further the development of dApps, Mobile, Web, & Desktop wallets.


They will be hardforking stellar and anyone holding XTCC will get the same ammount once the new platform is ready