How do musicians seem so wise at such a young age...

How do musicians seem so wise at such a young age? so many artists wrote their best stuff before the age of 27 pure poetry. Im the same age as Bob dylan when he wrote the times they are a changing and I havent lived anything close to the life he lived. he seemed to be 45 at 20 im 13 at 23. its sad

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feeling exactly the same way all the time

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because you literally get dumber as you get older your brain peaks around 23 or so


23 year olds are our smartest

This is true.

musicians werent wise, not even then at all.

bob dylan got lucky with his gay little protest song then tried to top it like steven king writing the next big child orgy in his books.
white people are the easiest to fool when you have a white face behind meaningless poetry.

meanwhile some black dude was singing the real country blues because some cop shot his dog and firehosed his kid.

because they didnt waste time on anime image boards trying to take the easy way out of life.
not that i'm any better

its the drugs, and then they get bored of music after a decade or so and move on to other hobbies

because they have brillant minds, some artist write incredible stuff at teens even, it's just luck to have a brain like that and inspiration i guess

Sometimes i think most of us are just part of the landscape, just like the people cheering at the stage in the pes 2009 that they all look the same

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It is not true. Don't talk out of your ass dumbass, the brain starts to lose memory and logical thinking capacity on the 27s and so on. But the talking skills grow until death. I swear that I hate autists on this board that make statements out of FUCKING THIN AIR

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Brain definitely does not peak at 23. Rational part of the brain develops until 25-26, and fully mature brain 28-29. That is why people do much worse decisions at 23 than 30's. Creativity and youth drive peaks at 23-25. Most people get bored of their old professions at 30's.

Pro atheles peak at 23-25. Pro esport gameers peak at 23-25 etc. More energy, more drive and more passion.

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So it is okay if i suicide at 30 right?

I'm 41 and the difference in wisdom between now and when I was a 23 year old faggot retard (ie, most of you) is immense.

None of you realize yet how awesome getting older is, at least mentally.

how can you cope with getting older? im 20 and i don't see myself going more than 25 or something, i already feel too much nostalgia, it's so sad getting older

I feel exactly the same at 28 as I did at 23. I still only care about making money and smashing ass globally.

I was never a fan of character growth in movies or books. A clockwork orange was amazing because Alex never really changed. Tony Montana died before he became something he wasn't.
I hate seeing people change from whatever made then cool into, in nature that cases the opposite.

I'm 31 and I feel like fucking Gandalf most times I'm with anyone under 25.

Bob Dylan sucks. Degeneracy pushing zionist puppet. Fuck that whole generation and their shitty communist music for ruining this country.

this whole thread:

[citation needed]

>How do musicians seem so wise at such a young age?
Read a book for and you will understand musicians aren't wise.

(((Bob Dylan))) isn’t wise, he’s a drug addict loser who was chosen by corporations to promote degeneracy.

"How many apples does the apple cart hold, before the vultures carry them awayyyyyy?" See, I can write retarded lyrics too.

You know once upon a time the average family got together and played music like that in their living rooms. It’s like 4 chords and one strumming pattern. But education is so bad today (on purpose) that most people actually think a guy who can play 4 chords and "sing" lyrics that even he admits make no sense and have no deeper meaning behind them is "visionary". He’s not visionary, he’s just being promoted by our sick, pedo music industry.

Bob Dylan is a phony.

He also won a nobel prize despite having his entire works amounting to less than 1000 pages. James fucking Joyce was refused the nobel prize because he didn't have a large enough body of work and wrote more than twice as much as Dylan.
Speculation: The real reason Joyce didn't win the prize is because of how filthy Ulysses is.

Artists tend to be overly emotional, some are enslaved by their feelings, thus the urge to express. Some injustice you read and rationalize away deeply disturbes an emotionally more sensitive person. Thus, he lived that emotion 5x, compared to you
Remember that one time you madly fell in love? To some, that happens over ans over

Double chins and bowling pins and holy presbetarians

Life is full of medicine ill find a way to sniff it in

Please stop comparing yourselves to geniuses. You were a retard at 13, you are going to be a retard at 22, and an even bigger one if you live to your 70s. These people spent all of their childhood/teenage years developing a skill/producing creative work like you masturbated and played video games. Age doesn't factor into that.

on the contrary:
sometimes we are dumbed down until we are allowed to spring forth, maybe lack of parenting or a reawakening of thought and unlearning what we generally thought as toxic practices can bring us what we were meant to be all along.
im not avocating /pol/ retarded thought, but more of those autistic kids that paid attention to detail and eventually became good black jack players

its only been all downhill fore me since 16 when I got my first few thoursand btc and spent most of it on drugs, had few hundreds as change now about only about 40 remaining

Why did you post a brainlet? Bob was a fucking retard and his music is shit.

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I wish I would have had the balls to buy drugs off the darknet. Was always too much of a pussy. I'd probably be rich today.

what the fuck has biz come to...

the first time I got a shipment I was ecstatic, before trying the drugs i mean, i just couldnt believe it was for real

i got my btc by sending dutch drug dealers paysafecard vouchers so they could launder it at online gambling places
those were the days

Their life change and they forget the struggle and passion they had when they had not made it yet

Because the kike had his piece of shit songs ghost written by leonard cohen and propped up by kike record industry. Jim morrisons dad pulled the gulf of tonkin incident, zappas in naval intelligence, crosby, nash, they're all bogus creations to push degenerate bullshit on the masses.

>These people spent all of their childhood/teenage years developing a skill/producing creative work like you masturbated and played video games. Age doesn't factor into that.
I would have been more into things if I was helped and pushed positively into something half worthwhile than the shitfest that was my family in some dull suburb.

27 if you wanna be in the club

Tfw been an aspiring musician all my life, only achieved mild success and am turning 28 this year


>implying Bob Dylan was some kind of pop star and not the songwriting kike himself

Most big artists of the 60's died at the exact age of 27.

>c chord
> g chord
>c chord
>g chord

yeah op 23 year olds are geniuses

>meanwhile some black dude was singing the real country blues because some cop shot his dog and firehosed his kid.

Unironically this. Howlin' Wolf is the most harrowing, intense, hypnotizing electric pop music you'll ever hear:

He wrote that in his 40s And it was easily more influential than Bob Dylan (along with Chicago electric blues et al) considering this was the precursor for the entire British Invasion.

They’re usually useless uneducated bums

Been a rocker my whole life but got the most attention when we rode the retarded EDM wave. Brushes with big managers and scouts and stuff and played one mid sized festival. Then shit fell apart and we ended up playing casino lounge hell for years. Now I’m just struggling through licensing music. It’s not all bad, lucky with the internet anyone can break through now.

yup nothing bad i can have that number im actually in crypto to buy a nice motorbike in hopes i can crash into a bus and die at 25 or something,

please dont ever quote shit bands

when boys balls and dropped and your dick got hard you became a man.

when girls started their period they became a woman.

Now people are confused on what gender they are and stay living at their mommy and daddys the boys dick no longer gets hard the girls no longer have a period.

>Double chins and bowling pins and holy presbetarians

Red hot chili peppers - especially in michigan

Anthony Keidis has seen some shit, have you read his book scar tissue?

A life worth living for sure.

Musicians have stages:

1) Unknown — total artistic freedom
2) Fame — kneel before ZOG, must stay on-message at all times

30 year old manchild reporting in. Feels bad. This is what playing video games til 22 does to you.

Playing video games, being on social media, etc...ruins your mind before you even had a chance.

We are all fucked because of the shit in this generation.

you know whats sad.

that riff was used on a viagra commercial. its about "fixing" things.

R u guys real

>been a faggot my whole life

i am

im just making a statement that sometimes we are held back to either success or recklessness that eventually balances out in the end.
i didnt make good grades at school, mostly because i was worried about fitting in and trying to get my fill as a kid. as it turns out, i was born in a time where i have access to much information and learned at my own pace, much more in one year surfing the pages that i did back then. and this information is much more practical, much more relevant and much more filled. as it turns out, its because i dont get laid so i turn my thirst for other shit indirectly, like i did in highschool. but highschool holds you back in prerequisites and chores. if allowed to self study and explore real possibilities without any stress on tests and requirements past reading comprehension, i probably would have flourished. shit, i probably would have done penny stocks back in 2003. the advent of youtube allowed access to information in short burst digestion. my attention to pop culture would have wondered off into mathmatical concepts and brief analysis on anything.

I think in this case it's a matter of the environment and its culture.
The rock n roll guys like dylan, hendrix, the beatles and led zep were all born in the 30s or 40s. Music was still very erudite, complex and deep lyrics were staple. They were among the first to compose modern-sounding music but the lyrics often retained a lot of that classical style of writing.
Nowadays you can barely write properly without people immediately taking you for a pretentious prick.
Lots of artists alive today could write poetry better than whatever was done up until now, but it is definitely not fashionable and doesn't sell

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Oh dear god... I guess the led zeppelin settlement money wasn't coming in fast enough, and his heirs were getting anxious.

Bob Zimmerman ("Dylan") was chosen by Jews to promote degeneracy.

No, at the beginning you just have to appear deep to 14 year olds.

After you get the ball rolling, you travel and meet people and then you do have those life experiences to draw from.