Swift net released

We made it bois


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>Mar 8

>ChainLink PoC IS NOT Nostro reconciliation

I'm going to post this every time you post this same bullshit thread

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I'm crying...I have a little tear in my eye...

We made it OP...

Now go out and breathe in the fresh air...

Take it all in. Inhale deeply.

Take a fresh breath of life.

Think to yourself, what life can give you now. No longer a slave to our jobs. We can sing, dance, laugh, smile all the way till the end of our days.

Just surround yourself with good people, genuine friends...Don't tell them you're rich at first...gradually introduce them to it...

Godspeed my beautiful soul. Godspeed.

Fuck. I'm market dumping my LINK now, thanks user.

Are you an actual brainlet?

Where do you think they are going to get their nodes from?


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What the fuck are you talking about? You don't need any of that shit on a permissioned blockchain.
Did you even read the article you posted (the article that's fucking weeks old, btw, why are you posting it now?).
What part of
>ChainLink PoC IS NOT Nostro reconciliation
don't you understand?

You realize the other POC is using hyperledger which is open source. Guess what open source oracle product hyperledger is using....that's right - Chainlink.

I can connect the dots for you if you need.

Sure go ahead and connect them

This is old "news" fuckface. Also, literally go back, "boi".

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Was he right?

AssBlaster !!MBPenmwX43G Sun Feb 11 19:53:08 2018 No.7571018 [View]

I have actually consistently been telling everyone that hyperledger is one of the biggest cards up LINKs sleeve and why other projects like Mobius are DOA. Hyperledger is the key. DYOR.

No he was full of shit.
BTW expect an appearance at the top of the next LINK pump (gotta squeeze out those few scalps)

Sorry can you explain what 'NOT' means? It means 'certainly,' right?

First you have to remember that Chainlink and hyperledger are open source.

Then read the IBM leaked docs.

Ari Juels is technical advisor and co wrote chainlink whitepaper. Ari Juels is co director of IC3. IC3 is partnered with IBM (Hyperledger).

Go to chainlink's site...the 3 blockchains they show are bitcoin, eth, and none other than hyperledger (why hyperledger???) There would be so many other options before hyperledger....unless...you got it..they are working together as both open source + the ari juels connection.


There are many more connections but this should give you a starting point.

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No. I’m caught up with everything and you offered to connect the dots. I’m not lifting a finger

Let me summarise:
Chainlink = open source
Hyperledger = open source
[Bunch of other random shit]

Therefore: Chainlink is being used by Swift.
They're also partnering with GIMP and VLC player (shhhhh don't tell anyone though it's insider info)

I think you have provided enough.
Assblaster called it, singularity = $60...a drop to $10 ... back to $150 to $200.

Kek. This

you missed the ibm email docs where they basically say chainlink is the best. And the hyperledger resource page where they are asking for TRUSTED oracles meaning they will not create in-house if another open source project (maybe one with 4-5 years working on this) finishes first.

Probably referring to some other centralized database or ripple in that last paragraph referring to third parties eh?

We are already working on new PoCs and will continue our R&D efforts to ensure that SWIFT customers will be able to leverage their existing SWIFT infrastructure and connectivity to benefit from blockchain services, whether offered by SWIFT or by third parties, on a secure and trusted platform.”

o boy. prepare yourself:


>This is what is typically called a “security at the edges” problem and underlines our investment thesis for ChainLink. Large institutions will not adopt smart contracts until both the smart contract and the data feeds that power them are verifiably secure end-to-end and private where possible.
>So, how do we ensure that the data feeds that trigger smart contracts maintain their integrity? The high-level solution is that ChainLink employs decentralization & reputation scoring to set up and maintain data feeds. Layered on top of this system, is low-level hardware integration with leading trusted hardware processing enclaves (Intel SGX) to ensure smart contracts have high-integrity/private data feeds.
>An example of the solution, provided by ChainLink:

>The final piece of the SWIFT partnership that is important to understand is that, if it is implemented, ChainLink will have access to one of the very few gateways to fiat that exists for smart contracts. If the partnership is successful, ChainLink will not only enable SWIFT to process smart contracts, but it is possible SWIFT will enable other external smart-contracts to settle through fiat on its network by means of a ChainLink/SWIFT oracle. This is a massive opportunity for both companies: SWIFT could potentially become the fiat clearinghouse for cryptocurrency-based smart contract transactions by way of ChainLink.

LINK is central to everything that SWIFT plans to do in the future

accept it. the singularity is upon us already

That article is months old, is investor speculation, is information that everyone already knows,
and does not in any way support the connections that OP is making.

you guys all know about smartcontract.com working with hyperledger and AIG on insurance payouts last year right??? I have inside knowledge the POC has moved forward and will be 2nd phase with main net. I may have said too much.

>That article is months old
so what? newton's law of motion are centuries old. quantum equations are 100 years' old. what's your point?

this tallies with what i know too - roadmap has advanced by 3 or 4 quarters. team is well ahead of schedule. once mainnet lainches we put the down payment on our black maserattis

And its not fucking relevant at all you idiot

>I have inside knowledge

newton would disagree with you, rebecca.


If this all come to fruition the first thing I will do is order 10 whores and make a video pissing on all their faces with them wearing a chainlink T-shirt and upload it to 4 chan.

Yes I do. I'll only give you guys what is public knowledge though. Here is a video from last year...The external insurance information for smart contracts was using a smartcontract.com built oracle solution. The Chainlink team will verify this if you ask. I can't go into details on the exact current relationship but progressed is an understatement.


Early retirement.

8 are 2 moar than 6 my linky stay supra stinky 1k EOY


Trips confirm

we will find you doxx you.

and no one will care

no one's gonna comment on this?

And say what?

>customisable permissoin-based view
Do you know what this means? It means not permissionless.
Not permissionless
Not trustless
Not chainlink

Also, youre a larping faggot. I know bizbros love to eat this stuff up, but ask yourselves - why would an actual insider want to drive up prices instead of accumulating?

big banks and swift will want it all. no way will they use anything they dont own an control completely. we should be trying to break these monopolies rather than support them


What's the docusign link connection?

OMG ... isnt that the date that Assblaster said would be a big deal in the future? Almost positive it is. Same date the report was released by SWIFT>

The IBM emails where chainlink isn't even fucking mentioned


Can someone explain to a brainlet?
Does this mean we will make it? I only have 2850

It was though and it was the obvious best choice. Someone link the docs for this brainlet so he can ctrl-f chainlink

Chainlink is not involved in the project OP posted. Buy if you want lol

brainlets need it to say HEY WE ARE USING CHAINLINK YOUR RICH....

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Its not in there and deluded Linkies were already caught posting fake copies

Can anyone confirm this? Who's got the assblaster posts saved?

that shit is so fake

What the hell would GIMP and VLC use chainlink for?

it means you got taken by the link flipping old fags again and again

Lmao. Why are you so keen to make imaginary implausible connections? Why are you so keen to believe pathetic larpers posting old or unrelated news as "insider info"!?

To know what anime we watch so Crunchyroll can buy the data.

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I saw the doc when it leaked on drive, now it's private

someone might have tampered with the document I guess but it looked pretty damn legit


your point being?

Which part of it is wrong, or even exaggerated?

Nolinkers btfo once again

pretty sure they're still stuck way up your ass, right where he blasted them to

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tamper means to change or alter.

yes I know I wrote that

To all you no-linkers - read this


There is so much smoke with chainlink that there is bound to be fire

Chainlink connections -
Microsoft Cryplets
IBM Hyperledger
and more

Confirmed connections -
Request Network
AXA Insurance

Looked and can not locate it but am almost positive that was a date that was previously provided. I even remember a comment along the lines of "It won't matter after Mar 8th". Maybe the OP will share why the date was posted in this thread.

My dude he posted march 8th because that is the date OP's article was published ie it is old news ie why the fuck is he posting this shit (spoiler: Veeky Forums pump campaign today)

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Factom are partnered with smartcontract.com, not chainlink. Smartcontract.com have an already functional business which does not involve link tokens.

please remain poor forever...fucking brainlet


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look both ways before you cross the street.

>Smartcontract.com have an already functional business which does not involve link tokens.

not really, it's mostly ChainLink

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No .. Assblasters initial post on Feb 17th spoke about the race for Link to get up and running first, that it was critical they established themselves before others. In that post he gave a date of importance, which I thought was March 8th.

Lol are you high? You can use smartcontract.com right now. They have clients. The chainlink network isnt even mainnet yet. How could they be using a non-existing network to run their business?

chainlink is already a product, they're actually improving it


Asked, and officially answered by Rory on reddit. smartcontract.com is the company, chainlink is the company's technology platform.

Update.. the date of importance that was previously mentioned by Assblaster on Feb 17th was March 20th, which coincides with the date CL moved to Etherium Testnet. Coincidence?

LINK tokens are not in use by anyone right now. Factom is not using link tokens.

Post some sauce senpai.

thanks man, please use this one however as it has better kabbalistic properties

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hmm will post the proper png later

You're a fucking brainlet - still 0 hard evidence outside of speculation.


Give hard evidence proving it wrong you fucking retard.


...lol deluded linkies now resort to posting fake shit.

I actually saw the docs and chainlink was mentioned 0 times.

Post the actual fucking documents you fucking piece of shit faggot