Are you ready?

Are you ready?

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>mfw libertarians create the NWO

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It won't be if it continues to use PoW(which it will). Miners already take up an absurd amount of electricity. If BTC was used on a global scale a lot of people would get priced out of using electricity.

Hell, supposedly auditing technology is coming out for the block chain so hell yeah. Lets just hope the Chinese Tariffs trigger a sell off in stocks. Then it'll be a buyers market

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>Imagine having this low of an IQ

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>Single currency

There will be another

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Prove me wrong. Also not that it matters, but my IQ is most likely higher than yours. My life is easy as fuck and I'm successful in everything I do.

>being this insecure on an anonymous Brazilian Bangos.
Jesus Christ

yeah you don't sound fake at all

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I'm both narcissistic and insecure. Seems pretty common. Bragging on the internet is a waste of time but the responses usually make it entertaining at least.

do you have autism?

The bitcoin oligarchy IS coming and you WILL be destroyed. By 2026 the price of 1 bitcoin will be at least 500k-1 million USD(2017 inflation adjusted), however if you are not a whale you will not even be able to cash out because a single transaction will cost at least 600k, segwit will be repealed and all segwit fans and BCC owners will be liquidated. Eventually the the new hypergarchy(hyper-oligarchy) will take shape and liquidate 99% of all humans leading into a type II civilization

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b-but le lightning network!!

No. You probably won't believe me but I'm pretty good at socializing irl. Most people here would call me a normie if they didn't know the weird shit I think or say on the internet.

What you aren't accounting for user is that there would be a huge fuck off pot of gold in more efficient electricity production.


god I remember all the constant bitbean thread a few years ago. so uh how's those lambos going for all those bitbean holders years later anyways?

Senpai bean is up 260x from 12 months ago...

The bitbean whale no longer posts here because he made so much money he doesn't have to.

Bitcoin already hit its peak. It will never break $20k again.

>a lot of people would get priced out of using electricity.
why is that a bad thing?

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and we'll do it all with 1mb

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>In 10 years, everybody will be using cell phones
>In 10 years, everybody will be using email
>In 10 years, everybody will have a PC connected to the internet
>In 10 years, everybody will have a smart phone
>In 10 years, everybody will have a Facebook / social media account
>In 10 years, everybody will be using Bitcoin / cryptocurrencies


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It's going to crash to $0 before the end of April.

>the worlds currency

I love how Normies cling to the most outdated piece of shit imaginable simply because it was first.

The crypto market is a massive joke

you think shit on the internet?
wtf bro, that doesn't make any sense.
Low IQ detected.

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you are the normie fucking newfriend
go back

I've made infinitely more than you delusions insects at your own game.

Bitcoin is absolute horseshit by today's standards, and every single muppet that shills it can't even explain why it should be worth gazillions of dollars over some of the superior alternatives

Hell, the Lightning network itself is an indirect admission that Bitcoin is an absolute worthless piece of shit by itself.

When (((they))) are calling Bitcoin One World Currency it's time to invest in something else

go back man
you only make it worse

Didnt he ban all crypto ads tho?

Sure is autism in here
Seriously fuck both of you weirdos, I bet you’re some kind of happa / mixed race dog