I got one thousand dolla. What coin should I buy?

I got one thousand dolla. What coin should I buy?

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The one that fully discloses the NSA as it's creator.


Banyan Network - BBN

supply is too high


>you could go to space
>to mars, user
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i'm not buying cripple ripple but you should research more before you buy. if you say something that retarded you should not buy anything other than btc or eth (which are both good choices, particularly eth right now).

once you've spent some time researching, consider some higher risk coins - good choices include: nano, link, eng, zrx, knc and bnb.

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>hurr durr supply doesn't mean anything

You're the one who's retarded.



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it does mean something, but a higher supply (not even referring to circulating vs total) is brainlet tier.

i take back my recommendations, consider kys instead. its a really good coin for ppl like u my dude

BNB on Binance

Please just fuck off, cunt. I'm not interested in what you have to say.

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ok, but only cus u said please


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Normally I would say ICX but it pumped today. I dont think you could go wrong with XLM at these levels

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That will buy over 43k Universa tokens (UTNP). So you would have $43k by EOY. Your choice.

just but 20k TRAC and the gains next bull run

Or you could buy like 2500 stinky linkies and be either broke or a millionaire in a few yeara


1 whole Bitcoin Cash for at least 50% gains in 2 weeks

KNC, you will not regret


im very upset i dont own any of this currently

Just get WET

>roberto ulbricht got buttfucked by the nsa.
when old news becomes old news.

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CS. Big time run coming soon

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Hail Sofia... AGI

>tfw want to die
>don't want to die before I've done this
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I'm stuck in the matrix guys

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just start dating any girl and you probably won't have a problem doing this (in the right moment). from my experience

>just start dating any girl

pretty hard when I just want to die


If you just want to die then why not just have a hooker do this jesus christ OP.

Better yet, why don't you just pay her to shit in your mouth and get the McAfee experience? You want to die, so you don't even need to worry about diseases.


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never too late to start investing in self improvement my friend

btc so you can short it down to 4k

Ripple literally owns 60% of the coins in existence.