ITT Shitcoins with no future

I'll start.

This piece of shit is getting owned by every other Asian coin. ICX gets listed on 2 of the biggest exchanges in the world and signs an agreement with Korean bank.

EOS receives $100MM vc funding and is also being listed on upbit.

And here we have OMG...still the same price as it was 7 months ago. Still sitting here pretending like they are making anything of value. Still sitting here waiting for them to make a damn announcement. No transparency, no talk, just Jun desperately reaching out to bank of thailand after there was no follow up with his sales pitch 2.5 months ago.

Why even fucking bother with this tranny boy coin?

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ill also mention it has 30 million volume for 3 months because nobody is interested in this wannabe project that plays the vitalik card any chance it can get

Do you have any real tangible FUD and not soley your own personal opinion / interpretation?

I know you spend a lot of your energy everyday attempting to come up with some new FUD, often by grasping for straws,

>comparing the performance of one token with a set purpose vs a completely different coin with another purpose
>basing your whole argument around price, and not project
>not realizing that the majoirty of the market is still down 50-70% from it's ATH
>Using & interpreting the tweet of an individual who speaks English as a second language, granted it's poor, as confirming/debunking partnerships and "desperate attempts"
>OmiseGo is one of the most transparent projects as evidenced by their consistent updates, townhalls (next one in two weeks) conferences, vblogs with plasma implementation team, etc.
>There most recent offical annoucnment was the release of the SDK beta which was like 3 weeks ago

So inevitably you will fire back at me "hur dur where are their financials, their revenue, give me hard evidence that a single merchant uses omise!"

Let me pose you a question instead - Why do you feel a private company would be obligated to release any financial statements regarding their organization. It rarely happens in the U.S, why would a foreign entity be any different?

Time to buy omg I guess

the only reason they are relevant is the 25 million ico sale with vitaliks name printed on it. people literally were in the jizzing pants stage after eths bull run. they saw his name as an advisor and fomoe'd in.

why do you think after september, the price is still the same end of q1 2018? literally every other top 25 coin has made substantially more gains in that dec bull run. OMG barely held 20 bucks for a day or two.

That's why the price is where it is now. the vitalik stage is over and they're hiring a bunch of fresh college graduates to develop plasma. I am not even FUDDing about that - look up the people invovled, they are all 22-23 with 1 year software dev experience

>EOS shill FUDs OMG

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Fuck off pajeet. At least try to change your regular threads a little "Coins with no future", "Coins that won't recover", "Coins with no future" and every single time OMG logo.
Shoo shoo, pajeet

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The majority of prices are the same from september, with few exceptions.

You equate performance to experience in a technology that is only 10 years old? Judge the developers by their code, not by their age. Vitalik is 24 and created a platform that revolutionized the space but do you point him out? Look at the passion and general enthuiasim they display. I happy with betting my money on a group of kids who love what they do and are passionate.

Just think about it there's one person that spends most of their day trying to fud the best erc20. I wonder what price is seppuku for them


vitalik was a turbo autist that has been involved in crypto since he was 16-17 years old.

these new guys i cant find any info on, nor their involvement with crypto. One of them was a fucking boyscout leader for christ sake.

and like i said before initially vitalik was developing plasma with joseph poon. now you have these soyboy faggots coming in - theres also been no follow up about the conglomerate using their technology.

>being this pathetic

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No follow up because they said it will be within a month of wallet release you shit tier fud miglet. Get the helium ready for q2

bullshit. they wait to the fucking last minute every quarter to announce their shitty updates and its always underwhelming/underdelivering.

They list $30BN a year in revenue company partnerships, but Im willing to bet they process 0.5% or less of that.

Who the fuck is going to use OMISE when you have central banks collaborating with their own block chain solutions that can be done in house.

>Implying boyscout leaders developing risky technology is going to enforce any real adoption/transaction volume

So your argument is, is that simply because you can't find information on an individual, they must not be good? That's a pretty piss poor argument, similar to that medium article in which the sources used to look up Thai employees with google and linkdin.

Kids now begin coding in Elementary school and savants/geniuses (not saying they are) are coming out in troves. As I said, judge them based on their code. Not by their age. There are tons of young bright individuals in the world who don't have "experience" because they're in their 20's.

As per the conglomerate, they've stated that Omise will not be announcing them and it will be the conglomerate's decision as to when, so that argument is null

NOMGs are truly the biggest brainlets on planet earth

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Yet they've seem to be consistent with delivering what they promise in the time frame they've laid out?

They key of Omise is the the word "interoperability"and the ability to plug into other blockchains.

>Just trust them
>They're geniuses because they know crypto
>Thinking they can be compared to vitalik with no information of prior work done or code in github
>Mfw the conglomerate is just krungsri bank, the same move they pulled in september when they built up suspense for 2 months about major news
>Mfw the news ended up being mcdonalds thailand partnership that they already confirmed in August
>Queue 2 month bear market where the price was 5 bucks
>5 months later and its 12 bucks
>Shit tier returns christmas wrapped with hype and no actual work to show for it


>June texted and they didnt respond so he texted again
>Texting twice, confirmed beta as fuck
>Mfw Bank of Thailand tweeted to 5 other fintech companies
>One of them being ripple

Oh baby, OMG is soooo special

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I didn't say "just trust them" I have faith in them based on their passion AND their transparency

Anyway, if you're only FUD is based on tweets and grasping at straws and programmers ages, I'm comfortable with my pick.

I'll look forward to your subsequent 5 threads tomorrow.


These OMG fud threads are the most bullish thing I've seen.