I'm going to tell you guys a secret, Bitcoin will go down to 4k in May...

I'm going to tell you guys a secret, Bitcoin will go down to 4k in May. Honestly pretty easy to figure out if you just look at the charts.

Short term play? Go long right now with target of 9.7k. Most common wave 2 retracement is .5 or .618.

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> the lines user, have you looked at muh lines

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What is your opinion on the Death Cross?

Best bet is to hedge in preparation for 20-Apr-2018.

Get that relic stuff or get BTFO.

Up in smoke is where you will be otherwise.


Millenials you asked for and ADHD is what ye shall receive.

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Better drawn retracement of current wave. Alternatively, wouldnt be surprised if we touch 10k desu

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Sold @8800?

SMA cross is a shitty indicator in such volatile market.

whatever. 60k eoy.

I basically trade whenever time permits me outside of class/school/friends. So I probably had sold at 8.8k at some point. I actually opened a 3x long today at 8.8k so you were right about the 8.8k part.

nope all the interwebs are talking about it...its an ugly and dark event user! still im not selling

Daily reminder that TA is no better than palm reading, and daily reminders if he doesnt show his sort dont listen to this fagot.

I can actually see 20-25k end of 2018. So hodling isn't the worse strategy. But do you have the steel hands when we drop to 4k? Up to you really.

I love How you can just redraw the lines after previous lines get broken.

Your TA means nothing dude, you literally just assume the graph will stay in decline and try to predict the highs and lows of the decline trend with that.

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funny thing being, if this TA were to gain traction whales would just pump it on wave 4. because fuck you.

Thanks based user. I've been telling these fags 20k also if we're lucky. I stand by 1st quarter 2019 for 20-25k. Nothing goes up in a straight line without a true correction. Too many normies got rekt hard and won't be coming back anytime soon.

I've been drawing the same meme lines since we got rejected at 11.5k. Ofc I didn't know when wave 1 would end, but I reshaped the lines after I could confirm it. I can show you my order book of going long at 7.5k....

EW are never wrong, after the move you just adjust your waves to fit or if its completely the opposite you can say how you wasn't wrong and that it was just invalidated and 'here is the alternative/bearish/bullish scenario that predicted it perfectly, see'. EW was created for self-fulfilling prophecy to take hold and that's it, they fail at these however because even just your typical memelines work better in that department.

TA confirmed gay as fuck

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Look, I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying to me it seems like a guess since the market changes daily. I'm new to the whole daytrading thing, after some testing in jan I've made a wallet with 2 ETH in feb and tried to apply some conclusions I've made into it. today it's at 5.5ETH. And for a fact I can say that I have to change what I look for very often. and trying to predict something beyond 2-3 days is literally impossible for me.

Elliot Waves are the worst meme ever, and he died poor, GTFO my board you aids faggot.

You are assuming that it will follow a trend for months on end. You are assuming a vastly changing environment and new asset class, will what... Stay the same? LOL.

I don't know if you are insane or just outright stupid.

Probably both.
But doesn't that contradict your first post?
You literally try to predict a trend in a vastly changing environment as you say.

Damn...poor fucking girl :(

Shit like that breaks my heart...not even funny.


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op is faggot confirmed


This isn't even TA
This is just some retard who thinks he can predict the future based on a basic pattern.

>uses actual analysis in the op
>not TA

Disagree with the guy, but dont be obtuse--this is TA for better or for worse