How many bitcorns for girl like this?

How many bitcorns for girl like this?

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poor girl

do not taunt veronica

2 sats

If she had a nice ass I'd still fuck her just to make her feel nice for a day.

The world's only female robot

I would srs fund her surgeries if they cost less than 50k if I would ever make it.

In a different universe, I am dating her.

I think she got plastic surgery
Has disappeared from the Internet. Her twitter has been dead since like 2014
Would have made a nice couple with our bought Sminem

She has a smoking bod but that head man far out

she an heroed a long time ago

Dang, i can't help but feel sorry for that girl... hope she found someone.

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She looks good in underwear but that face man.. she's one of the few females on this planet I truely feel bad for. I'd date her and fuck the haters she's got a fairly nice body under those clothes. pity I cant find that panty butt pic of her anymore I did like her cheeks

>She looks good in underwear

Darryl from the Walking Dead went through a sex change?

A few years ago a pic of her pantied butt was leaked or uploaded by her or idk what to a couple of sites I used to hang on. So I got to see her pantied buttcheeks and honestly I liked them not bad would spank and rough fuck her all night.

But alas I can not find the damn pic anymore and anytime she gets posted I go looking. Someday i'll have her ultra rare pantybutt pic for the stash again

nigga I think she has more bitcoins then you senpai lmao


it's fake you faggot. Most likely she doesn't even speak english

8 dollerydoos


> Clicks 'I am not a robot'
> Bead of sweat while watching spinner

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Life is tough for ugly incels but life must be hell for her. Hey, I take it back. I bet there's a guy out there who'll stick it in her.

I was just thinking about how tight she would be

Something about her screams chainlink

/ R A R E /

I'd just be worried what our babies would look like.

how many bitcoins to fix her?

Women can be fixed with money? I thought they were just stuck like that.

you can see her nipple

none, just be male. Can you even read?

>ywn make her your gf, show her the love she has been yearning for her entire life, pay for her plastic surgery and take her to the gym and get her in shape thus leaving her eternally grateful and faithful to you

why even live

She would probably leave you afterwards..

Yeah, no evidence of the best girlfriend claim, as good as it sounds.

If she likes memes, is a virgin and her deformation isn't genetic i'd happily date her. Would probably appreciate me more than any other roastie too.

Unironically wife material there. That's the kind of woman you get lifelong unwavering devotion from. For cheap.

wow, that acctually made me feel bad for her. And I seldom feel anything except greed and disgust,.

whjere the fuck are the pics

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Scrubs up well

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How long ago has this been? I wonder is she ever got a date.