99% of society lives like this

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wow deep

Only way to escape this is via wealth.

no, only burgers like you

Made me tear up. Who with me?

or by just going outside lol

yes goy all your troubles will go away if you're rich, keep chasing the gold while your life fades away

>99% of Veeky Forums is like this

o wow dis a real one!!

ITT: the man behind the TV is unironically Sergey and its the year 2040.

The gains never came and you checked biz everyday for that price increase. Your friends are all married now with families in nice houses and you're still waiting for your big break at the ripe age of 65

Nigger if I had 50k a year from passive income or pure wealth I'd be happy and able to pursue my hobbies and dreams.

Not me


>i want to have fun
>listens to some other persons opinion and gives up shortly after and doesnt try exploring anything else

lost me there

>blaming the jews for your own decisions
Why are stormfags such faggots?

>>thinking Jews are responsible for your lack of intelligence, lack of motivation, and your inability to resist what the media and corporate america tells you you should want while you sit and stare at a TV for hours a day watching bullshit

top fucking kek


I couldn't find the original, ignore it if it bothers you

yeah, IF, but you dont. By the time you do, you will no longer give a shit

>not posting the unedited version

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people on /pol/ talk about jews the same way blacks in america talk about whites.

>my superior race would totally be on top if it wasn't for those jews (who are inferior btw) messing everything up

Creativity and nature are free

Once I'm making 75k+ a year in a low stress job I like I'll be golden, but 50k a year and not working would be nice. I'd actually have an income to do more than just masturbate to anime and play videogames while paying off my mortgage and school denbts

And about 99% of those who see this image wrongly think that they are the enlightened 1%

do whites rely upon blacks for anything? there you go

pretty much this

You really have to go back to plebit

you'll keep beating it to anime and playing vidya, only in a comfier place with more stuff. Money is not your issue

this exactly

You really need to kys faggot

>go to church on Sundays
>have a great social life
>excellent relationship with all my family members
>comfy job as software engineer, am never overworked
My only remaining goal is to generate enough passive income, or get enough money so I no longer need to wagecuck

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>implying op is wrong despite being a plebbitor

This is your fate.

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>just go outside
I don't want to get shot by niggers
Fuck pretentious faggots, part of the struggle is liberating yourself from the shithole you live in.

lol so fucking wrong

Sounds some somebodies gotta stop these kikes.


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was listening to this when i came across this thread.... woah



found the kikes.

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>I don't want to get shot by niggers

Yes Goy, believe in the fear, buy some weapons while you are at it. Save your life by killing niggers.

You must live in a nice area. Not all of us do.

Who the fuck still watches television?

>You must live in a nice area.

It maybe nice, but only you can turn that around by making a true change and that change is using bloodshed.

damn that nigga got slid

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Argued with my gf for the lols to make her feel bad
About to buy McDonald and candies
Maybe I should really kill myself

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>sergey's face instead of moneyskelly

you fucked up

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>everyone who doesn't like jews is deemed a white supremacist
Be more retarded I dare you

with that logic, nobody is free faggot

>you'll keep beating it to anime and playing vidya, only in a comfier place with more stuff
But this is all I want out of life

>Muh having a white family

Roasties have absolutely zero loyalty to their hubbies. And children are a huge expense and limit your freedom.

Sounds alot like Bcash cult.

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Believe it or not, but this pic triggered me into cancelling my cable subscription and made me play a lot less games. I found a job, made a lot of new friends, found myself an appartment and i just saved my first 10K. Finding a girl is next.

Go outside folks... the pic is real. Don't let them render you into some sort of paralysis.

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>found a job
completely missed the point of the pic. Good luck wasting your life wagie

Continue being a classcuck.

How to escape the Jew: Veeky Forums vs. /out/

>getting memed into a meme

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Watch the documentary "The Century of the Self" it's really amazing, everyone should watch it.

Quality work there, you've made my day a bit brighter, user.

youtube zeitgeist federal reserve

Are you from /leftypol/? classcuck is a /leftypol/ meme. I used to lurk and post on there for awhile

whew lad, u'r young

is this word association?

>he doesn't work on the side to generate extra capital for his own buisness
not gonna make it

>he's never had to pay the twenty dollar entrance fee for yosemite

Not so fast there peasant, you need to work and be productive.

50k passive income lmao, every slaves wet dream. Actually most niggers would be happy with about 20k in the west. This faggot is asking only 50k lmao.

Hope this never happens, otherwise all kinds of scummy niggers or retarded neets will roam around all day while others work.

Peasants and other lower classes must be kept in check at all cost.

Scope is to tear down current power structure and end global corruption, not to give peasants basic income or more money. These people need to be put to work (by force if possible)

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Why does he look like the pedophile from family guy at the end?

the great tragedy of the internet is in the young people hitting 20 this year thinking they have the world figured out and believing in their moral duty to inform the ignorant masses
meanwhile, anyone older with two brains cells they can rub together has heard those inane opinions literally thousands of times and know better than to correct them. might as well try to stop the tide of the sea
hence it's mostly the idiots speak up and they all think they're right
not talking about /pol/ btw... you are not a moderate centrist, horseshoe theory was debunked before you were born, every thought you've had was had by someone greater and smarter than you, and you will never amount to anything except reproduce and pass your average genes to another generation who will be similarly average



>i want to find a good woman and married
clean your room and man-up

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I'm guessing you are like hurrr I'm better than average person because I know this knowledge, most people stop caring, just like you user. not step back in line pleb

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can you retarded "redpilled" fucks not think for yourselves?

buy guns, and complain about those filthy kikes, fucking retarded goyim, you will PAY for the privilege of shooting yourselfes up and sparing us the trouble of euthanising your subhuman arses when it's time to round up cash and shutdown usa

nice propaganda btw, totally good idea and not some pretentious bullshit

>wow this was insightful and hit me hard
>looks up this goebbels guy
>a literal nazi

I honestly dont know what I expected

>Finding a girl is next.
user, you were doing well until you got to this point.

>Propaganda is bad, unironically says the guy who buys propaganda about the Jews


Sorry OP but I am watching porn on my own free will.
Nobody has forced me to do it. I've been doing it on my own accord since I was 12

This so much. You have no idea how tiring it gets, anons. Now I just roll my eyes and keeping doing my thing.

Goddammit why the fuck did you have to post something that hits so close to home.

I don't get how you draw a line from cereal to morality? It just kind of assumed that, didn't it.

Iโ€™m a teacher. Study the education system and you will see it is indeed the jews making people stupd.

The research is out there. Quit being lazy and look up Kevin MacDonald on youtube.

fucking im 16 and this is fucking deep as fuck bros. and that himmler quote? damn. didn't know the soviets were this fucked up

Thatโ€™s a good age to watch "Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told".

Imagine how fucking pathetic you have to be to blame a lifetime of failures on some Jewish conspiracy and what the TV told you to do.

The worst of replies

>propaganda about the jews
we will wipe this board of you one day silverstein

>not posting the full version

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^ ^

The elites Live, we Die.
Inherited wealth from war profiteering is life, working until you can retire to live is death. Say it with me: NO MORE!
Who gives the illuminati the right to impose such a life of suffering upon the majority of the world's population? Is it god? Well, then that is not MY god. My god is the Eternal Justice which permeates all things.
We WILL change this system! All you have to do is refuse to play the game. This society sees you as nothing more than a consumer. In truth, IT is trying to consume YOU. Quit chasing shadows. You are not a product or a consumer, but the manifestation of the Eternal Consciousness itself. We must tame this timeline and put Humanity back on the track from which it should never have strayed thousands of years ago. Starve the Beast. Fuck Babylon. The time of confusion ends NOW.

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how old are u? how long do you plan your life to last? are u depressed? d0 u feel dysfunctional? how do u deal with productiveness shaming?

not going to work

>dude just watch this fucking youtube video that proves 100% that the jews are behind everything
>look this one clip of some random jewish lady saying something vague about immigration to europe is irrefutable evidence that there's a global jewish conspiracy to exterminate the white race
I'll say it again: why are stormfags so fucking dumb?

can someone pls post high res screenshots or link to downoload this episode high resolution so i make screenshots myself? xd

I already figured out its 14 episode of Kaiji Ultimate Survivor ~3:11-3:43

It's true, it's mostly the fault of stupid boomers who gave up on parenting and the education system, both mass producing uprooted, isolated and goalless individuals.
However if you dig a bit you will rapidly find who is pushing the (((modern values))), systematically shutting down/demonizing the alternatives and playing the social engineers today.

Incredible, fuck the kikes I will never fall for there traps

Unironically is the Jews

>and you will never amount to anything except reproduce and pass your average genes to another generation who will be similarly average

Next generation will actually be intellectually inferior because of the dysgenic trend fueled by technology and third world birthrate. World IQ is crashing as we speak.
Also nice nihilism faggot, stay demoralized.

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We could all learn a thing or two from Devilman


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