Buying a house

I wanna own property in 5 years
>Where is somewhere in the US that shows promise?
>I am 22 now with close to 30k finishing Uni soon. How much longer should I wait?
>Mostly in Stocks rn and a little in crypto (ltc). Should I invest somewhere else?

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who are you quoting?

What is the reason you want to buy a home?

I posted this yesterday

wait until the housing bubble pops
you want to buy in a BUYERS market (house prices crash + tons of bank foreclosures), right now it is a SELLERS market (so it is really competitive, multiple offers on houses the day they go up)

Depends on what you value regarding where you should live

upper peninsula of Michigan if you can handle the cold and like nature. I just closed on this comfy house for $68k. All crypto gains, started with $3k a year ago. Tons of great houses under $70k for comfy NEETS

Cities in the southeast (Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta, etc.) have very affordable costs of living and are growing rapidly.

Get out of crypto. Bubble is over, the news cycles have stopped pumping. All whales are out, only young cryptocuck millennials

Wrong, the housing bubble JUST finished. It's now or you wait 10 years plus for a dip. By then the cost will be insane with inflation. Now or never

ur sad

I literally talked with Trump's real estate guy over lunch last month and he said the bubble will pop in 2 years max.

humidity bugs allergies and retards

it ain’t worth it

>t. bought at ATH

Colorado, great place to live!

Trump is the real estate guy u nonce

Boom. This guy gets it. Cheaper real estate than NYC/DC/SF/LA. Most educated region (per capita) in the whole country. Center for telcos, tech, space companies, and the backup capital of the federal government in the event of a DC invasion.

Huge future potential, plus lots of stuff to do in the present.

if you move to california. only stick to desert cities away from the beach. The houses there are cheaper since hardly anyone fucks with deserts.

If you move to Nevada, in clark county (las vegas) there is a huge market for large homes at a good price, but again out in the fucking desert where aliens fly above you and desert hitch hikers like to prey on 22 spergtastic faggots who browse chink a dink threads asking for advice

no ocean


>the bubble has popped
>get out now that the price is low

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>buying at the top of the market
You got bitcoin at $19k didn't you?

Put it all in LINK and you'll have enough to buy a house in cash by june.

I haven't seen this shitpost in at least 5 years.

Ca, coastal.

They don't lose value