ICX is now listed in Bithumb AND Upbit, the larget exchanges in Korea. this is an ASSURED 2x investment. Just buy now and put a sell limit at 8k sats.

Why aren't you in yet?

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Much more than 2x. By summer it will at the least be above old ath, and if sminem signals the bull run it will transcend easily to 20+$

I would be so happy if someone put Icon logo on this delfin.

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If that happens I will literally start sucking dicks

It can.
But the safest assumption here is at the very least 8k sats.
That's already a 95% chance of happening, barring all asspull factors.

please make this true

I don’t want to fomo in,but I want to fomo in

This is an easy $50-100 coin, why would you sell at 2x lol

working on it

$100 ICX is like the market cap of ETH. I guess it’s possible, if we have another huge bull run and break $1T total market cap


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>Why aren't you in yet?
>because i fucking sold

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Thanks kind user. The logo moves weirdly and is not that visible, but I still spam it faithfully.

I know :( Tried my best doing it by hand
Could do better with some software that does tracking instead of shit tier Gimp

Yes, but you did more than most anons do in a day, good job!

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It started mooning literally two hours after I sold last night expecting it to dump again. I woke up to see it 2x
I'm so fucking salty.

hahaha.. did we just travel back in time to early Jan? you retards were all "it's gonna hit $20-30 when the big event happens and main net launch and yadayada".. well.. where did it go? to $1.6... nice one.. Dejavu coming up.. a lot of hype about something that actually doesn't matter. Quick pump, quick belly major dump... I was in heavily buy now on the sideline waiting for the banana slip and then I'll pick up your bags!

mhm mhm

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That's never how these things work. It's hit it's limit and is now dependent on BTC going up.

Group hug?!

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Obviously BTC needs to go up, but it’s still doing better than any other alt right now.

Damn, somebody bought high and sold low.


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>Why aren't you in yet
Just sold, bought at $2.20. Too much growth too fast. 4 days until the real listing means it will dump a bit before then, and I will buy back in.

I can already feel the hate posts incoming

I've been in since ICO.. 75k ICX.. paid 0.11cents a piece.. funny how you think that's buying high.. I've been in since September and know this coin. I'm looking to grow my stack in the next few weeks while you peeps expect lambo's with 125 ICX in your pocket. Thing is, BTC goes up, ICX goes up a lot. BTC goes down, ICX goes down a lot. Guess what, BTC has just gone up and is about to stumble down again to the $6-7k zone. Do you know what happens to ICX then? the new exchanges will have a backlash effect then, pushing it down way much more than if they weren't involved to start of with. anywho.. you guys should hug, party, masturbate and buy more ICX.. buy high sell low is the mantra after all, isn't it?

truth that is.. a dump around the corner..

I’d say that’s right. I’ve been buying and selling and buying all day. I wait for it to drop around 5% then buy back. I say it will drop to around 3300-3400 before the actual listing. That’s a good 20% drop.

11 cents, $0.11

agree! if not bigger drop..

BTC is NOT going into the 6k-7k zone. TA fags had been saying for the past couple days that BTC would go back 7.8-8 and it never did. As soon as this resistance breaks it back to 11k.

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