Nobody will ever use this coin, but it IS a brilliant marketing ploy on the part of Brave...

Nobody will ever use this coin, but it IS a brilliant marketing ploy on the part of Brave. No better way to market your browser than to use crypto lmao. Brendan Eich may be a jesus freak, but he def knows how to run a business.

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Your right. Sold all of my bat

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I agree that nobody will ever use BAT. It would have been smarter if they built a wallet into Brave that supported 100 different coins with Brave taking a tiny fee per transaction.

They've said on the Subreddit a built in Eth Wallet is on the way.

Been thinking about swapping my BAT for ICX but wondering if I'll regret fomo'ing in at this rate.

you really have no clue do you?

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ads haven't even launched yet and you faggots think this token is done

Nobody is going to pay for them. They have a small audience to begin with, and only a fraction will even opt in. There are far better places to put your money.

you are stupid as fuck

>Nobody is going to pay for them.

lmao. did your superior intellect lead you to that conclusion?

Nah, just common sense. Brave could do this project without crypto. It is all a marketing ploy.

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That being said.... You can't find a better swingtrade coin that can make you 5-10% gains every other day. Whales love this coin because of the low volume that they can control.

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it makes me laugh that BAT shills dont even use the brave browser, but get hurt when you tell them it's a dead project

Being with more than $1 desserts the purpose

Yeah, the coin will never truly moon. The company heavily sells into upswings to suppress the price.

>the success of your coin depends on the success of an obscure browser that no one uses because it's an incomplete mess
Good luck.

They're right you're a fucking retard

>no advertisers yet
>no users being paid to browse yet
>1.6m+ downloads
>25,000+ publishers

Fomo later this year brainlets.

It's got 2 million regular users.