Dear Biz

Dear Biz,

This is LamboLydia, but my real name is Allison. I tried to reactive my account because I wanted to write a final farewell message after reading a lot of people here blaming me and hating on me for DBC/Tron (as you can see I still hold both), but it’s already been 30 days and my account has been deleted permanently.

The reason I deleted my account was because of the crash. I stated that I bought DBC at 7 cents and Tron at 3 cents, and I was ecstatic when people were making money… but when I realized people were buying at 50+ cents I got a little worried. I thought we’d see a crash but I never expected anything along the lines of what we saw. I never created my account as a shill account. I genuinely love crypto and trading it in my spare time, and it was meant to be a social platform where I would discuss my trades, and open up rapport with my (dare I say it?) fans. But seeing people get hurt in this crash made me want to return to trading privately. I can withstand the risk, I’ve already cashed out 600k off a 25k investment last year, so even if my portfolio goes to zero I’m fine. If you can’t say the same then I don’t want to discuss crypto with you… not because I don’t want you to make money, that’s all I wanted, but because we’re not the same. I am a serious risk taker and it has paid off. Crypto has changed my life, I hope it changes yours too but I cannot actively engage with social media when so many people are taking such huge risks with money they cannot afford to lose.

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1- I am actually a girl who lives in a major city U.S. city and works for a boutique advertising firm. I am 28 years old
2- Fistnigger did reach out to me during the DBC rush, he’s actually a hilarious and smart person and we are now working together. We are planning our next set of buys.
3- I’m sorry if you lost money because of what I was buying, I truly am. Crypto has redistributed wealth like no other force in modern history, and I wish you basement dwellers the best, sincerely.

I will still browse biz and comment, and will signal buys from time to time. We’re about to see another huge rally. Fistnigger’s research has been extremely helpful as I work full time and he does not (I won’t reveal any personal information about him, except he is rich as fuck now)

Best wishes Biz, I love you all. See you around.

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What the fuck is a fistnigger?

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you dont even post your pantied butt for me to decide if you're even worth listening too so not interested in what you're saying.

post butt with timestamp and maybe i'll give a fuck about your false guilt and attention whoring

Won't say who I am but same
Quit giving direct advice after the crash when it was clear some of my followers were gambling away their lifesaving.

It was a game to me but not to them. You did the right thing, maybe one day it will all be a game again but right now it's pure death

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>bought DBC and Tron
trying THIS hard to build hype
you won't make it user

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u got murdered by dbc and tron don’t lie

but u did well w Monero good luck in life

crypto enriches and humbles is all

find a real world project next time and stop playing tiddly wink psych games


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Nice just bought 100k of LARP

um u kept saying “DBC going to a dollar” and cost m morons their life savings. it’s a shitcoin with no product. I wish people would stop shilling white papers and ideas into billions in pain.

It'll go to a dollar, just watch.

Dude I am one of the guys that say "fuck you lydia for scamming me". Here's the catch: I didn't buy neither dbc or powr, I'm just joking. Don't think you're that important so relax.
Why did you delete all your social media stuff?

Also tits or gtfo

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This is a shitfolio dear god

Please, you never cared about people losing money.
I remember when you were shilling POWR when it was close to its peak price, I wonder how many noobs lost BTC with your awesome advice....

Everything pumps foolish child until it dumps and doesn’t come back. Oooh you can read the tea leaves and pick a coin that pumps. Can you pick a coin that will actually change the world or business? So far you are throwing darts.

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I only wrote when I bought a coin and for how much. I bought in at .36 cents, it's peak was almost 2 dollars I think.

Every single one of my calls were very good, except BCPT which I publicly retracted after spending time in their telegram and realizing the developers were retarded. But checking now it's actually double what it was in december, not bad I guess.