Stockbroker/Financial Advisor AMA Pt 2

Crypto became my hobby at the right time during the summer boom around late July I put 30k into the markets to play around and turned it into almost a million before this huge crash. I have posted proof of my licenses (series 7/63/65) and my holdings. No fraud check me out on twitter @welambonow. I will answer questions if anyone has any.
Link to part 1 last night

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You were right about XEM hella fucking manipulated. I got out with 3% profit after a few hours of trying to day trade.

Thoughts on BNB and ICX?

Rumor is BNB is opening up margin trading soon hence the pump today.

Too late to get in to ICX? It's up 40% now but the real pump hasn't even started. Do you think it will 2-4x like other coins that got listed have?

did you end up cashing out much of it before the crash?

how much are your coins worth now?

Referring to ICX bitthumb/upbit listing btw but I'm sure you're aware

I've made more than you but you know what yu're talking about. I think you could adjust your top 5 to make more gains personally. But I like your knowledge in the last thread.

I'm a huge proponent of skycoin. What do you think of it?

BNB is the safest play in all of crypto period. Binance has proven it is the number 1 exchange in all of crypto and will continue to grow. Also they have lots of big news coming with the burn event and working on their own chain. ICX is a nice coin and I was bullish once Balina was out. Probably would not buy in at this second due to it being up nearly 65% in a few days.
I cashed out around 25% of my holdings and tried to weather the storm by holding. Usually trying to time the market is a recipe for disaster. I will admit I should have sold more but in hindsight its easy to say.

Yep well aware. That was huge news for that coin. Opened up a whole new market for them where that coin can flourish. Also Balina is gone which is bullish. Now he just needs to be booted by NCASH and I would be happy. SKYCOIN made an appearance in my latest power rankings for my vip guys. I think it has a lot of potential. Very risky but also huge gains potential.

Marketing is heating up and actually really good for the start. Skycoin is also on no major exchanges yet which is holding back awareness and the price. Plus they have an all in one platofrm as well as ICO's

What do you think of High Performance blockchain? I see it being hugely undervalued and will be the engine of some crypto ecosystems

Being listed on the major exchanges like Binance or Bittrex is huge. Not being listed on any of the big ones is killer for a coin. It is hard enough for normie money to flow into alts they can not find on coinbase much less make it to some obscure exchanges. They will not bother. One thing I value big time is where coins are listed the more exchanges obviously the better.

They already said they are going on big exchanges, but they are just in line. They have huge backlogs.

What do you think of Zilliqa?

Thoughts on THETA?

I touched on High Performance Blockchain in the first thread. I approve. Zilliqa is a coin I am really watching I have it on all my watchlist I have not pulled the trigger but it looks good. They face stiff competition however. It will be interesting to see which of all these platform based coins is the one that survives and is adopted. It's like trying to find the AMAZON of the crypto world right now.

Hi OP, don’t know who the fuck you are but consensus is you’re legit. Question, do you coworkers/peers in your career know about crypto, and what percentage of people you know trade it? Do you honestly think this whole ‘trading shitcoin’ thing will last? Is this the new form of buying penny stocks? Will major banks/institutions throw billions in to get in on this and lessen the volatility long term? Thanks dude.

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Agreed. I bought 70k zilliqa. I have a very good understanding of technology and Blockchain. I really think zilliqa will be the one to take it.

Excellent idea. Definitely addresses a issue we all have had at one point. Needs to be listed on some major western exchanges to make real moves however.

You're back!

STORM went nuts today!!! Do you think it will go to 400 before it's retrace?

First off the misconception that nobody in the real world knows about crypto is a joke. Maybe a few boomers do not give a fuck about crypto but in general most people are interested. You can even pick up girls talking about crypto because its something they heard makes people rich and they know dick about it. Even urban youths are buying up ripple, bitconnect, etc. I have heard of waitresses and strippers accepting crypto as tips. People love to gamble and crypto is a mix of trading/investing/gambling and it is highly addictive. Think about how many times a day you check your own portfolio.

If you are curious as to why I think zilliqa will be the one to take it. Check this out, this a comprehensive comparison to all the competitors. Very on point.

is DBC a scam/shit coin?

Yep Storm has performed well since they got on Binance. Being on only shit tier hitbtc was killing that coin. I listed it on my power rankings for my vip guys a few weeks back. There Advisors are one of the most impressive in all of crypto. Bittrex I would imagine is coming soon for storm as well.

Agreed. Chicks are actually really into it.

What you think about qash?

Also, what would make you more bullish on link? Have you dived into alot of the cookie crumbs that have been posted lately?

How do you feel about JNT vs. GVT?

Also, what do you think of funfair? I think they could be one of the most sucessful gambling tokens and online casinos and blockchain makes sense

OP, I'm considering getting my Series 65 to start managing money for friends and eventually other investors (typical 2/20 model). My state doesn't require the Series 7 before getting my 65. Even so, do I really need to bother with any Series license if I'm just trading cryptoassets? And secondly, any advice for starting to study for / taking the Series 65 exam? Thanks bro

Not a fan of DBC. Told my VIP guys to stay away since day 1. To answer the second part of your question yes banks and wall street are certainly investing into crypto. Merrill Lynch released a full crypto report to client because of all the demand for their advisors to buy crypto. Look at the involvement from JP morgan and Goldman now. Wall street is in the game

holy shit that redhead is a once in a lifetime beauty. who is that

if you dont understand that ven is the first project to actually incentivize their coin ownership, there is nothing anyone can do to help you. big businesses are actually incentivized to buy vechainthor. every single other project has failed to even incentivize regular people, apart from the speculative gains aspect. if you cant see that vechain market cap will be greater than crypto market cap now and even ATH crypto market cap you are blind. I'm trying to help everyone because all of you that dont buy ven will literally feel suicidal looking back two years from now

Both "ideas" are needed in the crypto world. I put both in my latest power rankings just to expose people to the coins. No idea if they will be successful or not but it would hurt to own that sector and include QASH in it as well. CEO of QASH is a smart guy alum from Harvard business school as well. I would say JNT is one of the most "hyped" coins out there right now.

Have you read up on Hawala.Today? Looks interesting - very small market cap and supply.

got a big bag of TRX. Will it go back or surpass ATH for me to get out alive?

I'm a lead distributed systems engineer living in Silicon Valley. I'm 29 with around 170K worth of assets including 70K in cash sitting in my bank account.. What should I do with my cash? I already max out my 401K. I put some into various ETF/robo advisers and I've dabbled with eREIT and P2P loans (lending club).

Dude you're fucking legit - the last bastion of senility on this board! Somebody posted about CND last thread. Could you expand on that, looks like a good buy at the mo and feel like it's gonna have a solid run - volume inc. thoughts ?

Not a huge fan of funfair. I agree with Doug Polk in the regard that not all things need to be on the "blockchain". So yes things like gambling and online casinos accepting crypto is huge because it skips over the nightmare of trying to deposit with credit cards but I am not sure there needs to be a coin specifically for gambling and certainly not poker. I am however extremely bullish on "egaming" coins like UKG.

Here's one Im super struggling with. I am in ICX right now pretty heavy, about 60%. I am also in NAS about 20% and I want more NAS. Would you think it wiser to split them evenly right now, or wait to see how much more icx may pump before switching more over into NAS?


It's more about the open source software and tracking of the odds through the blockchain mroe than anything else. Eventually consumers will want to gamble where they can see the source code and not just blindly trust the casino

Series 7 is much more comprehensive and harder to get. It is important to get because it opens the door to all of the financial world companies will beg to hire you once you have a bunch of licenses because then they do not have to pay for you to get them since you already have them. You need a sponsor to take the exams anyway. Just buy "Series 7 or 65" for dummies off amazon it breaks it down into plain english. Also if you attended any decent college and were a finance major it should make life was easier for you.

Wait till it pumps more my friend. Alot more to go.

Are you confident institutions are only now getting into it and haven't been buying OTC for years now? Combined with the low volume lately, do you think there will be a de-coupling of other cryptos from btc this year?

Thoughts on HSR?

thoughts on JNT?

At one point I owned nearly a quarter of a million usd in VEN. I am personally targeting some small cap projects that have room to explode that have yet to get the attention they deserve by the crypto world. Tons of competition in that space goodluck. Gonna need a massive bullrun if you bought the top of TRX. You are probably fucked unless Justin Sun can manage to hype it again but I doubt people will fall for it again. Passive managed ETF's no need to pay fees when studies have shown monkeys have outperformed active management. Pay off any credit card debt if you have any. If you want higher risk then entire small cap solid projects in the crypto world like me.

Saw you already covered this but I'd be curious to hear why you think it is hyped - only hype seems to be on Veeky Forums. Twitter and reddit are pretty silent.

In either case I think platforms like JNT and Qash have a bright future

CND literally has no competiton right now. They are trying to help the average joe invest in the crypto world by doing all the thinking for them. Look at the advisors on the project they are well connected in the crypto world. This coin will sporadically pump at random times. Wait to buy when it has not done anything for a while and when it finally does have its big run aka "Teeka shilling it" then sell and take profits.

Ay, recent top 20 U.S. business school finance grad. I'm not worried about the basics, more so I just need to memorize whatever technicalities would show up. In my state at least, I can take the 65 without a sponsor. I don't really care about my Series 7 since my objective is no longer working at a bank/brokerage (did that for a year, hate it, about to quit and manage my own wealth I've built up).

you like qtum? qtum seems to have better team than neo.

you think a lot of Chinese coins are scams? should we avoid most of them?

That's kind of what I'm leaning towards but I'd like OPs opinion as well
Op care to chime in regarding my previous question?


You typically should always sell the news in the crypto world. ICX just had a huge run. New exchanges, Balina gone, air drops. Take some profits and spread it out on quality projects. Also keep enough that you have some skin in the game if it keeps pumping and you dont want to kill yourself lol.

Any thoughts on Bulwark or XVG?

any price predictions for OMG and NANO?

so if you rate your trading skills as a 7, how do you imagine an 8+ trader trades?

Any thoughts on Internet Node Token?

The sooner we have more fiat gateways and coins are seperated from BTC the better off the whole crypto world will be. Alts are basically hostage to BTC and all the shenanigans associated with it. AKA bcash drama and the million greedy forks. BTC is still the poster boy for the crypto world and is a "neccessary" evil because its name is what draws normies in. When they hear Bitcoin is on a tear they will jump in. It has name recognition and first mover advantage although there is far superior coins tech wise out there. A healthy bitcoin price helps alts. The perfect scenario is organic growth which allows alts to move up with BTC instead of massive spikes which causes alts to get murdered.

Cool idea but I personally see countries developing their own tech for this area. I will not be buying myself. Then you will pass the exam easily. It is pure memorization. Series 7 actually requires some though since it involves some math. I would personally get both I have like 5 licenses myself and it makes your resume insane.

Your thoughts about chainlink?

Lol of course there are a lot of chinese scam coins but lets face it the whole crypto world has tons of scam coins not just chinese. The platform coins sector is crazy competitive and pretty over saturated at this point. You could just put a small percentage of your portfolio in each one and hope that is the one that still exist years from now. I can name probably 20 platform coins off the top of my head nuls,dragonchain, cybermiles, eos, eth, neo, the list goes for days.

Do you think coinmetro can become a top exchange?

WHAT are your thoughts on AI and blockchain? Any good cooks doing is. The inlynive been interested in is Bottos. Are we too far away still for this use case to be profitable?

Privacy coins are going to be under a lot of scrutiny. Please read the original AMA. I addressed why I am bearish currently on them. I told my VIP guys to avoid XVG the evaluation it got at one point after being basically started in a garage was laughable it was so due to crush people who were buying in ATH based on retard John Mcaffee who created lots of bag holders. Never buy based on what that idiot says EVER. If I had to buy privacy right now ZEN or XMR.

Thoughts on ENG?

I think it has one of the best use-cases and can see it easily hitting $20 a coin

I would pick OMG over NANO. Price predictions are impossible right now because unfortunately everything is tied to how bitcoin performs. We need alts decoupled from BTC asap. Rumored scam but who knows. I will not be buying. LOL by being luckier? Day trading is mostly luck unless you are a true insider or a massive whale who can move prices. I have moved some small caps on like hitbtc before myself and it is fun and profitable. Also arbritrage opps are easy in crypto especially on exchanges like kucoin with massive spreads.

Will my linkies be $1000 eoy?

Exchange coins are oversaturated. Every exchange made their own to cash in on the success that binance coin had. The key was to find a rockstar exchange before it blew up hence why BNB is one of the best ROI coins in all of crypto. I was in around $1 and it had already done 10x from ICO. AI is the future. Do not know enough about BOTTOS to comment. Probably still years and years away from being profitable. In the previous AMA I said I approve of ENG.Easily shillable coin MUH MIT.

1000 is conservative bro. try 10,000 :)

INT def not a scam. Alot of fud around it for sure, but people on the team don't hype it and also they have reputations to protect so they would not scam. They supposed to have a partnership with Huawei to build a router for them

Feelsgoodman :) Also thoughts on req and gvt? :)

one good thing i can see with alts tied to BTC is that if you're stuck in shitty/hopeless coins, at least it may go up in USD value as BTC goes up

the negative with alt coins decoupling from BTC is that some of these coins may ultimately go to 0 and stay 0

>id= NUT
we're all gonna make it

Lets here some more in depth thoughts of yours on JNT. Have you researched ir much? What are your thoughts on the current hype its getting on Veeky Forums?

Seems like Veeky Forums is the only place really shilling it, everything else is quiet.

Im a new US lawyer. Some experience. How can I work in this blockchain movement or In good alt-coins?

jesus sorry for typos, im on my phone right now but yeah please, lets hear more thoughts on jibrel

In all honesty what could you really see LINK at EOY?

I approve of both. I put GVT in my power rankings for my VIP guys. REQ went ape shit during the massive run up and needed to correct hard it got way ahead of itself. One misconception is that these coins can truly go to 0. Even BCC will not go to ZERO. Crypto has tons and tons of scam coins but the creators of these scams control a huge supply so even though the project is completely fake and the true value is 0 you will never see the market cap go to 0 because the founders will still own 99% of the supply

thanks OP! learned so much from these posts! thanks for giving back to the little guys

Several guys in my vip group who are pretty good traders themselves are high on jibrel. I am not going to bother to type out a full review but some helpful material for learning more about the coin is found here.

Also boxmining did a video on it.

No idea what you are asking?$1.50-2.50 I always lean conservative and realistic.

Thanks for insight friend :) Any thoughts to improve my portfolio? I hold 1k link, 500 req, and 5 gvt, reset is in a growth index fund. cant buy in more right now as I have to save up a little bit for a wedding. Appreciate all the advice :)

What are your thoughts on metal? Honestly I hate it but it might be very normie and government friendly

My tips to people who have small portfolios is to pick 1-2 coins and stick with them. Do not over diversify when you have a small stack and do not constant buy and sell. Transfer and trading fees will crush you when working with a small amount. Obviously the more money you have the more you can and should diversify.It's not bad but it is going head to head with some major competition.

if people have done their research they would know int isnt a scam. forget those who arent buying. personally have over 100k int. pretty comfy


Same, have 80k INT and will look to get more when some of my other positions moon first

Smart contracts is essentially taking legal concepts and integrating them into the blockchain world. I find this fascinating. Is there a space for a lawyer to get out from typical practice and use legal skills to help improve the crypto world.

You used your financial background to understand BTC and coins as currency. I don’t know how as a lawyer I can work in smart contracts, if possible.

Legal Regulation of crypto comes to mind. But that’s about it.

Thanks for all your answers user. Learning a ton.

Just want to say thanks for the insight . All very interesting, cheers

Thoughts on Nebulas (NAS)?

Mainnet launching in one week

I will look more into it. The new website is 100x better than there old one. I am not calling it a scam I am saying there were rumors that it was. FUD happens when a coin like that based in the east gets crushed in price. If I had to pick between those 3 I would personally go with NAS.

You said Centra was a scam in the last thread. Do you think all of the crypto credit cards are scams and why particularly Centra?

Here is a starting video

Im thinking of consolidating portfolio into:

Will I lambo or Toyota?

I have personally owned a large amount of NAS and it is found in my power rankings for my VIP guys. Bullish for sure on NAS. Glad to help keep the questions coming. Yes it is very cool concept indeed. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out and if smart contract cases will ever be brought to court in the world. Not sure how to give you advice as how to get involved into crypto as an attorney. Maybe seek out projects that are looking for legal advisors on the project or focus on that niche.

Not to be a dick but have you read about Centra and the founders? It is a known one. No not all crypto credit cards are scams but most of them have redflags. Monaco has pulled some bs moves as well. Tokencard has been a huge disappointment so far. Wavecrest set that sector wayback.

Will decentralized exchange coins like ZRX, KNC, LRC, AST be huge in 2018? It's taken a big hit.

No offense, but 1.50-250 for Link is way too low. Link is very very important to the use of smart contracts going mainstream. Also it looks like they already got big players lined up behind the scenes

Very very solid portfolio. You just need some Link

How much money are you working with? That is pretty spread out unless you are working with 6 figures. That list is solid and better than alot of portfolios but still missing some good coins.

That sounds great. That’s right, I’ll just go and ask the projects directly and go from there. Duh. Haha.
Thanks again user

I would rather keep adding to a BNB stack. They are killing it and they plan to be decentralized at some point. LRC is more of a protocol. Holding BNB and some LRC is not a bad idea. Decentralized exchanges are still a ways off and probably years from bringing big profits. I am not going to throw out a huge number I try to be reasonable and learn conservative on my price predicitions instead of promising lambos to everyone.

No I haven't, I am not holding Centra but I made a couple nice trades on it recently. I was just asking because there's currently some good news coming out about it.

My criteria for picking some up was just off the daily chart...down 80% from ATH and it worked out. I might be retarded.

Welcome to crypto where every coin has some "good news" coming. I would not touch Centra with a 10 ft pole.

Are we too late in this game to become a millionaire if we have 20K to invest?