Your patience won’t be tested much longer

A week ago I told you that you have one more paycheck left to accumulate LINK and to screencap my post.

Starting to believe me now Veeky Forums?

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>please buy my bags

get a trip & wat is ropsten?

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Test net hasnt even been launched yet fag.
>2 dev team.
>conference room next to the bathroom
>Token being over $1.00 defeats the purpose of the coin

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>tehust neet hazunt evun bean luched yeet

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Fuck trips

Tripfags are the biggest form of fags, but I will if enough people want me to.

Ropsten is the ethereum testnet.

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Unironically I'm 75% LINK 25% RCN.

Should I just go 100% LINK?

Your dubs should provide you the correct answer.

I’m unironically 100% in LINK. I’m going to make it and want other nons to make it too. You know what they say about leading a horse to water...

100% Link here.

I've been through many shitcoins (FUN, XLM, etc), but I knew that Link is a ticket to the promised land and moved all my funds into it.

RCN goes live in April rare u mad

>>Token being over $1.00 defeats the purpose of the coin
Explain please.

I'll explain it for you, it's FUD.

Explain how it's not fud please.

you're a fud

It's literally just a sentence someone typed up to stop people from purchasing link

What more of an explanation do you need?

How about you explain your "muh LINK can't be more than $1" FUD

Found the person who didn't buy LINK.

Holy fuck its FUD because its a lie. You really don't deserve to make it....

>newfags don't know copypasta and link memes
>will ask about Jason Parser next
The absolute state

Unironically just sold my RCN stack and picked up another 12k LINK.

I believe in you user.

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I want every Veeky Forums non to make it. The license plate on my McLaren will read 4CHNBIZ.

Lol you're willing to suck ops cock because he posted something we've been talking about all day? Get fucked we don't need anymore tripfags on this anonymous image board

>tfw only 10k linkies
I'm 75% LINK, I don't think I have enough to make it though. Rolling for all-in I guess

user made a smart move, but yes I fucking hate tripfags.

It's funny how some anons can't comprehend that there are other biznons on this board who work at companies which are working with SmartContract. Maybe these biznons had been /b/ posters in 2007 and as they matured, grew older, and furthered their careers the moved from /b/ to Veeky Forums. Maybe these biznons listened to other biznons about ETH and antshares and LOVE THE FUCK out of what biz has done for them and their lives.

You can lead a horse to water.. screencap this.

stop talking about horses you fucking cocksucker

I am unironically all in link. Screencap this.

>not gonna make it

The time is nigh.

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Jesus christ you fags cant stop larping can you.
Screencap my balls

I already did.

I love you user. No need to FUD anymore, the smart money phase is sadly drawing to a close.


I really wish i could believe this

Give us a clue which company you're with m8?

Not a LARP, screencap my balls in 's mouth.

Please...I need like two more weeks.

I have an insurance check that needs to clear, then I need to get that money into ETH, then into LINK. Two weeks, that's all I'm asking.

I'm the one of the guys that started that meme. It's just a meme. It makes zero sense.

Unironically this.

I bought ETH when it was $40 because of biz, and I was late to the party. biz has made me a fuckload of money, and I genuinely feel obligated to give back, at least when I see huge opportunities.

There has never been an opportunity so clear as LINK.

You are absolutely a larp rasheed

Even though I have enough money to and LINK to retire with nearly the lifestyle I would want. The team within my company I work on is rather small. (

Mainnet when?

It's a meme from the BAT white paper lol, all you fucking newfags

user i just want to believe so 20k link enough

You know what, anyone who believes this garbage deserves to get JUSTed. Im done.

Were you the guy who said it will be $xx. By March 28?

If you want to live an nice upper-middle class life in the midwest suburbs and aren't having delusions about flying on private jets while smashing rolexes for fun, you are gonna make it user.

I'm heading to bed anons, have to work on making sure you are all taken care of tomorrow morning. 2018 will be amazing for this board, don't lose hope just yet and remember to pass on the goodwill once it's your turn to help other nons reach your level.

Thank you user.

I read this as if you were driving away and you voice was getting quieter and quieter as you drive off into the sunset.

i'm 45% LINK, 45% Monero, 10% bnb. once the binance burn takes place next coiple weeks i'll put the profits into LINK.

it began with xrp or xlm, cant remember which. but then it was "xrp being more than the price of a coffee defeats the point".

inother words, fud.

nonononono FUCK. I need more

What do you do with XMR after it forks?

nothing, just keep hodling while it rises in price. but i'm definitely taking the fork coin moneroV or whatever it's called. x10 coins for every XMR. good time to buy it now just prior to fork if you ask me


This thread has made me irrationally confident in LINK.

I'm going 10k COSS-->MOON in a few weeks-->SELL that shit at neat ATH-->throw it back down on my stack of 2k LINK, who knows what I'll add by then.

What does Veeky Forums think of my plan?

Chek'd and Heil Hitler
Chek'd and Heil Hitler and LINK $1000 EOY

I think they forked because devs didn't like centralised mining by bitmain. Personally, I'd keep both. Excellent coin.

i stand corrected

>What does Veeky Forums think of my plan?
anything that involves increasing your link stack can only be good.

Now that’s a fud I haven’t heard in a long time

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>using market buy for a decent amount

Bad idea user.

then re-invest your gains, doofus

The time is soon, my friends.

It's so close I can taste it.

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Whaddup ballerpepe

220k checking in. My body is ready.

lol you don’t know shit man. this is meme larp template.

>implying $20MM, or 20k LINK, is not enough to leave middle class

Subtle fud, larp.

God bless user

LINK $1000 EOY is a meme.

LINK $100 EOY is not a meme.

I will return soon and even without a trip you will undeniably know it’s truly me.

Senpai out..

I screen capped your bullshit so I can post it in a couple years the same way the ETH screen caps are circulating. I’m in finance too. Peace

Cashier doesn’t count

>market buy 0.5 BTC

You hit the BITMEX HARD, while Chad buys at market

Girls look at your shitcoin portfolio and think "ewww what a try hard" while they look at the chad and think "i love him, he just does what he wants, not even concerned about the whole profit thing".


Women are getting more and more choice and validation and its either CHAD or NOTHING

Why haven't you limit fags learnt yet?


whats his previous thread?

My dog woke me up. Im glad i read this. Us americans dont usually get the good threads.
Any more light here?

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this post makes me angry ill bite/10 kys faggot

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Good to have you amongst our ranks fellow link brother and thanks for MAGAing

It's pay day tomorrow.

I'm not gonna pay my rent and live on water and bread to accumulate all the stinky linkies is possibly can.

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Hi, old friend, long time without these fud

Link token's price is irrelevant
They can set a fixed USD fee per node data request. E.g:
>Link is $1000/token
>Every data request from a node is $0.3
>That's just 0.0003 Link
That's what people mean when they answer "18 decimals" to this FUD, and they are right.

Link token's price is irrelevant
They can set a fixed USD fee per node data request. E.g:
>Link is $1000/token
>Every data request from a node is $0.3
>That's just 0.0003 Link
That's what people mean when they answer "18 decimals" to this FUD, and they are right

doubt it could be anywhere near that high considering Oraclize is literally 30x cheaper than that.

Those that desire a decentralized oracle will be willing to pay a premium for using the chainlink network. These are likely to be higher value smart contracts that require more security.

People with wallets in the 10s of millions are already gambling millions of dollars at once on etheroll using oraclize. Check etherscan. They obviously think it's enough and for some reason I doubt you have more expertise/money than they do.

Lendingblock might be using LINK as their oracle, they are using SGX oracles developed by IC3. These can be implemented without but there's the chance they've talked to Sergey and will be able to use LINK mainnet. They're still in ICO phase.

Etheroll went down recently because Oraclize went down lol.

>They obviously think it's enough
No shit, because the LINK mainnet isn't even up yet. When mainnet is up, then we'll see who thinks a decentralized and blockchain agnostic oracle is the best option for them, won't we?

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anyone fudding oracle has a fundamental misunderstanding of the oracle problem and smart contracts in general. Oraclize is a perfect solution for 99% of smart contracts. ZAP marketplace is good for the other. Chainlink may find some use in the ZAP marketplace but nowhere near enough to support even it's current price. Dumb niggers here drank the kool-aid.

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The connections that has with Docusign, SWIFT, Req and Zeppelin_os should be enough to tell you that ChainLink is going to see major adoption.

No!!! I need more! It's not fair...

Nice find

>BTC dumps $500
>bots instantly dump LINK 500 sats to compensate

Honestly the current price makes perfect sense. It's a purely speculative market still.

Once main net goes live and it starts being used, even the smallest real demand for it will clean out that order book in no time. If we don't see $5 within a month of mainnet, I would be very surprised.

impactfull if reliable