Paid with Ethereum, refund in 'Ether'

so i paid for something using

the transaction got all fucked up, even though i sent the correct amount. doesnt matter, they refund the coins.

So they claim i already received the ETH back and sent me a link to etherscan 'proving it'

maybe im a noob, but are they even the same thing? the refund was sent to a wallet on bittrex, which is suspect is only for true ethereum, maybe..?

pls help

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no lol. you got scammed.

what's your address? I'll trade you Ethereum for Ether at a 1:10 ratio.

Pretty good price.

It's most likely the same thing, unless they literally made an erc20 token named 'ether'. if you post the tx hash it will be obvious whether it's legit or not

this is why there will never be mainstream adoption

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i'm trying to help the poor guy.

i'll get you out of this mess OP, just send me your ether

This, but if you specifically provided a bittrex wallet address for the refund, then you can only receive Ethereum back... not some bogus erc20 token.

why didnt this work? im so fucking confused. i want to message them and ask wtf is ether and "Gas" but i dont want to sound like an idiot. i feel like its because of bittrex. is this my fault or theres?

fucking bump. these coins are stupid. idk what to tell these people. i havnt gotten shit back.

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Coinpayments vendor here

Coinpayments will refund your coins if you don't send enough or if the coins don't get sent within the alloted amount of time.

They are definitely not a scam company but the refund system is a little painful.

Eth / Ethereum is the same thing, don't let Veeky Forums faggots troll you.

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How did the transaction get "fucked up"?

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Go to etherscan and put in your wallet address.
Here's an example:

That link shows all transactions history for wallet public address 0x43fa0798b1593590aaca50b316af0645a29ff57e

Copy and paste yours to check



This could end up being a clusterfuck. If the eth was sent back to the same wallet address on bittrex but you don't have that address enabled in bittrex's stupid system to receive eth then you might have to contact bittrex support to make sure you receive the eth, and bittrex support literally takes 4-6 weeks.

Maybe the transaction is just delayed but it's doubtful

This might also be the reason, you need at least 0.1 eth in bittrex for it to show

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You're a tough guy

Use your own personal wallet to make payments. Don't use exchanges. It literally costs 1.2 cents to get a regular (no smart contract) ether transaction confirmed fast. No reason to be using an exchange wallet