Billionaire Bullshit Stories

How come every Billionaire makes up a bullshit story about how they came from nothing but when you read about their past, it turns out they got a loan of some kind upwards of 100k-1 million from some Uncle or they were born into a family that probably had a couple of million already?

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Turning 1 mill into a billion isn't easy

because the narrative must be everyone has a shot at making it despite the reality you must be born into wealth to make it. If people realised that they are set up to lose from the beginning there would be anarchy. It is the false narrative of hope that keeps the rich safe for generations

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far far easier than 1000 into one million

Is your IQ over 150 by any chance?

How do you know they have 1 billion? Have you seen it? Or just because someone told you?

Bullshit, most of the everyday businesses you use started from that. Small firms, tradies etc

very true.

Most failed though.

Its propaganda

Alright fags pop quiz

Exactly what outside help did Jeff, Warren, and Zucks get?

Warren had Graham as a mentor. Zuck was unironically a Jew

Same shit with that faggot Musk. They're all bogus simbots there to keep the matrix functioning. Don't believe the hype.

TF okay why did Graham choose Warren? Cause Warren was smart as fuck and read through his whole local library by the age of 7, thats the type of nigga warren is, thats how he got noticed. Zucks sold synapse to Microsoft for 1 mil while he was a senior in hs, also went to a great private school but his parents were just middle class and not retarded, not multi-millionaires.

>"I wasn't always wealthy... I started out with just a small loan from my parents of $1 million"

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Cant you guys just accept that people are higher iq than you? They work their asses off, make the right decisions, are well read, and persistent/adaptable. Thats really it.

fucking brainlet. Ever heard of liquidity?

God damn go get your real estate license or go to college or something you whiney little bitch

Most people need to believe that life is fair. Which is kind of funny because everyone "knows" that life isn't fair, but if you really take a look at their beliefs, ideas and actions, you'll realize they believe in an implicit idea of fairness. Why? Because they can't really handle the consequences of the full knowledge that life isn't fair.

Imagine the average person passing up a homeless person on the street. That average person will likely tell you that "life isn't fair" while simultaneously believing that homeless people are homeless because of their own personal failures (which can be the case, but that isn't the point, right now). That homeless person could be homeless for a myriad of reasons that are perfectly out of his control. If statistics count for anything, he is likely homeless due to a severe mental disorder like schizophrenia.

The average person doesn't often consider this because the idea that life can fuck you like that, even while believing that life is not fair, is an existentially terrifying idea. The average person wants to feel in control of his destiny. He wants to believe that perfect justice exists in this universe. If some piece of data comes into his mind that shows otherwise, he'll try his best to fit it into his mental framework, "oh, that guy is homeless because he didn't finish school or he made a bunch of bad financial decisions or he's on drugs." In a way, these rationalizations are a way to preserve the average person's sense of self and sanity, not many people can handle the full reality of the "life isn't fair" belief.

Same goes for billionaires. Everyone wants to believe that the good guys win and the bad guys lose. Few people can handle the idea that evil men sleep soundly in the mansions while good men are ground to dust while working for evil men.

Big if true

The fact is, you know you will not make it since day 1.

Even if you "make it" money wise, you still failed at birth if you aren't Chad.

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Origin storys are important. They most likely learn that while working on companys, doing PR and such. Businesses need an origin story, usually exaggerated semi-truths to make the brand memorable with an interesting underdog start.
They then do the same thing for themselves.

You're probably one of those retards that thinks mortgages are evil

Not an excuse to be a NEET though.

>Thinks earning 999 thousand is easier than earning 999 million

You're fucking deluded user

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oh, fuck

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it took me longer to earn 1 mil in runescape when I was 12 then earning 1 mil in college after graduating (starting with 20k saved up)

Nice read

I always wonder where the point is that people acknowledge that they're beat. It seems like pretty much everyone thinks something to the effect of "Of course the system is unjust, clearly if the system was fair then I would be king."

That gives me hope

I'm a billionaire in rs

This thread isn't pointing out a moral issue retard take this philosophy 101 shit outta here. We know people like Zucks and Soros are sociopaths, they are good at something, world class business leaders. Like take MJ for example, really good at basketball but literally has no empathy/is a huge dick and got his dad killed because he wanted to keep gambling. Doesn't matter, his dominance built a billion dollar brand, he won.

yes it is, the alternative is being a cuck

Only cucks care about what women like.

runescape taught me the basics of saving up/working towards goals/basic economics

What in God's name are you talking about? Did you even read the OP? The question was why people believe believe billionaire's origin stories, not whether billionaires deserve their wealth.

>got his dad killed because he wanted to keep gambling.
This sounds like bullshit, where the fuck did you hear this?

Zuckerberg = Rich jew parents.
Bezos = His parents made an initial investment of $300,000 into Amazon.
Buffet = His father was a wall street trader. Buffett was also born at exactly the right time to reap prosperity in post war america. This, combined with the knowledge his father gave him, plus his high IQ, you've got a fail-proof trifecta of success.

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You care about what women think, you are a cuck. You literally value women's feelings and emotions, cuck.

I would rather be Zuckerberg than that Chad.

Slave morality is a hellofamindset–slave_morality

Some people are so cucked that they are afraid of becoming wealthy at the pain of others. For example, I met this salty nocoiner that claimed he won't buy Bitcoin because it promotes human trafficking. Like really soyboy? That's your excuse? please walk off a cliff.

Is this how you cope?

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Luckily, we got at the bottom of Bitcoin (yes, it's still the bottom).

Most of you will sell too early tho.

Feeling depressed about life because women like good-looking men is literally valuing the feelings of a woman over your own mental well being.

You are a cuckold full stop.

It's close to impossible to become a billionaire if you start from absolute scratch. But millionaire is achievable and to be honest, no person on earth needs more than one million. That's enough to support a good life for a large family. I'm halfway to a million and I think once I have two million I'll definitely stop accumulating and just live life. But already at one million I'll start relax and become less frantic about making money.

Yes propaganda. Also they are getting desperate with this and pushing "perseverance porn" where some old black guy walks 50 miles mowing lawns for change at age 80 and it's something to be admired and that anyone can "make it" by doing the same. Nobody ever became rich doing these things, or working some random minimum wage job. Everything is divided by class. I'm not even a commie or anything, it's extremely obvious to anyone who has wealth that people will always be divided into classes because that's how capitalism works.

You don't have to be intelligent at all to be rich. Tons of people on this board have 6 figures and are retarded as hell. I've seen companies run into the ground by rich retards.

Nicely coped.

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It’s an american thing, people here are brainwashed by the ultra rich to believe that anyone who has more than 7 figures in their account is an ultra-genius who started with a few pennies and a cardboard box.

back to r9k cuck faggot

Fact; most millionaires in America (over 70%) are self-made

Another fact: people who are willing to delay gratification are much more likely to enter the 1% than your average impulsive retard

Real women like men who have their own value system and place more importance in their own values than other people’s values. It’s called actual confidence and having a personality. Unfortunately most guys in our age group are being lead around by confused girls trapped in a teenage mentality that was embedded into them by advertisers.

It’s not that hard to be a millionaire anymore, the economy is more inflated and jobs are paying pretty well. If you have a masters degree or higher in something relevant or simply a profession that’s in demand then you’re pretty much guaranteed to have more than a million at some point. Unless you’re really retarded with money of course.

"Billionaire" takes a lot of factors but if you live in the developed world, most people can become at least millionaires.

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Yeah but millionaire means nothing anymore. In fact 1 mil is the minimum recommended for retirement now for people in their 20s. Plus you need a really big shovel to get to that retirement efficiently, which is becoming more difficult as even jobs requiring college degrees continue to pay less (yes even STEM due to pajeets).
Self made is great but it's no way to get into "rich" territory, that requires great luck, connections, and a lot of money to start with

but how long it take you tho...?

Not having an iq of 300 doesn't mean you're not smart. Being able to see opportunity and act upon it is another kind of smart.

Gates was middle class
>13 yo gates studied at an ok private school
>The local hospital had a computer terminal
>They accidentally bought two computers or some bullshit like that and couldnt return the second one
>Hospital director was married to the school principal
>Gave the terminal to his wife to set it up at the school
>She did
>Gates was now in one of three or four schools in the US with an available programmable computer terminal
>He and his buddies were nerds and fiddled with it all day
>By the time the got to uni to study compsci he had more programming time than most of his professors
You can look it up, he came from nothing through a mix of opportunity, brains and hard work

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Bill Gates also drove a Porsche 911 in college, so he was higher than middle class.

The guy I replied to was talking about another poster who basically said people are rich because of their iq, when in fact there’s not really much of a correlation there. You’re right in that there are different skills, different parts of the brain to develop and different opportunities that present themselves to people.

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Gate's dad was a well known lawyer in his city or some shit and owned his own firm. Zuckerberg was middle class to, his parents hired a private tutor for him. Bezos middle class, warren's dad was a politician. Not sure about bloomberg and the carlos guy but I get the feeling they grew up atleast comfortable to.

How about pic related? His parents are Turkish immigrants that worked for less than minimum wage in German factories. Yet, he still managed to pay for his tuition and later become a billionaire.

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His HS was very expensive and he went to Harvard. White privilege. Nothing else.

God damn I love this fucking place.

I'm a little confused here
Are you guys saying that if you're not from a wealthy background you can't make it to.the world's 100 richest? Because that's probably true, but scoring a million before 40 or something is definitely achievable

>everyone has a shot at making it

Anyone can make it if they are talented and hardworking. It has little to do with money, but everything to do with being born with advantages in intelligence, creativity, or physical qualities. Most people were born to be servants but get treated better than they deserve because of the civilization meme.

>le anyone successful is evil meme
slave morality indeed

>Gate's dad was a well known lawyer in his city or some shit and owned his own firm
His mom was also friend with the president of IBM, which didn't hurt.

Zuckerberg's dad thought him to code at like age 7 or something.

what is the source user

IQ has a genetic component. High IQ people usually have high IQ parents who are rich. You can still get rich with just above average IQ if you go into the right business fit for your IQ level.

Looks like the picture was taken by someone who keeps bookshelves in their garage. With a bit of detective work, you should be able to find the source.

His parents hired a private tutor and the tutor claimed that he couldn't keep up with Zuckerberg.

What’s it like being low iq like you?

oh that fucking faggot

>hear that Bezos started from humble beginnings
>he was LITERALLY a fucking Wall Street banker before founding Amazon, and he only left his job because the company he worked for didn't believe investing in the internet was a good idea

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His parents also supposedly gave him 300k to get started. That's not much in the large scheme of things, but it's still more money than most people have access to.

>How come every Billionaire makes up a bullshit story about how they came from nothing

Gates in fairness never did that.

bloomberg built a dynasty from nothing
his familys name will live on like the rothschild and other alike
brainlets BTFO!

He worked at DEShaw. And Shaw encouraged him to branch out...

You just need a quick 1000x

Yeah I don't like how it's so easy for the capital class to keep their wealth and grow it. You almost have to be retarded to lose it. I had $20 to my name until my late 20s when I got a job that pays like 120k. After saving a few years I had 200k. Once you have 100-200k you can leverage that wealth to moon yourself to millions of dollars and retire. You can't do the same when you are wagey that cannot save.

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>Turning 1 mill into a billion isn't easy
If you put that into any of the top 100 companies' stocks in the world when they first started you'd be rich. Invest in btc in 2012 with that and you'd be a billionaire. It's easier to get there with some money than none. It's pretty much impossible without a lot going right if you're from working class.

Bloomberg, who got a partnership worth 10 million in the 70s because of kike contacts?

I also wonder how far Bezos had went if he didn’t LOOK like a kike. I mean apparently he’s goy but he looks more Israeli than say Zuckerberg, surely the kikes of Wall Street looked favorably upon him because of that and gave him access to the Jewish money printing system?

Zuckerbergs dad was a dentist and his mom was a psychiatrist, not rich

>$300,000 into Amazon

It was a big part of their life savings retard they didn't just toss 300k like a piece of bread. Again middle class

Buffets father was a trader but not near as good as Warren is. A bigger point, you're about to see the crypto boom tf you complaining about? There are millions of biz fags who saw the crypto opportunity 2-6 years ago and didnt get in, literally nothing buffet picked did better than eth last year. Not even close, there are sub 100 iq fags that have millions in crypto, there are so many timelines where if you made the right descisions you couldve been a millionaire or even billionaire but you were not prepared to appreciate what was in front of you.

Made my first million at 20 selling drugs on dnm. Made $10 million by 22 then stopped abruptly.

Lookup archetypes. It's a narrative people like to hear.

>Same goes for billionaires. Everyone wants to believe that the good guys win and the bad guys lose. Few people can handle the idea that evil men sleep soundly in the mansions while good men are ground to dust while working for evil men.

Morality, brainlet.

How do you justify Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and Colonel Sanders then? Is it survivorship bias but still it gives hope that there's a chance for anyone, no?