Let's talk about our hair gainz

Let's talk about our hair gainz.

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sitting around nw4 I think but it's hard to tell because I've just been shaving every week for a few years now

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diffusing slowly age 25 so no gains only losses. still holding onto nw 1.5 tho. feels ok for now

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Bald age 25. I dont look bad, i have pretty masculine features and Im fit. Still depressed as shit though. I was close to chad-tier with my great hair, people would complement me all the time. Now Ive got nothing...

Im 23 with nw1 and I just started taking fin.

Am I going to make it bros

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your hair will. yes. grats to you for having the balls to take that leap and keep your hair. i'll pray for your dick user

Finesteride and minox. Shampoo with t gel and nizoral. Your welcome.

26 shaving with a foil shaver every other day

feels good, better than worrying about my thinning hair like before. those 3 months of constant stress weren't worth it, i just wasted my time

balding has as much of an impact as you let it, anons. sure, a lot of chicks don't dig it that much, but for many others it's not an issue.

people actually take me more seriously right now and mention that i look respectable/dominant even tho i'm quite slim.

what i don't like is that my scalp is sensitive so i have to be careful. wish i could just eternally keep to the fucking ultra short stubble instead of shaving 3 times/week.

just do yourself a favor and get some tan, anons. don't be pasty

Doesnt work for a lot of people. It only slowed mine down for a bit then stopped working.

How long before the effects wore off? I've been on this combo for a year and I'm 29 with thicker hair than when I was 18.

> Drinks Guinness
You'll make it lad

Using minoxidil and nizoral just to see how it works. Not going to take fin because I look fine with a shaved head and it's not worth taking the chance killing my dick over hair. I made it to 30 before my hair started thinning so I don't really care as much as I would have ten years ago.

Mine was only about 4-5 years and I was really good with it. But it's different for everyone. You might be in the clear as long as you keep taking it.

last time i cut my hair was 3 months back, currently sitting at 10cm on top and 6-7cm on the sides and back, im gonna be 2 years without leaving home

I have an appointment a week from now where I'm hoping I can get my doctor to prescribe fin or some other solution

hahaha yeah is not like I'm going bald or anything.

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Try a dermaroller, bros! Could help

Yea i heard minox will wear off after a few years. Thanks for the insight!

Duta is the only other option. Buy finpecia from alldayalchamest dot com

33, very minor hair thinning. Feels good knowing my family on both sides have no balding even when almost 90 years old. Bald bros I feel you, I pray the japs figure out the hair cloning process for you guys.

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