He's seriously shilling a 50k discord membership and his friend's trading bots now

He's seriously shilling a 50k discord membership and his friend's trading bots now.
I guess the rumors were true

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dont talk shit about me

>pay 50k
>get dumped on


What rumors? I don't follow this soyboy.

Haha just joking guys. But seriously message if you want to up your game for 50k.

Could you imagine that being exactly what happens? Would be funny as hell.

some cucks are literally lining up to do it

Is he really a cokehead?

someone was calling him out for trapping and dumping on his followers

nah think he genuinely believes you should stay sober and sharp when trading.

im unironically considering paying 50k. i really do think he's just a nice guy and i have little doubt the skills him and his crew can teach wouldnt be worth it. but seeing as thats 100% of my port its outside of my finances really.

Who the fuck would pay 50k for a trading group membership? Or 5k for that matter? $500, maybe.

He's admitted to forming a pump and dump collusion. Someone can post the website with all the info. I already reported him to the SEC. Hate fucking slime balls like that

This, just report him and move on. he admitted that he uses his followers to amplify his trades, or just straight misleads them.

Honestly see no reason to trust this dickhead over PBC, definitely no 50 thousand dollar reasons

I don't really believe that blog but he's getting shadier by the day

Why would anyone trust any of the assholes giving investment advice? Read about the project, check the buzz online about and make a decision.
It's hard to feel sorry for people who just do what they're and then complain when it turns out they were played.

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Unless he gives you 100% accurate entry and exit points then it's not worthy

Where did he shill them? Links please, I'm a lazy retard.

i could turn that 50k into 1m in 6 months with link

buddy I watched his live stream, that 50k shit is his soyboy asian humor, it was a total joke.

>i could turn that 50k into 1m in 6 months with link
why did you include an m? typo? you obviously meant you could turn 50k into $1

He sounded serious about this one. Of course he'll pretend it was a joke if anyone calls him out on it

you are kidding right?

fucking brainlet.

actually you literally are that philakone chink yourself

he was just joking doesn't change the fact that he promotes scum such as these:


^ literally a professional scammer, retweeted him surely multiple times until that scum got called out

>He's seriously shilling a 50k discord membership

proof? Did you see his friends twitter he retweeted? He has a lambo next to a fucking jet. That must be the guy he is getting paid by to fuck people over.

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so hard to rent one

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his latest stream, somewhere around 40 minutes

Yeah, clearly the meme TA's are colluding

>inb4 a rich fag will probably hires a hit.

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