Be 47

>Be 47
>Have back problems, mental problems
>Get $650 SSI deposit every month
>Have Government housing (Section 8)
>Pay $0 rent
>Never Pay Bills
>Buy 2 ounces of weed for $500 as soon as my deposit comes through
>smoke all 2 ounces within 2 weeks
>Have no money or weed for remaining 2 weeks of the month
>Son told me to invest in Bitcoin 4 years ago
>Ignored Son
>Spent money on weed instead
>Go to Community College for Psychology
>Get $6000 Student Loan Financial Aid Check
>Finally have money to invest
>Quit College because I'm dumb
>Spend it all on weed

Who else retarded as fuck here?

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surprise weed attracts the dumb and makes you dumber.
We're wolf of wallstreet here. Cocaine get out.

>Who else retarded as fuck here?
lol nope. sorry you are the only retarded person on this site. i am afraid to tell you, but you might have been misled more than a few times in your life.

you might find more people with similar retardation on this site called reddit. check it out, you'll fit right in

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>27 and multi millionaire
>smoke weed everyday trading shitcoins

lmaoing @ ur life OP, fuckin loser

In many ways we make our own luck. Its not too late to change direction. Im just pleased that my taxes arnt paying for your indulgent wasteful non productive lifestyle. Change for you would be for the better you have been dieing inside man

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Easy: start growing weed

Oh and I don't shower

At least you passed on your genes. That's more than many geniuses can say.

How are you not dead already being this much of a dumb fuckup

>2 ounces of weed for $500

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harsh man, but yes. am 27 y/o bodybuilder, music producer, and freelance web dev cuz it’s fun and pays enough to gamble on shitcoins even though I’m already at 2mil and will have 100-500mil in next 5 years. Super baked right now. Been blazing almost daily since 20. I guess you fags here would call me Chad. Don’t even care if yuh believe me.

please let me wear your skin

You sound pretty cool, friendo.

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Did you guys like the apple frog lol


WHAT state do you live in BRAINLET?

I'm also on ebt

Why have you not become an hero yet? What is ebt? Egg bacon tomato?


>Its not too late to change direction.

Let's be honest. We'll never seen anyone undo 47 years of bad decisions. Just hope he doesn't light someone on fire.

What is the defining moment that led you into this shit tier life?

Sounds comfy op

Tips on getting approved for SSI?

when I overdosed on PCP and Horse Tranquilizer. I was in a coma for about 4 months.

Everything was dark for a while but I remember running towards a blurry red ball that slowly slowly slowly kept getting brighter and bigger

eventually that red ball ended up glowing red, then white, then grey, then a bunch of random colors. I heard voices around me talking about me the entire time.

I was still in total darkness but the ball was getting bigger. I kept running towards it. Eventually, I had no sense of gravity and I was in Space or something...the red ball turned into something almost like the sun. I jumped towards it and didn't even have to try...It just got bigger and made me made me feel like I was at home. The ball was getting bigger...and bigger..and brighter...and I became overwhelmed.

I passed out.

I woke up some time later in darkness. The red ball had turned into this yellow wall. I kept running towards it but I couldn't reach it. It seemed so close but it was almost like it was moving further away from me the more I moved closer.

Eventually, the wall came closer to me and kept changing colors. I put my hand towards the wall and touch it..

I open my eyes in the hospital.

The red ball was reality.

don't shower for your appointment
wear a $20 jacket from walmart..dickies or something..something gross looking.

dont tie your shoes, stuff your laces in your socks.

Was that the last time you tried pcp? Did you get arrested? Were you always a heavy drug user op?

Just grow the weed you stupid fuck

2 ounces for $500??? you've been doing this for how long? LMAO

This has to be bait, holy fuck, dude....

Also, how the fuck can you go to school when you're on SSI? I mean, isn't SSI predicated on that fact that you CANNOT WORK, so why would going to school be a viable option?

>inb4 there's more to going to collage than gaining employability


someone told me to drink some tea and take a pill. i had just met him and he seemed cool. he was introduced to me by another close friend so it seemed chill.

I didn't know that by tea, he meant in Tranquilizer. I drank this little cup of nasty black shit. He seemed a little off in disbelief. He left a pill there which I snorted, which, after my coma, I found out was pure PCP.

I do fentanyl now.

community colleges do it

they give you student aid that I'll never have to pay back lol

Your a stupid fuck, you could sell those weed bags to pay for your habit and have plenty of cash, look cunt. Buy two Oz, sell in $25 bags (1.5g) and $50 bags (3g)

Doing this to maximise your profit, selling all but 12g out of the two Oz will give you $700. And you still have 12g to smoke untill you sell it to get more
$200 profit + 12g of weed for yourself

Also to make it quicker you could sell $100 bags (7g), sell 6 of these will give you $600 plus 14g to smoke

$100 profit + 14g of weed for yourself to smoke till you get more with what you have sold

Why are you not doing this if you have no job? Please answer and if you have no answer start doing this

Jesus dude you sound like an npc

how about you go smoke me

Truly a Veeky Forums answer honestly if you’re already doing weed you might as well sell it sheesh you’re not even paying for it, the government is.

how old are you ?

where do you live that 2oz cost $500? that should be $400 at absolute most but even less than that honestly.

sell a quarter for $100? nobody will buy that shit, maybe some stupid hugh scool kids though

op i genuinely hope you kill yourself, but you're obviously too much of a pussy for that to ever happen. Still, hopefully you'll OD or something.

why would you even say that?
why would you hope I kill myself?

I turned 47 in january

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How does it feel to be an absolute degenerate?

What is your mental problem?

because you're a worthless blight on society and im sick of my tax money going to pond scum like you. save up you neetbux and take a couple grams of fent all at once.
>inb4 you're larping

hahahaha you're a wagecuck

trump 2022

Pothead loser, kys

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Oh fuck man. I was like please don’t say Massachusetts. What town?

Worcester here.

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Why not just buy 1 ounce and sell 2 quarter bags for $85

Smoke a half for like $80

Older people do

They rather pay than deal with the bullshit

20g and all

but i'm not a wagecuck, and your pitiful cope doesn't change the fact that you are human garbage, as bad as a nigger, and should kys for the betterment of mankind.

Auburn on Southbridge St.
by the mall lol
Master Woks is my fucking shit
I take the bus to Worcester all the time..they just raised the prices of the fare though :(


OP, I have been using this website since 2007. You may possibly be the dumbest person I have ever seen on this website in all that time.

Seriously, bravo.



>What is the defining moment that led you into this shit tier life?
>when I overdosed on PCP and Horse Tranquilizer
That is heavy

I think OP is larping, but this type of thing is precisely what potheads and stupid people do. And the worst thing is, I'M FORCED TO PAY FOR THESE FAGGOTS.

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Why does every newfag and his dog think everything they read here is a larp?

Hey bud, here's a redpill for you:

The state recognizes that a percentage of the population is economically unviable, meaning their only function as individuals is consumption. Realizing this, it is actually more cost effective to simply bribe these people with SSI payments, the alternative being riots and blood in the streets. Money equals complacency.

Maybe you're entitled to your rage. Afterall, SSI is literally "wealth redistribution" as SSI funding comes from income tax revenue. Surely people who actually work for a living, especially those at jobs they hate, with little to no benefits, should be pissed when the sense of pride they derived from their self reliance is undermined by those who basically get to game the system and reach the same ends? What makes them better than me? As far the state is concerned, nothing. Move along citizen.

The reason SSI is initially allocated by doctors, and the medical industrial complex, is because socialism is (officially) politically untenable in the US at this time, and the idea of SSI being under the jurisdiction of the government would never be accepted by the workers. But if sublimate everything into "medical issues", many of which are completely made up, i.e. basically all of them, we can continue the charade that is Western society and go another day without our cities catching fire.

Let's face it, automation in the work place will eventually make everyone unemployed, so SSI is a decent stop-gap between Dickens and Marx until UBI gets implemented. At the end of the day, we're all going to be government employees, user...

tl;dr: SSI is basically Universal Basic Income and wealth redistribution wrapped up in medical jargon to make the bitter pill easier for workers to swallow.

That being said, how the fuck do I get in on this SSI action? UBI is probably two presidential terms away at least, and I don't want to wait until the cusp of the technological singularity to enjoy the perma-NEET life.

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Sell your son. Buy bitcoin. Thank me later.

ubisoft is a shit company
go back to /v/

>only a fool would believe the things he reads here to be true, yadda yadda

Also, you have 2 choices, accept that people who are this stupid actually exist in your life, or say that clearly, someone is larping. It's easier to assume that no, noone could POSSIBLY be this stupid, and just assume it's a LARP.

That is not a red pill lmao
Women vote for wealth distribution. They're responsible for literally allowing the tax payer to make it rain on OP and his weed buddies.
If men only voted, the welfare system would be a lot smaller, and every time OP and his army of weed men rioted they'd suffer the full brunt of the police state.
Which again, police "brutality" gets marketed as a bad thing because of all the women in society.

He literally just comes across as someone who lives in public housing. Is your life so insulated that you've never met these people?

>red pill
more like retardo pill

wtf is an SSI?

You are retarded, the state would have adopted that posture if it was cheaper, which it is not.

>bitter wagecuck

Stay mad. OP is a visionary. Only thing he did wrong was do a bunch of PCP and buy expensive dank at extortionate price.

>the state functions as the free market
user, I'm afraid you're an idiot. Alas, it's unoperable.

You honestly believe the state is capable of turning into a lelpolicestate and deal with all the unemployable rioters who will have no way of earning an income outside os SSI? Top Kek mate, society would collapse.

I'll clarify, the state pays SSI because it is both the cheapest option, and because it's the only viable option.


what languages for webdev?


>the state pays SSI because it is both the cheapest option, and because it's the only viable option
For now, yes. What you seem to casually ignore is that this will mean that you will get MORE people who get SSI. And eventually, you will get a majority that will want to get SSI, and that is unsustainable in the long run, and WILL cause societal collapse. You're buying short term stability for long term instability.

It never should've been implemented in the first place, or should've been abolished ASAP. Believe me, people act on incentives.

pizza pie oh me oh my
I like french fries
in my butthole
it smells like anuses
deep within the tissues of my sinful skin with fluid smelling like blue koolaid and smoke.

One time I met a fat lady on this shitty dating gps app on an old old android phone and she told me she wanted to lose her virginity. I was a horny fag so I agreed.
I met up with her and for some reason I had to sneak in through her basement.
Then I finally got in her room and it smelled like mcdonalds. There was pizza crust everywhere with little clean areas.
Her stomach hung down past her knees. She had no hope in ever having a decent sex life.

I tried to have sex with her and I could not make it work. I was so turned off plus my dick just isnt big enough for her. She got upset and I told her to get me a drink of water. We got dressed. After she left, I ran the fuck out of her basement door. Lawn after lawn after lawn. I hid and called my wife to come get me...I heard yelling for like 10 minutes afterwards..and crying...

I hate big floppy bellies
Love booty though

damn, that was an interesting read
fuck you

Fuck floppy bellies

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>Let's face it, automation in the work place will eventually make everyone unemployed
no it wont. people have been saying this for liek 1000s of years. new stuff happens, people do other new stuff. there'll always be work. most jobs are make-work anyway, if you really analyse how things are structured.

It will once true artificial intelligence becomes a reality, which could feasibly happen within the next 70 years. Besides, even then, as computational power increases, the number of jobs will continue to diminish. You could make the argument that increasing technological sophistication won't diminish the overall number of jobs, as new industries will develop to take their place and accommodate the change. However, this paradigm is predicated on the notion that humans will always be able to outperform machines in certain fields. Artificial intelligence is narrowly closing the gap between human and machine capabilities. During the industrial revolution, machines merely exaggerated our physical force, while in the computer age, our computational capabilities were enhanced by many orders of magnitude. It is this development, the manufacture of auto-didactical minds which will usher in the technological singularity. It's already happening, with many jobs that were once under the jurisdiction of doctors and lawyers, and once robots are cheap enough, your precious blue collar jobs will be replaced as well.

Furthermore, the current economic situation doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of people on SSI, need to be on SSI, otherwise they would have no available income as these people are incapable of participating in the economy in any role other than that of consumers.

>most jobs are make work

I agree. So SSI is basically payment for the "make work" job of not burning down our cities by participating in riots, kind of deal. Everyone on SSI gets a pat on the head for good behavior and a big bottle of Xanax. It's the perfect system.


99% of /biz should be on SSI

5 ark

Dude, I work in machine learning. You vastly overestimate how "AI" works, and how quickly it develops. Thing is, people thought we'd have flying cars in 2020 and shit like that. Nope, didn't happen.

The singularity is a meme as well. Sure, things will change. Like, crypto might disturb banking, and make lending/banking decentralized. But really, not much will change apart from the fact that the powers that be will be pretty pissed when it happens.

But seriously, automation doesn't cause (long term) unemployment, because as that certain user said, we'd all be unemployed in that case. People like you are absolutely retarded luddites.

New markets will emerge, people who want to adapt will find their niche.

Nice, just bought 100k

Also, enjoy paying income tax, kek.

Really? You think Vinnie down at the car factory found another job after the factory shut down? You're the one who lives in a bubble, mate. Fucking solipsistic asshole.

New markets will emerge, people who CAN adapt will find their niche.


If you live in section 8 housing, do you have to live around niggers?

>web dev cuz it's fun
this is honestly the only thing i envy
there's so many interesting things to do with programming, but the actual process is so mindnumbingly boring
making money is easy but you can't buy the autistic mindset required to be a maker

Was she toothless?

This is Worcester user and I used to fuck that slag every so often. The smell is brutal.

She lived in the public housing behind yong shings.

>yong shings is better than master woks

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Just dont kill yourself!

Although the type of people like you are, i despise the most. My wifes father drank down 500k and was sitting at home. My wifes sister is the same bullshitty like you are. Oh i have mental problems, please help me, i cant work. Now lives off of the inheritance which was gained from drunkass father. While my wife is doing a BSc and works at the same time, people like you are just sitting at home and living off of people who work. Quite sad isnt it? Like what is it that you get from doing nothing? You are just a waste of energy doomed to dissipate (after you OD or KYS). Go and start working.

>not growing your own weed
you deserve to stay poor

Especially since it’s legal to do so in our state.

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