Did I miss moon?

I was watching this thing at $4 the other day from all the FUD and my brainlet self still didn't buy. It mooned back over $7 now did I miss the EOS moon?

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I was just sitting here thinking the same thing user. I think we're too late

It's trying to be nu-eth

If you think it will succeed it will be much more than 7$

You aren’t too late. This piece of shit will be worth $1 within a week. It’s an ERC20 and people finally realize that.

Why would it ever be worth more than $1? Even that is too expensive. John Oliver. End of discussion.

This user gets it. EOS is a Caymen Islands exit scam. Maybe you could have bought the dip and sold now, but this is not a long-term hold. Handle with care dude.

Fuck me moon used to mean something

I dont want to fall in love with this coin
I just wanted a nice 50%


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don't listen to these faggots.

when in doubt, look at who's involved in this project. Larimer, Google Eric Schmidt, Novagratz, Bithumb

Why are you relying on John Oliver for you investment info? Why are you completely ignoring the VC's totally going ballsdeep in EOS's ecosystem?


That’s how corrupt the industry is. Enjoy your fake Ethereum exit scam. EOS will always be slower than Ethereum because it’s centralized and doesn’t have transaction fees. Can you say ponzi?

thanks just sold 100k EOS

EOS doesn’t even have a testnet. It’s like Chainlink 2.0 but even more useless. EOS has 1 programmer and he sure ain’t Vitalik. He’s a nobody.

Are you admitting that EOS has a shit ton of ETH and are in cahoots with Bitfinex and Bithumb?

Look at ETH's satoshi price and EOS's satoshi price. Things will only get worse for ETH holders and better for EOS holders the closer mainnet and the airdrops are.

Everything is wash trading in crypto. These guys are fucking serious about using their ETH to buy EOS (pumping the price even higher).

>EOS doesn’t even have a testnet. It’s like Chainlink 2.0 but even more useless. EOS has 1 programmer and he sure ain’t Vitalik. He’s a nobody.

LINK never even reached the top 10. EOS already is top 5 even before the mainnet launch in June. Can you imagine the FOMO in june when the hype right now is this much?

Are you retarded

moons are 10x, if you consider a 80% a moon go back to your SPY and BRK-B you filthy boomer


i had 1k of this. whats EOY price ?

>EOY price
I dont know, but im planning on selling 1.6k EOS during the mainnet pump if ever it reaches $30+


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y u need to drop bags if u think project is successful like ETH ?

EOS announced another $100 million vc fund this evening.

Don't know if that's been mentioned yet on here.

Highly doubt it but cool story


ur b8 to make others shill is artless but i laffed anyway.

dont need to mix art and money

When did you first notice? Click my post ID. I’ve been baiting shills the entire thread. It was highly effective.

This is basically my lifelong hold, I plan to retire just on the airdrops


>y u need to drop bags if u think project is successful like ETH ?
Because im collecting BTC not alts? BTC is scarce

Supply increases by 5% every year.

the main net launch is currently being priced in. People are going to want those sweet air drops. With that said Eos will have a higher mc than ethereum by summer 2019 at the latest. It's going to be what ethereum was supposed to be, and people will actually use it for real shit the way people actually use steem. I can't stress enough how much of a barrier it is for mainstream adoption to require someone to buy and spend gas just to use ethereum dapps. Normies will be using eos and they won't even know what a blockchain or crypto wallet is. They'll never have to go through the kafkaeque process of learning how to buy from coinbase, learning how metamask works, wondering why the fuck they have to pay money to use a thing on the Internet.

Perfect accuracy user. The one true king coin.

so i suppose the value prospect is in getting websites to host on EOS by buying tokens

what are the benefits of EOS over traditional?

5th highest change in 24 hours. Moving a little.

It's more expensive. It's centralized just as traditional and it has a higher inflation than fiat

It was entertaining to go back and read them again

>so i suppose the value prospect is in getting websites to host on EOS by buying tokens

That is wrong. If you can do something with relational databases, don't use blockchain. You are missing the whole purpose of decentralization. And whoever tells you EOS is centralized: it is more decentralized than any other coin in the top 10. You have 21 active nodes, and like 90 passive nodes behind fighting for the 21st position. Huge mining pools are a centralized risk, while nodes under voting and a constitution are better. Get your shit straight. There is a reason why ETH Casper and even Cardano copied EOS dPOS to some extend.

Eric Schmidt is in no way involved with EOS

I think EOS will go up, but long term it will be irrelevant

Eth dapps Gas payment will be covered by the devs through PoS.

there is so much retardation in this board trying to FUD EOS, I'm not even sure they are trolling. fact is, if you are not balls deep in EOS, you won't be making it. everything below 10$ is a great buy longterm.

I was looking at it for 50cents
Didnt pull trigger
Went to 70 cents I said if it goes to 60c I'll buy it
Went to 1$ day after then 2 then 3 etc
I never ended up buying eos but don't be like me user

Erc20 untill june 1st when it's own blockchain goes live.

Yes it does ... dawn 3.0

> moon
Remember when this shit was $16?

yall got jewed buying into an ERC20. any slight flaws during operation of their actual blockchain are going to tank this mofo. why would it increase in value even more? I know the market is irrational, but much of the dumb money left the space a month ago

The smart money went into EOS user, you are not (totally) too late yet. Personally, I am pissed it is the only coin in the top 20 with +7% when everything else is -9%, I want to round up my token number.