Silicon valley in one picture

>silicon valley in one picture

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is this the uber crash?

Dumb nigger jaywalks onto oncoming traffic.
Deserved to die.

it's like she appeared out of thin air. shouldn't have been crossing there. no pity.

Too bad the sensors didn't even pick it up, would have been a big win for robot cars

Roastie jay walking, illegal tranny driving. Beautiful all the way around

I want self driving vehicle tomorrow stupid nigger slow the tech down

>brainlet whale coded bot sells all "her" bags making crypto crash.jpg

>old people who walk across the street without looking at oncoming traffic

good riddance, its like they expect the whole world to cater to them

La creatura de las plagas..

Thing is you don't hear about every single time they DO work. Only the bad.

this, she came from literally the shadows

Probably we aren't ready for cars driving itself, I would never use them because I like to drive and because I wouldn't feel comfy.
Anyway that's almost a fucking suicide, how can you cross the road like that...

Also that thing inside the car is fucking disgusting.

>don't use safety reflector
>jaywalk over a road with high speed traffic
>get killed for being buttfuck stupid
>this is somehow the self driving car's fault
>wouldn't have made even the,local newspapers if it wasn't a self driving car

>police are investigating if the sensors failed and if driver wasn't adequately paying attention to the road
If you have to pay attention to the road thanks to questionable sensors than what's the fucking point?

she was a fucking idiot and we don't see her because of shitty camera, looks like that fat fuck was asleep wtf??

Stupidity and entitlement vs laziness. it's more like Burgerland in a picture, so ironic.

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Do you NEETs even have a driver’s license? Human eyes would have easily seen the pedestrian especially on a well lit road like that. On a crappy dash cam it might look like she stepped out of the darkness into the light cone but human eyes have excellent low-light discernment and we are very good at recognizing objects in motion.

I really wanna shit on this Hispanic tranny but I think even if it was looking at the road there’s no way to have seen this lady crossing. You can’t see her until literally a nano second before she’s hit. She did come from the shadows. Don’t cross in the middle of the damn road at night when you see a car coming at you. Wtf?

I question the reason behind the types of companies building this shit not being able to get that news out

>well lit road

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I said a win for fucking robot drivers not fat bitches faggot

If you have street lights every 300m it is a well lit road. Read again what I wrote. What the camera shows is not what the human eye would see. The camera footage is deceiving.

I probably would have hit her too. I let my guard down at night because there's less cars on the road. I wouldn't expect a fucktard to jaywalk across a highway instead of biking across it. Idk how anyone can defend her.

Also, the original story was fake news as they said the car hit her on the sidewalk. Those fucks probably didn't expect a video to come out.

la creatura

i think the car did it on purpose

I live in a major US city and I see people checking their phones AS THEY ARE DRIVING.

Texting and driving is a real thing. Don't judge this fat mexican bitch too harshly, if you'd been tasked with sitting in a self-driving car for 8 dollars an hour you'd probably be checking your phone too

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It's the sluts fault user, but this is the problem with this almost ready shit, it's too hard for people to concentrate on a robot driving

This shit happened to someone I know. She had one glass of wine and was driving home at night and this drunk fuck illegally crossed the street and she smacked him
And fucked him up and she got in trouble and did 6 months. How hard is it to safely cross a street?

Then the shifts are too long and the drivers need some way to keep them engaged, like trivial exercises for them to complete in exchanges for worthless electronic tokens

>calls the creature by it’s preferred pronoun
Good goy

pretty hard when there's maniacs like your friend mowing people down left and right


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Holy fuck, user.
You better get rid of all those shitcoins in the next bullrun.

LOL. Yeah I'll just follow whatever is popular on BIZ at the moment, that should work out swell.

I do my own research, I've already cashed out over 190k, by the way. This dip hurt but I full expect my portfolio to hit 2MM by the end of the year

>absolute state of biz brainlets
you fucking stupid room temperature IQ niggers know that the car uses LIDAR, right, now a fucking logitech webcam slapped on the front of the hood to detect obstacles?
the car should've absolutely picked her up and stopped...and instead just plowed right into them.

the car has sensors that far surpass mere human eyes in every frequency of the visible/microwave/infrared electromagnetic spectrum



Dumb bitch didn't even try to get out of the way. "Driver" might not have been paying attention, but you can't tell me the jaywalker couldn't see the fucking high beams barreling at her.
>And nothing of value was lost.

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what is this, the most homo folio ever created?

peds fault. texting or not.

God damn it that’s funny

>The camera footage is deceiving.
Regardless of the brightness level to a human eye that person was not under a street light but between them. Keep in mind the car was travelling at 40mph so these street lights were very spaced out. I think a human driver would have still hit her.

The biggest problem I have is: Does every Uber self driver have to keep looking at the console? Big flaw right there.

If you look at the full video, the accident happened at a T intersection. The left side of the intersection wasn't lit.

It's in Arizona though.


pos was on his phone. snowflake was jaywalking.

The LIDAR on the car should have seen her in the darkest night, why didn't brake the car?

Someone paid her to be there

Car has lasers m8, it doesnt need to just wanted to kill a black.

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I mean honestly, I don't think ANYONE would've been able to stop that car, machine or man. That idiot literally chose the DARKEST SPOT POSSIBLE to make the crossing.

>facts about LIDAR technology:
LIDAR doesn't use ambient light or headlights, so it literally doesn't matter if it's night or not.
The LIDAR on the car should have seen her in the darkest night, why didn't brake the car?

HOLY FUCK look at all those shit coins. Dump half that shit, jesus my anxiety

in civilized countries they teach you a good driver adapts his speed to the current conditions, not the speed limit. i.e. if there's low visibility and you're in an area where pedestrians could be around, you don't slam the gas. it's common sense really, a speed LIMIT is just that, else it'd be called "baseline speed"

>2MM end of year

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>accident happens where there is literally no way a human could possibly have avoided it

Stop worshipping technology. It's flawed as well and definitely not infallible. For some reason it didn't. Idk how that specific car works, but most self driving cars have more than 1 system, and they come to a consensus. Maybe it has also an HD camera in the front that didn't see it, and that was taken into account more heavily. We don't know. It doesn't matter, desu. We have to look at the data, and that clearly shows that self driving vehicles are actually safer than human driven vehicles. People who walk into a multi-lane road, in the night, in a place that's not lighted, have a death wish, conscious or unconscious. It's natural selection at its finest.

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The video footage is also edited...or the camera is bad.
Regardless of this the car had sensors and laser tech

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The lady literally walked into traffic, how is this ubers fault?

>I do my own research

Think about the tesla incident when the man died on the highway. That was due to the fact that TECHNOLOGY SEES DIFFERENTLY THAN HUMANS DO. I know it's hard to understand, or even imagine, but you can't personify the car. It doesn't "see" in the same way a human does. Fact is, the human made a mistake, and the car didn't correct for that human's mistake - i guess you could say that the car made a mistake as well. A vast majority of collisions are because mistakes were made from both parties. This is somewhat different in one sense tho - that if a human had been at the wheel, there is literally no chance it could've stopped. But there was a computer in command, and it might've/could've/should've stopped, and so we're blaming it. It's retarded.

the car assumes bikers are obeying the law in the bike lane and not meandering across lanes midblock.

even "obeying the law" there could be a situation(e.g. police officer on the street in an emergency) and the fucking car should stop and it has the capabilities: UBERs car don't have it at the moment: somebody died ...

>Hydewars 46.jpg

Non-brainlet answer on how this happened? Why didn't it see the pedestrian coming?

Kek fucking computer geeks. I am a plumber in Canada and make more than all these Silicon Valley nerds and my work never fails

Did you? I certainly didn't

Uber is getting sued and the safety driver is going to jail.

Lidar/code failed and there was a negligent backup.

>dat folio

i wonder how many hours ic clocked before that. We have driverless yandex taxis in moscow, it clocked 10 000 with 0 accidents.

There was a demo video

laser sensors aren't reliable for this purpose and they can be missed with (assassination, terrorism, ..etc)

The cyclist had no hi vis or lights, literally 100% responsible.

You don't think it was a setup? Weren't they both criminals? I bet it was a setup

You mean like we only hear about how oh so dangerous humans are and not all the times they don't get murdered? I will say this, if I am to get killed in traffic I would rather have it be by someone who can be accountable than a murderbot that either didn't work or deemed my life expendable.
>It's perfectly safe and when it kills someone it is every elses fault

Musk your drones work as well as your cars.

You know this isn't about what you or I think, forensics found nothing, we have no leads, god damn it user why can't you leave this one alone?

Self-driving cars should have ultrasound/sonar (like Teslas with Autopilot), not just cameras.

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Interference is gonna be a pain in the ass to deal with when there are other self-driving cars in the vicinity

There was one case I read about where a Tesla predicted that a crash would happen between the 2 cars in front. It did this by bouncing sonar off the road underneath the car in front and calculating that it would not be able to brake in time to avoid a crash, i.e. it fucking started braking before the crash even happened.

Then there was also the crash where someone got beheaded while watching Harry Potter, but that was because the cameras thought it was a highway sign.

Then they should share data with each other to avoid that, become a sort of road train or something like that.

Primarily they should be bugged and limited to places where the population needs to be genocided, aka the middle east.

That fat bitch is gonna receive like 2 million dollars for sitting in a car and being fat, she just needs to stay silent and cooperate with uber. hahaha

>Then there was also the crash where someone got beheaded while watching Harry Potter, but that was because the cameras thought it was a highway sign.

I'm drunk. Here is the thing I'm talking about.

>completely obliterates some jaywalking moron

wtf, i love self-driving cars now!

dead jaywalker? good
maybe now some other human garbage will think twice before jumping out into traffic and expecting cars to slow down for them

it's the test phase you dumb nigger. that tranny was paid to pay attention and not to check the status of his Craigslist ad

very nice

All u this, I,m a professional driver. This camera shows probably 10% of what a human would see even on an unlit road.
Human eyes adjust quite quickly to differ light sources during night hours.
I would've seen this bitch at about 300 yards even at car level.
You cunts have no idea what your talking about

>Tempe police have identified the driver as 44-year-old Rafael Vasquez. Court records show someone with the same name and birthdate as Vasquez spent more than four years in prison for two felony convictions — for making false statements when obtaining unemployment benefits and attempted armed robbery — before starting work as an Uber driver.

Jesus Christ we need a fucking nuclear enema

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The bike rider in my mind suffered a mental illness., the "chicken compex"
People that are mentally ill/run a different belief system/are bluffing, believe that you will stop b4 you hit them, thus proving their superiority.
Problem in this case is there is no ((you))

>I,m a professional driver

me too

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a real human bean

>People that are mentally ill/run a different belief system/are bluffing, believe that you will stop b4 you hit them, thus proving their superiority.

if that's true then like 50% of the population is mentally ill.


I upvoted him though :)

>still holding TRX
Nice bait, no one is that stupid.

Robot cars don't need to be perfect 100% of the times
They just need to be better then humans, which they are
I doubt someone would have seen this
Also who does cross the street without looking for cars

This. I can't believe the police even used the phrase
>came out of the shadows
No to mention the 2-3 seconds the person is directly in front of the car, where a human driver would have been able to significantly slow down and swerve.
The fact that the damage is on the passenger side and the victim came from the median shows that what our corporate police overlords are telling us is bullshit.
Jay walking also isn't necessarily illegal if the crosswalk is very far away, which 1000 feet might have been, but I don't know the rules in Arizona.

Tbh a lot of these should have been avoided entirely by defensive or offensive driving instead of a last second maneuver.

>slowly passing semi on the left, directly next to cab in blind spot
>it suddenly swerves right
hmm what should we do?
a. punch the gas
b. continue slowly passing and wait for it to suddenly over correct and swerve left towards us

clearly, the hoowoman with the mechanical cycling vehicle is the problem here. stupid hoomans just don't respect laws and regulations. we need security robots to stop hoomans from jaywalking in badly lit areas of high speed automated vehicle traffic. hoomans can't be trusted. the machine knows best.

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holy fuck what is that creatura?

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