Bitcoin bullrun

Why are you so worried?

Look at the bullrun volume compared to the 'down trend' (accumulation) volume on daily chart.

The crash was just so the wealthy can get in at low prices. Did you really think they were going to buy it at the top?

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I want another downtrend, yo

Hello brainlet.
>Increasing volume on down trends
>Decreasing volume on uptrends
Consistently throughout the chart. This coin really is destined to go down

I've been told that bitcoin has had no volume for weeks.

Yeah listen Im not getting in at this price. Get that bitch way down before I buy your bags

What goes up must come down ... then it goes up even more.

If you understand this pic, you'll know.

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Give us a prediction for the last friday of march

Yes I understand how short selling works brainlet. What's your point. There are a record number of longs open right now so if anything it's bearish considering those need to be closed at some point.

look at the bitfinex chart retard
also nice volume we're having right now. 9k is the new 11k. bulls are out of steam and it's only a matter of hours until we continue the descent.

I don't have my magic 8ball with me right now. But I can tell you, early April will be the end of the bear market.

Sure but look, the first crash was due to shorts opening, correct? Next futures are due in a week, so crash till then? Then pump when US tax season is done I guess. Or am I wrong?

what goes down must go up

buy de grape hehe

it was necessary to buy in February :)
but now it is steadily gaining momentum, take a look at the graph:

The reason the volume appears to be increasing now, as opposed to the actual bullrun up to 20K is because you're looking at BINANCE

Binance didn't have as many users so the volume looks lower during the bullrun. They used their own algo to adjust the price and provide liquidity.

If you don't believe me, check out the pic of Coinbase's daily btc chart volume

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BTC/USD and BTC/USDT volumes are two different things.

Tether printed USDT to buy BTC on exchanges prior to the pump, and then they sell it at the top for real USD (as a result, they make a profit and still can hold 1:1 for USDT). And now Tether has started to print more USDT so they can buy BTC again (cheap) which they will profit from the next time they sell the top.

normies's money will follow as always when they will ear again that Bitcoin is pumping.

i wanna buy in at 6.5k

Your chart is exactly the same as ops just zoomed out a little more you fucking brainlet

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>bulls are out of steam
So are bears. That's why the price is barely moving.

he sold. pump it.

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That won't happen as most BTC whales will have already dumped their large BTC holdings, and have been buying at the bottom.

Well shit what kind of lows should I look for? 7.5k?

how much is it going to be worth Veeky Forums?

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