Likelihood of seeing 8.3 before 10k?

likelihood of seeing 8.3 before 10k?

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I unironically know this girl from high school

we should have a biz bounty program. First user to take a photo of a roastie holding their pepe plushie gets some doge coin.

100 BTC if you give me her nudes
10 BTC if you give me her IG

Gib coins please

looks nothing like her

I'd say 50//50

i 2nd this, this gillianfreitas girl looks like shit


On the off chance you're serious.


Ok but it is her. If you can find the tumblr I'm sure you would find this picture. I forgot it but I have this picture on my phone and used to fap to it lol

>mfw stupid retards think stalking is worth 10 BTC

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you got the name right but that's obviously the wrong insta...

OP chick's name is Nessa Rainey... can't find album link but posting the other pics there are here:

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It's going to go sideways 7000-10000 for most of the year, isn't it?

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My Satan trips confirm it.

Low but not impossible, sorry I can’t give you more detail, not a fucking wizard

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>...the best
>...the rest
shit-tier tattoo
typical roastie I guess

Pushing sideways out of the bear channel is fine Lucifer. For what it’s worth wall st thinks bitcoin moves 15x faster than them, do 7-9 months and we’ll start the push for ath

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