What are you doing to prepare for the RIPPture?

What are you doing to prepare for the RIPPture?

Are you going all in? Are you reducing expenses so you can buy more? Are you using leverage?

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So you and your whole family are all-in?

Is XRP dead? Has there been recent FUD?

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XRP lives, yet the FUD is constant.

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What the fuck happened to this thing?

I bought 2k usd worth of ripple recently an am gonna hold for 1-5 years.

Am I gonna end up with a lambo or 0?

0 XRP is garbo


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All-in 10k holder here.

Not gonna sell until 2020.
Wish me luck Bros.

Sad stuff OP. Your shilling in all these different threads is really bleak shit.

When I make a new meme I shill it for a few days.

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Lambo dealership

xrp will be big in a few years. a good hodl.

xCurrent can settle with XRP confirmed:


No-ripplers BTFO

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user please don't invest in ripple, it really isn't a good idea

>he's a no-rippler

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i do have some check this out user

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he used the most generic laughing image known to mankind along with no actual response

They hate cuz they ain't us

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he provided no argument to go with his FUD.

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how long can i hold my long open on bitmex?

Ripple has a current supply of 39,094,094,840 XRP. I think that's way too much for individuals to own shares.

I don't think there is a lot of money to be made, maybe so but it won't be as good as a return value as other cryptocurrencies to invest in.


it eats more and more margin gradually so sideways is the worse situation on shitcoins

The sad part is you're the only person who shills ripple. I wish there were more. I remember your memes from the day that we thought a Coinbase announcement was coming on CNBC. You literally have like 6 shitty memes that you keep spamming. Please make more and get some more VPNs.


I've been shilling Ripple since December. I have alot of other memes but started making pepe memes a few weeks ago. I don't use a VPN. I don't try to conceal the amount of shilling I do.

>doesn't know about market cap

Please register for an introductory economics class at your local community college before you financially hurt yourself or other people.

can you explain that a bit to me as if i were a brainlet
>as if

alright man you're entitled to your opinion and can do whatever you want with your money

i sometimes wonder if ripple really isnt the greatest potential coin out there. i mean like it could just explode to over $1000 this year. i just dont know anymore.

I believe that it will go to $1000 with a $50 Trillion market cap. However, I do not believe it can go over $1000 by any significant amount.

basically the platform will automatically lock in more and more money from your wallet so your position stays open,money that you will get back after you close it

you think it is absolutely retarded for me to keep the long open for a month or so?

I wish.. I'd become a multi millionaire.

I wish for you to become a multi millionaire too, user. That's why I shill Ripple. So as many people as possible on this site can become multi millionaires.

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on bitmex only coin that has a perpetual contract is bitcoin and you can but you will pay or receive a fee every 8 hours