Mfw I know the next x200 coin

>mfw I know the next x200 coin
>roll trips to find out
>fair ico with small market cap
>ico finished and exchange listing soon.

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Starts with an F?

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>market cap

changes daily, what the fuck does it matter if it's small?

trippie red

Not today suppoman

Heh no it isn't the support ico either lol

Women's name with tx in the end?

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So far none of you guys have got it

I don't care

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Nobody gives a shit about your Indian ICO you fucking Pajeet.

It's ocoin isn't it

Sounds like WET

Rofl your all still wrong

Banyan Network

Pray tell

Do I at least get something for being first dubs? x20, perhaps?

Tell us, nigger.

You all still don't know

Give up so soon?

Here I'll help you guys roll



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Bump roll

Rolling come on guys help me



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>buy my bags, the post
i bet it's down some fucking 50% in ETH from crowdsale price

RollING z


Block Collider



I rolling


>mfw I've already told you guys the coin but you're all too fucking brainlet to realize.

Never change biz. Buy high sell low

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Thanks user. Some people here aren't retards its zebi

r o l l i n g




OP, I think you mean WYSKER. Check em.

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>mfw op is a total faggot and doesn't deliver

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Well then dubfriend, take my trips of truth to the bank and check out wysker.

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