Next 50x coin

I know the next coin that will 50-75x by 2020. Hint: It hasn't been shilled anywhere and for good reason.

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Kys OP. Seriously

It's been shilled plenty.

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Either Seele, Hycon or Shipchain.. once they're released!

it's none of those. It has not been shilled - banyan network and ripple have been shilled everywhere

Delete plz. sir.

Done and done.

It didn't go down as far as I hoped it would during the recent 7.3k BTC dip. Filling my bags every day though.

Thank you user, I'm still trying to get some for cheap.

>I know the next coin that will 50-75x by 2020
No you don't you stupid faggot.

Come 2020, you will be very happy.

lol I actually do but I'm not giving out any more hints. You can insult me all you want but it would be much more prudent for you to look at the hint I gave and try to figure it out.

For everyone else: it's not elastos, credits, banyan, req, jibrel, gvt, or any other coin that has been repetitively shilled.

A graph of sqrt(x) and -sqrt(x) is your hint? What could this mean...

Gtfo, larper

Fuck off idiot

>x50-75x by 2020

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w-w-what is it....

Exscudo, EON.

It's on idex and ED. Look for general electric partnerships.

Theta token. Shhhhhhhh.

Universa is a good bet for this. Might not happen in 2019, but those who sell under $1 are going to get fucking REKT in 2020.

>lol I actually do
No, you don't.

I don't know what to think.

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