Nocoiner here, excuse my lack of knowledge. But I want to effectively short Western Civilization...

Nocoiner here, excuse my lack of knowledge. But I want to effectively short Western Civilization, is investing in crypto a good way to do that?

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You need to go all in on kuckcoin shares and xlm.

Feels bad that this image is actually plausible to me. Please tell me it's fake.

Please don't post fake news here

thats my bet

Go all in IOTA

Why do people care what other men's wives do? Honestly I've never seen so much butthurt over something so stupid.

>lol DUDE normalized degeneracy is just in a vacuum bro it doesn't actually affect culture or society

nice 80 iq

Kys worthless degenerate dog, shit like this makes me wish muslims will take over and start whipping these dogs

Explain to me why I should give a fuck what other people do in the bedroom?

>lol DUDE explain to me why the collapse of western civilization matters to me! and quickly! i want to get back to playing my nintendo

So cuckolding is going to lead the fall of western civilization? What a fucking brainlet lol

go back to pol faggots

Honestly I want to kill you for being so fucking stupid. How low of an IQ you must have to not have basic pattern recognition.

lol okay buddy then explain it to me since you're so smart.

How does cuckolding cause a collapse of civilization? This should be good.

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how about this?
>more divorces as wives leave husbands for bulls
>pregnancy from bulls who tend to have lower IQs than husband
>rejection of traditional values causing loss of accumulated wisdom

>>more divorces as wives leave husbands for bulls
Source on this? How many wives leave their husbands for bulls? I doubt that happens very often.

>>pregnancy from bulls who tend to have lower IQs than husband
Contraception. Plus we don't have a eugenics program in place anyway so your point is completely invalid.

>>rejection of traditional values causing loss of accumulated wisdom
Traditional != Good

T. Cuck.

Even if I was a cuck. What's you're point?

It's like called a homosexual "gay". Do you think you're insulting him or something?

Holy fuck.

You just let yourself get triggered on fucking Veeky Forums.

Get fucking real.

Yes. You are a symptom of a sick society that's lost its way, that doesn't give its inhabitants anything transcendent to seek after, and so, you revert back to animals. You can find nothing better to fill your day than base animalistic pleasures, i.e., sex, food, and socializing. But, as the wisest of all ages have noted, Jesus included, man does not live by bread alone. That means, that sex and food is not sufficient for a meaningful life, a meaningful day. That's why, like an addict, you crave more, you one-up the degeneracy. Mere sex doesn't cut it, so you need to transgress. Mere regular food doesn't cut it either, so you add avacado to everything, and so on. Nothing will cut it, because meaning does not lie in the way of these animal drives, even if you transgress, even if you normalize what was considered abnormal a week ago.

Society has failed you, because it has not dangled a good carrot in front of you, so you're now an animal...without a past, without a future. A mere momentary creature that can't, honestly can't, think of any other way to squeeze some joy out of the moment than through base pleasure. How far do you think a society comprised of such momentary creatures, these restless addicts of the flesh, last? You saw Rome turn rotten in much the same way we have, greece, too. Even Plato discusses this in the 8th book of his republic. Pay close attention to how he describes the democratic man, and finally the tyranical man. Then, bye LINK, because $1000 eoy.

>short Western Civilization
buy Facebook, Google and Twitter shares

It is destructive to the family unit. A strong family leads to much better lifetime outcomes than single parenthood does.

I agree with you but cuckolding is just small part of degeneracy that mainstream media is spreading. Women are brainwashed and they don't care about old values anymore.

Ding ding ding.

Crypto is the first thing to become worthless. Gold will hold out longer, but in the end only intrinsic value will count. So if you think that we will experience a collapse similar to the one that ended the bonce age, invest in beans and bullets.

Do you really think that cuckolding is the biggest threat to the family unit? Honestly there are much bigger problems in the world you should be worried about. Pick your battles.

>muh women have no morals
How many times have you fapped to lolis or trap porn? If you're on Veeky Forums then you're in no position to talk about morals or values.

Cool it with your pseudophilosophical garbage. Nobody is impressed.

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>How many times have you fapped to lolis or trap porn?
Never, not everybody here is a degenerate faggot like you.

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Pretty much everyone here is a degenerate faggot. Maybe you're the exception but even if that's true then you're a statistical outlier and you don't really belong here.

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

nobody cares about you
some of us actually want to live as part of a greater whole and build a positive society where everyone included can have a part and feel pride
you're welcome to opt out, but people who overtly and aggressively advocate for nihilism as a moral imperative are a threat to people who want a peaceful and harmonious society

Do you seriously think the Roman empire collapsed because of cuckolding? How do you brainlets even function in day to day life?

>we don't have eugenics so more dysgenics don't matter
>i smoked a cigarette once so i might as well smoke ten packs a day
>we dump polluants in water already so it doesn't matter if we leave all our trash right on the street
dumbest logic

I think you need some perspective. Nobody cares about you either.

You can keep crying about cuckolding and race mixing and whatever else on the internet but at the end of the day it's still happening and you're powerless to stop it.

I mean he's basically saying that cucks have higher IQs.

anyone but the most retarded knows they're indulging in wrong shit when they do, which is why they get salty once called out
biggest example would be jews, look how fast they'll scream "antisemitism" when you simply point out they're jewish

Because we eventually end up with too many niggers and not enough whites to subsidize them. We already are close to the tipping point at 56%

Hi /pol/

Tell me more about how the deepstate illuminati cryptojews are preventing you from getting laid.

Who cares? I don't live in America. That's your problem. If I did live in America I would probably think about relocating.

tread carefully here, coping with your own character failings by building a fantasy world where most people are at least as bad as you is a strong indicator of 105s and voting democrat
your type likes studies, so how about googling for that study showing most british convicts believe they are more moral than the average citizen? (but i'm sure you've got a zany realisation for that too, "haha i'm not a convict so i'm not like *them*")

>can't into ids
i don't care about cuckolding, cool your tits. i'm here to trash your sorry ass because you're hitting levels of retardation that trigger my pretend autism

It is conditioning against something very basic, you'renot supposed to share yourwife and you're not supposed to lick the boot that stomps your face.

i get laid more than you, i don't like hitler and my girl isn't white
it's so sad how you 105s pretend to believe in diversity yet need to fit everything in a neat little box lest your entire mental model collapses

You do know that you're on Veeky Forums right? You know what kind of shit get posted here on a daily basis right? Don't pretend that you're some sort of moral authority.

Well at least you're displaying self awareness by admitting you suffer from autism.

Do you honestly think that people are going to watch cuck porn and be like "must... let... wife... fuck... big black dicks..."

It's not conditioning you colossal retard. It's just a sexual fetish that's more accessible due to the internet. It's constantly shilled here because fucking mouthbreathing /pol/tards get triggered by it. That's why we keep having BLACKED threads.

Okay virgin.

Dogs are good. I distrust you because you don't know that.

>Who cares, I don't live in America
Because America is only the start. The EU is determined to make all white countries as diverse as the US. If you're a leaf then you are worse off than anyone.

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So relocate to a better country. Why would anyone want to live in the US unless you're a millionaire with beachfront property in California or a condo in Manhattan. Same thing with Europe.

"White" countries are shit these days.

Nice strawman. Nobody said the only reason or the biggest. It is one of many reasons that weaken it. And these are accumulating.

Alleged "statistical outlier" reporting in

no, you need to join commie party for that

You have to have a higher IQ to rationalise self-harming behavior

What "self-harming" behavior are you referring to?

I don't indulge in cuckolding. It's just not my thing.

Veeky Forums= rational
journalism is now irrational.

>user tries to short western civilization
>Bogs start the next golden age to liquidate him

Don't you think an excess of porn-consumption can be harmful as it rewires your brain? Look at all these young man nowadays only being able to get hard watching hardcore porn.

>You do know that you're on Veeky Forums right? You know what kind of shit get posted here on a daily basis right? Don't pretend that you're some sort of moral authority.

this is called whataboutism

your argumentation is trash level and i've known since the beginning of the thread that you're nothing but a troll

read this you slimy fucker

Okay but now you're moving the goalposts. Are we talking about cuckolding or porn? Excessive consumption of pretty much anything can be harmful.

>read this

iota 9-meme trips of truth
i unironically have 1 Giota as a hedge against liberal/EU insanity
the number of jews and corporatized neoliberals involved is so damn high

It’s a symptom not a cause. Society turns its attention to maximizing their own physical pleasure and away from building a great civilization, the civilization will be consumed.

>dude just flee your fatherland lmao
>all white countries are shit now, but it's ok because you can just RUN AWAY FROM IT

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>aggressively advocate for nihilism as a moral imperative
Why have I been called a nihilist four times in the last month irl when I have only ever seen the word written down before. I am not a nihilist either. I assume some e-celeb nobody has popularised the word

Welcome to capitalism. Everyone is out for themselves.

The US isn't your ancestral homeland you dickhead.

And yes, you can move to a better country or to a better location within your country. Stop being such a whiny little pussy.

implying im some amerimongrel

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You social reactionaries are funny. If you want to cuck the current course of western society, you need to disrupt what is going on now with some new cultural innovation. We can't go back to "traditional values" because the problems with those caused the vacuum that lead to what is going on now in the first place.

What you need is to invent new social codes that address the problems of current social liberal culture without bringing back the problems of "trational values".