Nebulas (NAS) - Redpill me

All I know currently is:
>better platform than eth/neo
>will index blockchain info across all platforms(eth/neo/eos/zilliqa)
>one of the most impressive teams in crypto, based out of California
Am I missing anything?

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>not even on western exchanges yet

Hearing the word chinks as the only fud around a coin is so fucking old. Please neck yourself.

NAS is my largest hold.

They are based out of California and everyone on their team has worked in the most successful companies of recent times.
I actually take 'chinks' as a positive thing in anything to do with IoT/Technology.

Even still, it's annoying to hear these nerds spew that as their first and only argument. But oh well, were in, all that matters :)

Partnered with Gifto as well

I haven't bought yet, still researching.
But from what I've gathered so far, I can't quite understand how this isn't in top 20, at least.

woahwoahwoah i haven't heard this is this true??

Think antshares. Little marketing till mainnet was done.


>>better platform than eth/neo


>More secure
>Will be using DAG
>Rewards/Incentives for having smartcontracts/dapps on the platform
>Compatible with every type of code possible
There are more things but I can't remember off the top of my head

desu a lot of the important parts of their platform are released a lot later, so other stuff would have better short term growth, unless they up their marketing

Also my largest hold. Mainnet next week.

wait til they list on Binance! Can't say much more than this.

Binance listing will be within the 2 first weeks of April from what I can gather

What are you basing that prediction on? i know you?

I don't think so. This is one of my first posts of Veeky Forums. Been long time lurker

Well I mean Hitters is the face of the company so he has some pull with binance it offers NEO

listing it in BNB is not big deal for NAS. they said once their mainnet and token swap then only they work with exchanges. hitter is also advisor to TRX. also hitter is one of the few early pioneers in chink land. so BNB listing would be some where April/early may

Well thanks for the replies errybody. Just bought 1.2k

Two Words: Hitters Xu

Yeh & loopring, plus the others.

Coin will moon hard this year, most likely in Q3-4