Is there a chance?

I turned 1200 into 23 grand in under 3 weeks last bull run. I literally finished school, started trading december 17th and hit my ATH jan 10th ish.

I knew absolutely nothing about markets or trading. I didn't know the signs of impending collapse. I had never experienced anything basically. I have bled out to 3500 now. I invested in DBC and held. I invested in APPC near ATH thinking I bought the dip and held. I had CRED bleed to nothing. I lost $1000 on bitmex being an absolute retard.

I have spent every day researching tirelessly on how to trade and I know a thousand times more than I did 3 months ago. Yet I am afraid. I think back to all the opportunities I could have tethered and bought back in lower, but I didn't even really grasp that concept because I couldn't fathom the market correcting so hard. So naive. I am one of the pigs that got slaughtered.

I am doing everything I can to try to make this work. My job is shit and I want to kill myself every week I work it. I fucking hate it so much. I always have.

Please what is the best coin for 2018? What is this year's ETH or OMG? I thought I was clever buying low mcaps like lux and pfr but these are under performing severely. My ETN was worth 3 grand 2 weeks ago and I went to deposit it into cryptopia and my funds were frozen because of their server issues. I was unable to sell during the mobile mining launch pump, or the kucoin x10 pump. Literally the two reasons I held the coin. Now it has been halved and I haven't been able to touch my fucking stack in 18 days because of that piece of shit exchange.

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Now I see on twitter all these people smarter than me claiming they're already near and past their portfolio ATH. WHAT THE FUCK. That makes my stomach twist. I have been holding onto hope like an old christian priest but today was the first day where my confidence was shook. I felt anxiety and panic. Fuck guys I am tearing up right now, I want to make it so bad and I feel like I'm trying as hard as I can but I made so many stupid fucking decisions and I'm scared I don't have enough to make it. I tell myself that if retard me can 20x in 3 weeks in a bull market, then more experienced me and at least match that?

Venting I guess. Seeking reassurance is more like. Can you bros please toss me a gem? At this point I'll go in debt to make it. Worst case scenario I pay it off over a couple years. Best case I make enough to have a better life.


Hold and shut the fuck up. Try to ride the waves and you'll regret it.

Hold is the biggest meme, you need to understand that

suck it up and keep going. don't let one crash ruin a once in a century opportunity

OP I am genuinely going to help you. You need to ALL in something and get a 10x to get back. Please listen. Just go all in on LINK. The main network is coming soon and I promise you there will be big partnership announcements or something like that. Please screencap this. The memes are silly fun and the FUD is flat out lies. Please I am telling you brother listen to me. Believe. Screencap this and smile looking back. Do NOT listen to fags who shill their bags, just go in on LINK and be done with it.

You seem way too emotional to be doing this shit. Just sit in cash and wait another 3 months for alts to bottom out, then buy a bunch of "quality" ones and sit on them until they 10x

you didnt do anythnig in december, the market did it all for you.

trading is difficult. studies show 95% of people make large losses, 4.9% make small losses or just abt breka even, and only 0.1% have any kind of success - which isnt always that impressive anyways.

welcome to the 95% club, kid.

user, we have to be kinder to ourselves. Forgive your own mistakes like you would forgive the mistakes of a loved one.

And stop being a retard you lucked into the biggest bullrun in history at any other time your shit picks would have got your ass liquidated. QUIT NOW.

Dude how much do you owe in taxes? Are you totally fucked or just fucked?

Thank you for sharing! I wish you all the best, truly.

I have learned the hard way

I promise I will never give up

Perhaps it is time to pick up a bag of link

>You seem way too emotional to be doing this shit
Today I am pathetic and weak, but I will not be tomorrow

>you didnt do anythnig in december, the market did it all for you


You're right and my picks were absolute shit.

>quit now

I will not

>totally fucked or just fucked?

Leaf here so fucked, but taxes wise no.

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Dude Jesus Christ just look at a price chart of bitcoin since 2012. Do you see that giant mountain just after you bought in? You're not the wolf of wall street you are going to get FUCKED. Just don't go into debt anyway

this. day trading, swing trading, whatever, isnt a skill, it's a fucking dark art. it will destroy you if youre not careful, and it will do so in a myriad of perverted and cruel ways.

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>What is this year's ETH or OMG?


lol that is 2018's TRON

nano will absolutely skyrocket once the bullmarket starts. it's the coin with most scalability potential available rn.

TRON skyrocketed too...doesn't change the fact is is just a hypecoin. Just don't hold too long.

>Perhaps it is time to pick up a bag of link
Don’t make the same mistake twice

Just buy BNB. It will be at least $50 EOY

Enj is interesting

Parabolic gains were the norm at the end of the last bull cycle. We're now in a bear market.

I made a shitload of money from KCS, but for each KCS I sold some poor sap bought it and held all the way down
I saw someone on Reddit buy 60k worth of KCS right before it began crashing

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OP you’re going to be okay. I’m going to tell you the wisest words you’ll ever hear:

“Nothing is as important as you think it is.”

Let that sink in. All of us are bleeding. Some of us is in debt. About half a year ago I read a post about a guy who was 200k in debt with an art degree because he kept getting wasted. I’ll never forget that. Go meditate for 30min to an hour and the panic will pass. Don’t compare yourself to other traders. It’s not a race. We’ll all get our lambos one day.

T. I tried trading for a week lost money and decided to just hold. My job sucks but thinking about LINK makes work bearable.

Take a look at Skycoin, OP. I'm not saying it's a sure thing but I see many bulls regarding it. Just be sure to monitor news about it and get in fast once alts start going up.

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This is a long read but if you are serious about wanting to get back on track take the time and read it all.

You must understand that this game is extremely stressful. You need to handle stress better. You will make worse decisions from stress alone.

Do not go into dept with dreams of making it big investing into crypto. Take some time off of crypto and come back to into with a fresh mind. Go hiking/rock climbing anything to get your mind off of it for a couple days.

If you still feel like your investments are not the ones for you, pull your remaining money out and look into things to re invest in.

I will not tell you where to put your money because true faith in your investment cannot come from a random user on an image board. True faith in your investment can only come from you.

I will however give you advice as to what direction to start looking in:

The crypto currency boom is only comparable to that of the dotcom bubble/the starting age of the internet. When you take a step back and look at what companies were able to truly thrive during the internet boom, one company comes to mind. Cisco, which saw an increase of sales from $650 million in 1993 to $19 billion in 2000. Now lets take a dive into the start of Cisco, and try to compare that to startups today.

Two young Stanford students wanted to communicate with each other using computers across campus but were frustrated to find that there was no method of doing so. They realized they needed devices to route traffic to enforce TCP/IP protocols. They invented the stepping stone of the internet, what brought the internet into mainstream adoption, the very first internet router.

Do not put your money into crypto startups which only offer bells and whistles above their competitors. Metcalfes law will prove them irrelevant in time. Put your money in the Ciscos, the Googles, those which will become the stepping stone for cryptos.

Good Luck.

>Two young Stanford students wanted to communicate with each other using computers across campus but were frustrated to find that there was no method of doing so. They realized they needed devices to route traffic to enforce TCP/IP protocols. They invented the stepping stone of the internet, what brought the internet into mainstream adoption, the very first internet router.
this is why we're all in on LINK

parity polkadot? if they can pull it off

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The problem is there is so much shilling, hype and false promises out there that it's unbelievably hard to identify what is legit or not.

Also, one thing i forgot to add:
The most important rule in this game is to protect your capital. At all costs you much protect you capital. You need to have it wired into your brain that you absolutely positively must protect your capital.

>from 1200 to 3500 with 0 effort
You are not a slaughter pig. You are incredibly lucky.
People who bought at ATH are the ones -70% ROI. Get some perspective you normie.

Hey user, I'll give you some advice but I don't think you'll like it but it's the truth. I am a prop trader, someone who trades professionally for a prop firm, where we are given no salary so our income is purely determined by our ability to make money in the markets and split it with the company. I have traded futures for several years now, previously traded options and ETFs. The reason I'm telling you this is because I want to elt you know I'm not someone punting cryptos off my laptop. If I, like my fellow traders at work, thought these crypto markets were worth day trading we'd be doing that, but the fact is they are not. If you really want to be a day trader I suggest joining a prop firm where you'll learn how to trade order flow and have the possibility of being the 1/1000 who can actually make a living out of it. Despite being much better equipped than all these donkies discussing TA(which no serious prop traders really use other than basic supp & resistance levels) I still wouldn't bother day trading these, instead just buy and hold coins you believe in and go trade a much more liquid and transparent market where you can actually trade off a DOM ladder and have real time access to order flow.