XCurrent can settle with XRP confirmed


No-ripplers BTFO

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>b... b... but banks/FIs wont use XRP .... will they?

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no one wnats this bankers coin. nice try user. EOY itll be rank

Textbook stage 1. You're on your way to enlightenment user

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Bankers wont let ripple take over the world, they will put the SDR and dollar on Hyperledger. They want to use (((their))) currency

Ripple is their currency. That's why you and most of Veeky Forums hates it.

Hyperledger got tied up with Interledger, good luck believing the shit you tried to post here.

Psst...kill yourself. EOY u will be damned

They cant keep their FUD straight. First XRP is a bankercoin that is against muh morals then they switch to banks dont want it whenever its suits.

My favourite FUD is that the illuminati/banks created it so they can steal everyones precious BTC and ETH.

>Hyperledger got tied up with Interledger


you dont really know what the fuck theyre going to do. do you?

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He's quoting Jim Rickards. Rickards may know what's up but he also glows in the dark so knows whether to trust him or not.

youtu.be/dL6ivMCw4GA skip to 34 minutes in

XRP is flatlining, it's dead.

It stayed at $0.20 for most of 2017 after it's peak at $0.40. It wouldn't surprise me if does the same routine this year. Bounce between $0.50 and $0.70 before screaming to $6 out of nowhere on insider information in a year or two.

It's such a s-shit c-coin.. R-right biz?!


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Well then, why is it doing nothing pricewise except continue to slowly bleed?

Speculators are fine and bore easily. They all think they can make money elsewhere and jump back in before the next moon mission.


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Well, some reasons.

>Like every other coin out there - hype has downed since December trends.google.nl/trends/explore?q=ripple
>People simply do not understand XRP. 99% of the people are too stupid to understand the capabilities, usage and services Ripple [company] provides
>XRP. however an amazing product, is still in pilot phases for companies. We will likely get production dates within 1-2 weeks confirming the production within huge FI's like Western Union.

This will set off XRP to new heights as it will confirm everything it always said it would do: settle payments. Extremely fast. Extremely cheap. Without a problem - ever.

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shhhh let's keep the price down so we can accumulate more, let the Veeky Forums have useless chainlink

Its going to pump very soon user. Buy now or fomo in at the next ATH

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This how it's going to play out:

- XRP CB listing, pump up to 3
- Major FI production usage announcement 5 to 10

FOMO is a bitch.

Get on early or you'll miss the pump.

Sure hon ;)

Could it happen?

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leddit tier fud, kys retard

>being this mad over the most ridiculous fake FUD


In market cap? Easily. On a token per token basis? No....

not mad, perfectly comfy with my XRP stack

Cool, so since it's currently 65c, I can expect roughly another x10?

Pro-tip: we only care about market cap.


I hate xrp and everything it stands for but I will buy when it flatlines around 2-2.5k sats in a few months, it always rises from the ashes for some reason.

Since Bitcoin and ethereum usually pump before XRP, did you consider the possibility that BTC and ETH are just scams to accumulate precious XRP?


I bought it for 89 cents yesterday after watching it for 2 hours. It's 82 cents now, makes me sad because of how hard I fought for this price

...... where