If the 20 day ema crosses the 200 day, prepare your Angus. The likelihood of the 50/200 death cross will be YUGE

If the 20 day ema crosses the 200 day, prepare your Angus. The likelihood of the 50/200 death cross will be YUGE
The next 24hrs are absolutely critical for bitcoin. Really.

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>coin. Really.
if Death Cross occurs then could play out like 2013/2014 bear market.

20 and 200 isn't the death cross you fucking brainlet, it's 50 and 200 and they're not even close to crossing right now

lol @ ur meme lines

>The next 24hrs are absolutely critical for bitcoin. Really.

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>reading comprehension
>your bad at it

t. Brainlet

the fact that so many of the borderline-retarded 80 iq mouthbreathers like yourself on this board have fallen for the death cross meme and repeat it ad nauseum is almost a sure sign that it will fakeout cross then quickly cross back and moon hard.

btc to 0 screencap this

>inb4 “you’re”

Because there’s no profit for whales in letting/making it play out and crashing btc to the ground right?

Yeah, because whales want to crash BTC to the ground and make all their holdings worthless.

I can tell you've never traded forex or anything because the pros love to abuse retards like you who trade on braindead ema strategies.

Anyone who has spent more than a minute on a stock trading forum will hear the coming ring of delusuon when someone attributes market movements to an undefined group called 'whales'.

It is well known that whales communicate with each other and choreograph moves.

Up to 1000 miles i believe.

well known by December buyers maybe

their resonant whale song leads to a beautiful dance through the wavy waters

no as much as playing the futures contracts when everyone expects it to go to 0

These aren't stocks. If you don't understand that this market is manipulated by high volume bots of a few actors you're dumb.

Oh man ... these arent stock, there something mankind has never seen ... special, like a beautiful flower that grows and keeps on growing, like a rose or a tulip.

You think you can enter our world and patronize us and get away with it

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Hey man, just passing through, making conversation.

You give them too much credit, I highly doubt a large amount of whales actually agree on doing anything. My estimate is that at any given point, 40% are bearish while 60% are bullish (or vice-versa) and they have to fight eachother in order to win. Lots of big dump are followed by big pumps

To the ground? No. To 2-3k? Sure why not. 100k short at x25 from 8.5k to 3k is about 1.6MM profit, take 600k profit and wait for the entry for a 1MM 25x long. Say entry is 4k by the time it hits 5k profit is 6.2MM at 8k profit would be 24MM. Just 2 well timed trades, if you had the means why wouldn’t you take the risk? The setup is almost perfect

Are you the same faggot who posts the "death cross" meme literally every 2 to 3 days? When was the last time you used a toilet pajeet?

>100k at x25
have fun getting stop hunted
i'd rather play it safer with x10
less reward, less risk.

1 no
2 this morning

Your world is full of shit and misery.

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>here something mankind has never seen ... special

no it just means they aren't regulated, have laughable volumes, and can have market cap swung by billions of dollars by spending a fraction of that - which coordinated players with a lot of money and/or crypto assets from years ago do on a daily basis. Not hard to understand.

>stocks aren't manipulated by bots
Jesus christ you fucking brainlet

>implying that they won't cross the death cross, and then cross it right back in a day just to fuck with everyone.

So the 200 50 deathcross has never happened before, its never been a thing for btc, its a simple TA metric used by mostly value investors to determine long term value of a company in traditional finance, if it crosses we can expect some sort of effect from hype alone at this point. There are a few things of note for the MA's themselves. If you look at the price action 50 days and 200 days ago both are about to shrug off a period of big selling this means if the price was going sideways the MAs would both move upwards; this is telling you something. I'm unsure if its too late now for there not to be a cross or at least a meeting of the two (a meeting of the two and then post meeting widening in the upwards direction is a bullish signal remember) but if we remain with upward momentum in the second half of this week the chance of the metric being useful for anything other than self-fulfilling prophecy of dumb money (the people who are trading of this metric) reduces a lot. So be cautious about using this deathcross for a trading decision, make sure its the very last metric you use in influencing your decision.

Thank for your input, much appreciated