Reminder that stealing copper wire off of construction sites is more fun and profitable then crypto

reminder that stealing copper wire off of construction sites is more fun and profitable then crypto

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So is selling cocaine probably but I don't want to risk getting arrested.

All 3 recycling centers I've been to require your fingerprint and ID when recycling metal and if your total exceeds $25, they send you a check in a few days rather than instant - maybe for verification that what you recycled isn't stolen lol.

I recycle car parts on the side when I can't sell the cars that I part out.

This is what gypsies do in my country. They are socially useless too, and are involved with drugs (they consume and sell their own shit), dont have any valid political opinion and dont contribute economically to prosperity of country. You'll eventually end up in jail because you didnt have enough self-respect to find a job and follow a legal and hard-working life. You will be another gypsy

just melt it down and turn it into pennies bro

going into a recycling center with a bunch of brand new romex or any kind of new wire would be retarded, they would report your ass since they need your ID anyway. but if you sell it to some cheap ass electrician for cash then it could work

Please learn the difference between “then” and “than”.

Only if you are poor

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Do they happen to be Romanian gypsies? They used to roam around all over the city I used to work in. They're fucking scum. I have so many stories.


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Hide the evidence with Bleachcoin.

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>projecting this hard

OP enjoys a long day of copper wire snatching followed by a nice crypto sesh before bed.

Kill them.

t. Romanian

more cost effiecnt to strip as opposed to burn. helping a pajeet out here.

D'ya like dags.

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how much money have you made stripping?

Both spanish and romanian. Had few white romanian non-gypsies friends and im sure they would burn them all if had a chance

>stealing from honest welders
kys, OP

They consume their own shit? Wtf?

They really are scum though, after reading the accounts of an actual gypsy on /int/ (timestamp proof and everything) I came to the conclusion that they’re basically jews except useless and retarded.


I actually made a living by stealing copper before the china olympics the price was high as fuck

always had problems with that

than is for comparing twos thing and then is for time right? thats all i know

>posts picture of 12-2 NM cable
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As long as its not live wiring. I've seen that webm. It literally burned a hole in his side and you could see the lung.

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Even trespassing on a construction site is a FELONY.

I don't want to see any of you guys in jail. Don't do stupid shit like this, please. Its not worth it.

Also, see:

God that looks like some seriously untarnished, sexy copper

reminder. Being in crypto will not land you in jail
Being raped by bubba and his other cell mates

Atleast 5 faggots a year are fried doing this where I live
Good luck tho

The gypsies are the lowest of the low. They celebrate their freeloading culture. They all smoke. Even their kids smoke. They sit in their trailers and fuck each other. It's fucking horrible. At least poor whites, American blacks, literally every other US subculture has a segment that wants to contribute to the overall society in some way. The gypsies celebrate being human parasites. They only want to exploit social welfare programs and then move on to con the next bunch of softhearted idiots that let them set up shop and burglarize them. Seriously fuck the gypsies. There is literally not one significant development they've made. Every other culture by comparison is some spacefaring paragon of progress and virtue.

We need more comfy crime threads on biz.

As for the copper it’s value has gone down a lot. I don’t think it’s profitable anymore. I remember back 5 years ago everyone was stealing it. My cousin got caught doing it. He had to spend about 6 months in jail. But he was a retard that stole from peoples houses not construction sites.

>Being in crypto will not land you in jail

Better still work for a street lighting company. Legally pull 100s of metres of 4core wire when you find it and double your wage for the next few months.

This, these threads are comfy

Remember to gainsmaxx whenever you go shopping and stuff your pockets

i don't recommend shop lifting. unless you work on the inside and can disable the surveillance. i used to work at a big box store and we had digital cameras everywhere and plain clothed LP agents walking the store and that was 10 years ago. no telling what they have now days.

Now if it's a smaller store it's possible. I used to be a manager at a smaller chain and when i came in in the morning to open the store i would basically just walk around taking whatever i wanted. i just turned off the cameras first. i had access to the safe and everything. made nightly deposits of $10k sometimes $20k on holiday weekends. it was tempting being a lowly wage slave not to run off with the cash but i knew i would be caught so i never tried it.

things are chaging fast not though. with everyone using debit/credit cards now days stores don't keep much cash on hand. the time to be a thief has kind of passed now unless your a hacker.

>stealing a low value metal
Why do people do this?
>not starting a business that people will bring low value metal to, melting it down, selling it

Just like you neets

Literally scared of treading on toes in the stolen low value melting racket user, nice people are not coming to mind

>then crypto
thanks, i will take your post seriously

Yeah I like dags but I like caravans more