Just dumped

Just dumped

strong bearish divergence on the macd
rsi broke trend
obv broke trend

Not saying it won't moon hard... but not today. Will probably push a bit higher but be ready for an unexpected dump

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Agreed, dumped as well. It's what smart money is doing.

Lol. Faggots. Just bought 100k

Realistic how far you think guys, below 3 again?

>analyzes a dump is coming
>be ready for an unexpected dump
really getting the neurons fired with that one

just helping out the brainlets that were hoping for one last pump. had it gone up after my comment it would have plunged even harder than it is right now.

>biz has been good to me heres a freebie

Depends. If it breaks the 4k satoshi line it could easily free fall to around 3k. If it breaks below the 2.8k-3k support expect a freefall to 2k. If it breaks 2k ICX is kill.

LOL k Thanks TA godz i just sold 500k easy 1 million dolla profit tank you tank you.

Its so easy to spot the virgins that sold unironically BEFORE bithumb/upbit/bittrex announcement. Must hurt.

It dumped after my comment. I was right. I'm still buying back in but this time I have a bigger stack.

Wow another based TA god please tell us more. your prophecy sounds so legit like if 4k satosheez break down to 3.7k satosheez were fucked right? ya bru better fukin sell right now

No need to get upset. Just basic chart reading. Check out babypips dot com they have free lessons and they're easy to follow.

I used to be ignorant to TA and it got me fucked so many times. Just trying to help out. Obviously the best way is fundamental analysis + TA but if you want to stay poor feel free to go ahead and ignore us.

>got me fucked so many times
Same here, I used to let my emotions take the wheel too often and ignored the indicators. Sometimes I'd get lucky but more often than not I got burned.
Just mastering the indicators in my original post is enough to give an idea of where the price is headed and doesn't take long to learn how to chart each one.
Doesn't pan out every time but it's better than guessing.

Theres 7 million dollars of 24hr volume on koreas first exchange to get icx, bithumbpro.And the price is constantly 5-20 cents less than binance.There is no great demand for koreans to buy it.

>playing russian roulette with korean fomo

You can't play the pump game with koreans and Bithumb.

I remember when QTUM gets listed and pumped only 20% and dumped even more. XRP stays below $1 for almost 6 months. But both XRP and QTUM became biggest gainers in the year end bull run thanks to Bithumb.

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its all about stop losses and profit taking
pair that with TA and you will have insignificant losses in the long run

Morons unironically believe in TA. If it is that easy then why don’t billion dollar firms with Harvard talent beat the market? Realize your survivorship bias you dumbasses.

Well obviously, it's massively overbought in a slaughterhouse bear market. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in crypto however, always expect higher highs with hype and lower lows with fear. You only have to see some of the ridiculous comments on here to see that in action.

It literally is guessing. But when you guess you right you attribute it to TA.

For all you faggots with small inconsiderate amounts of ICX, go ahead and swing trade your shit and lose your small stack.

All the big players are holding. Like me.

>statistics is guessing

morons unironically believe gooks will flock in droves to buy a shitcoin that was at half price like a week before they could get it lol.

Sure, it's not because it went on a wild rollercoaster right behind BTC. It's not because it went up like crazy and now gets also influenced by "bad" Binance news.

Keep up your shitty "analysis".

>the absolute state of TA brainlets