How do I buy Bitcoins?

Hi, I am new to this site, I just signed up for a blockchain account and I can't figure out how to actually buy the Bitcoin. Someone told me this site has knowledgeable people on Bitcoin.


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If you are un-ironically looking for advice on crypto currencies then I wouldn't use this website as a resource. This place is for posting memes and pajeets trying to scam people. Stay far far away from this shit hole unless you're looking for misinformation.

Admin here
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Just install Blockfolio m8

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Thanks sPJsHqV6.
do you know any good sites?

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buy egg coin

Bitcoin is a dead technology. But if you're going to waste money anyways and you're a normie, go to coinbase.

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what is a normie? Do you think bitcoins are not a good idea to buy?

There are plenty of resources that can be found by searching Google. If you do a couple hours of research you can figure out pretty much everything. Just start slow and you'll figure it out.

Seems like there is a lot to learn!
I definitely wont be bookmarking this site though!

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Alos, look into HST, aka Horizon State. One of the only crypto projects that has a minimum viable product and actual partnerships and more customers than they can handle atm. Very bright future on the horizon.

I keep seeing on youtube about and I am wondering if it is something I should try?

There will be rises and falls but the only thing bitcoin has is the name. It's going to slowly die and be replaced.

No that is a pyramid scheme, stay away from those kinds of projects. Anything that has a real product is a safe bet.

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Live Action Role Play. They think you are a regular of this site pretending to be new, or LARPing as a newcomer to the crypto space. I don't care either way since I actually want to help people out.

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Thank you, you are the only one being helpful

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Hey if you're a real newbie then I hope you can learn a lot and figure out how to invest wisely. Everyone should be encouraged to learn about this emerging market and opportunities it brings.

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Even though you didn’t show tits I’ll be helpful.
Open a coinbase account. Link a credit card or bank account, buy bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin.
Create a Binance account.
Send your Bitcoin , Ethereum. Litecoin
To deposit, click funds, click deposit,
Scroll to BTC, generate deposit address. Then send to binance. Wait for confirmation
Then buy

Yes! I started learning about cryptocurrency on Last Week Tonight and I think it's very fascinating I won't be buying EOS!!

Whatever you do, do not listen to this person. For the love of god, never buy LINK.

link 1keoy

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Facebook is a much friendlier atmosphere for crypto newbies. Plenty of crypto groups. Crypto coin trader is a solid group.

Thank you! It won't let me click the link.

LINK is the name of a project that many of the used on this site try to trick people into buying. It has no actual product or any real use cases in the real world. Stay away from LINK aka ChainLink

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>i want to help people
>fuds link
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Good luck on your endeavors, I hope you make a shit ton of money. Just make sure you learn everything you can before you put a dime into the market. Knowledge is power, yadda yadda, you know the rest.

But you should definitely buy tron

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I'll need to buy a Bitcoin first though right?

I’m 100% genuine about LINK.
Decentralized end to end.

Buy mobius kind maam, it will make you moonwoman and progressively richer eoy, maam

Not necessarily. There are plenty of parings that don't use bitcoin. Like I said, do the research and you'll figure everything out just fine.

Buy litcoin on coinbase, not bitcoin. Litecoin is faster and cheaper to transfer.

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Yes or Ethereum. Both let you trade for ALTs
Tron is garbage. The supply is too high for it to ever be worth anything.
ChainLink is a game changing crypto.
At least research it a bit.

Nice try! They wouldn't put that in the rules lol.

As you can see, these people are hell bent on trying to scam you into buying chainlink. You'll be better off ignoring everything they say.

Dont listen to the linkers, they shit in the streets like pajeets.

Buy mobius kind maam, youll thank me later maam., it solves the orcles problem, maam

Yes, and since those are not separable, youll have to buy in quantities of 1, 2, 3 etc... part of why Bitcoin will die

I seriously hope you don’t buy link you nonbeliever. Yes mams pls buy mobius almost forgot about mobius

If I can't use fractions, how do you spend it to get cryptocurrencies that cost less?

As you can see, this place is full of liars and scammers, nothing of value can be gained from listening to Veeky Forums. Get out while you're still excited about crypto. This place will kill that excitement very fast.

He's lying...

Okay how do I delete this post?

Just let it die, it will go away once it reaches a max reply limit or no one has posted in the thread for a while and it gets buried and archived. Good luck.

Maam, this user is a very bad man! he's a mobius buyer and is trying to horde the coin for himself, maam.

Buy mobius kind maam, dont listen to him maam,

You see, you now have 1 Bitcoin. You can buy about 15 ethereum with that. With 1 Ethereum you can now buy about 1000 Chainlink. If you want 2000, you have to use 15 Ethereum.

Link 1000 eoy

I can buy any decimal of btc , eth , ltc
Veeky Forums has been fudding link to keep the price down while accumulation is met.
ChainLink is a real game changing tech
No linkers will stay poor.

at the end i meant 2 Etherium, im sorry.

You have to post a selfie with timestamp so the admin can see and verify it's you.
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Is Bitcoin Cash just a fraction of a Bitcoin?

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No. Totally different coin

Bitcoin Cash is a fork, while Bitcoin Core is the spoon.


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Thanks! Just bought 100k

I just got telegram so I'm going to ask people for help there. Thanks for nothing.

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