Why aren't you loading up on Banyan Network?

Why aren't you loading up on Banyan Network?

Loopring and HPB are angel investors. It has been confirmed that the team is working closely with HPB and could possibly be the first working application on the HPB blockchain (supporting thousands of transactions a second using their proprietary hardware).

Team is branched off from Unionpay Smart, and it's pretty much confirmed that they're partners with them.

120 million coins circulating, the rest are locked up in a vesting schedule to private investors, because they did not have an ICO for weak hands to dump. Only on Bibox so far, but the CEO has said that they are already in talks with other exchanges. Just added to CMC today, and still needs to be updated with the circulating supply, but this would make it $15 million marketcap. Even the shittiest of shitcoins have $40 million marketcaps, i.e. guaranteed to go at least 3-5x.

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I think Banyan is a godly project and want to buy. I'm gambling that Banyan will dip in a few weeks and I'll buy the dip.

so lucky I got in at 8 cents



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Fair point, it’s at an all time high right now. But with these super low market cap coins, you should be careful, because there might not be a dip during the process when the price is still being discovered

user tell me, there will be a dip please. I need to x10 my last stack before I need to pay it back by May.

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Boyo, don’t invest more than you can afford, especially in this bear market. That said, because this is a Banyan thread, this coin has done well and has as good of a chance as any to go sky high. Again, 3-5x very likely, 10x may take some time depending on the team’s marketing, which actually is pretty good so far

What's the circulating supply? With 1B total supply, the marketcap isn't exactly superlow.

Say, with 50% circulating, it's already over 60M

120 million circulating

You can find the info on their telegram

Ah, also in the OP.

Thanks, anons.

user when this hits 60m market cap I will be a very happy man

The last three coins I've gotten in early are ANS, ICX, and KCS. Banyan is my next moon mission. Do what you want with that info

Should I throw 2,000 NEO in this or hold onto the NEO?

Not sure if troll of srs, but if srs, yes.

Why would it be a troll?

Faggot. 2000 neo will make you unironically rich as fuck. But yes, gamble them away for a gamble coin

> bbn
> gamble coin
No more of a gamble than neo is, its just far more likely to 10-20x than neo. The team alone blows retards like you out of the water.

I have invested in bbn and I think it's good Short to mid term hold. But NEO is just safer and can go x10 in the next 24 month without beeing risky like bbn.
Neo is the safest and best long term in my opinion.
If I was you mister 2000neo I would spend Max 500 of them on bbn

I'm thinking 1,000

Just depends on your risk tolerance. Do you want 7 figures later, or 8 figures?

Risk tolerance is pretty high. I've done some dumb shit but made money.

I'm really jealous of your stack. But we're looking at BBN through the same lens, we see a high growth multiplier, that's why we're both in a tough spot of deciding to go in or not.

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Bought 3500 of these for shiggles

I'm holding about 12k BBN now. But I feel like short term this could do a lot more than NEO which is why I might swap my stack. Doubt neo will be mooning hard any time soon, price seems pretty stable.

this most certainly will net you more profit than neo short term. Nobody is really planning on holding it longer than late may anyway, which you by then will be able to buy back in a lot more neo than you previously had. Or for those who are planning on holding it longer, don't get burned on the airdrop, remember to sell in may and buy in after the dip

Is there a specific date in May for the BBN airdrop

early May, but you guys realize that the amount airdropped is negligible

Quote from CEO, "Given full group of 100k. Max is 800k BBN for inviting. And 500k BBN giveaway."

june 3rd another 120 mill released
sept 3rd the remaining 160 millthe circulation supply will increase with another 280 mill. So people will most definitely dump before these dates

Source their reddit all in one thread

yup I'm selling those dates

The absolute state of the retards selling right now, I'm getting so triggered by these ADD hands

I could make the argument that any coin valued over $2 billion is more risky to put your money into.

Still higher than it was less than 24 hours ago.

like I said, I fucking smell the same pajeet group here as with the devery shilling.
Yall need to step up your game

sometimes are just very excited about a project feel the need to share. I've been holding since 4 cents and don't really feel the need to make these type of threads, but I can see why they do it