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Solve this, or leave Veeky Forums forever

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Fucking stop with these.

It's 90



Low IQ brainlets. your Nootropics can't help you now

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This too, depending on how the digits on the left are related to each other.

Either 90 or 810

lol ez one 68

t. All in LINK

Wait sorry, its 80 or 90, forgot about the =118

68 = 116
79 = 117
90 = 118


I hope anyone not saying 90 is merely pretending.



>yfw your answer is anything but 810

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its either +11 each term or you're counting up digits 1 at a time. 90 and 810 are both valid you brainlet

kek I love these

Say 80 or 90 because no way is to know if the count is to go back to zero, or if 10 is added to the ten value. If multiple choice or we seen more of the count before =111 we would know

1000 eoy

Yeah, I guess, but you can't have 10 in the ones place. Eighty-ten is 90.

How is it 810? Is american education that bad? Or are you all typing this from your kindergarten now?

Check it, im not explainin but it makes the most sense


Oh wait is that why anons are saying it's 810, nope that is retarded.


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Explain your logic

>but you can't have 10 in the ones place
>Eighty-ten is 90.
is that really how base 10 works? I hardly remember maths class long ago


left side goes 1 2 3, right side 3 4 5, the state of biz


68 = 116
79 = 117
810 = 118

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90...not a lot to discuss here.


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I got 810, which is wrong.

My thinking was to

1. Look at the number on the right side of the equal sign, then take the final digit from this number. Use this final digit as the first digit in my answer.

2. Add all digits in the number on the right hand side of the equal sign, then attach this to the right side of the digit I found in the first step.

1. 118 --> 8 is last digit

2. 1+1+8 = 10

My answer was "8" + "10" = 810

90 is correct though, I have dishonored Veeky Forums

But how is 90 the answer other than "hurr durr I see 11 added on every step so that must be it"
It doesnt explain the relation between the 2 sides of the sequence

It could be 80 too...

For example 35 = 113

The last digit of 113 is the first digit of 35
The. You add the first 2 digits...1 and 1 to the last digit 3 and you will get 5.... that's 35

Works with all the other ones top.

200 IQ confirmed

ding ding first winner

I guess it's testing to see if you can extrapolate beyond what you just see listed, but I think that's misleading because they should've listed 116 and 117.

I think it's sensible to get 810 when you're just given the equations listed like that.

>It doesnt explain the relation between the 2 sides of the sequence
It's testing pattern recognition, a core component of IQ.

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It's 88.

Look at my pic.
In the long green box, it simply adds up 3>4>5>6>7>?
So the obvious solution is that the second number will be 8.

Then all the other colored boxes show that the first digit in the number before the "=" is always the last digit in the number after the "=".
So the obvious solution is that the first digit will be 8.

Solution: 88.

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The ony pattern there is to recognise is the one that leads to 810
There is no pattern in 24, 35, 46, 57...

I got 811. Should i just an hero now? I'm scared i have successfully fried my brains.
No one got this. Confirmed special


So we have following numbers for the solution::

Bbut muh numbers on the right!
If you answer 810 you have autism and try to make everything hard for yourself.

This is a series of false statements, the only correct answer is 118 for the fiven question mark, the patterns before that are simply false statements regardless of pattern

The answer is obvious but requires french.


math major here

ignore the 11 and this is quite simple if youve passed the 4th grade

13 = 1
68 = 6
79 = 7
n , (n+2) = n

8, 10 = 8
8+1 = 9
90 = 118

solution is 1488

Why would you ignore the 11?

I'm willing to accept 810 as sort of right, but it's a leap because there's no reason to think we're using some kind of novel numbering system that would lead to that.
You could rewrite the question as:
(13, 111)
(24, 112)
(35, 113)
(46, 114)
(57, 115)
(x, 118)
Solve for x.
Would you still say 810?

this bait again

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Wait nvm your answer was correct didnt read it all

810 is the only, completely obvious, answer. All others are wrong.

T. Proud american

we will have to wait for the americans to wake up. surely with their superior brains they can tell us the answer

that's genious american to you, pal.

68. It's just a pattern. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with math.

Low iq board. It's 810. All the left numbers are increasing if you add both numbers
Fast forward to the question mark, should be 18 combined. Add to that, should begin with the last number of the right column

Literally took 3 seconds in a Google search. Also, if you spend 3 more seconds in a Google search, you'd find around 1/3rd of all replies in this thread to be copied and pasted from various /b/ threads with this EXACT SAME PICTURE.

OP is literally copying and pasting replies from that thread to bait people on Veeky Forums into his off-topic, non-Veeky Forums-related thread.

It cant be 810 because then what is
? = 120
that actual answer is 90

03 duh

ambiguous pattern
you can add 11 on one side and 1 on the other, or you can add the right side, then take the rightmost number and put it in front of the sum. they give different outcomes once sum>=10

68 116
79 117
80 118

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good numbers to go along with that excellent post


Now to see what you dim twats said

IT’s 810

810 of course


Is everyone retarded and missing the part that this is an open ended question with several equally viable answers that all make equal sense?

There are several patterns present and each are correct. It's like asking what is uno + one is and calling them a retard for saying two instead of dos.

This is what’s going on:

The last number of the second row (1)
Becomes the first number of the first row (1 of 13)
The number 3 comes from adding the last number of the second row (1) to the two numbers that preceded it
(111) 1+1+1 = 3

2 goes to the front

8 goes to the front

This rule matches all lines and rows.

I like this wow, fuck ok. I agree. If you did not get 80,90 or 88you are retarded. If you answered 68 I guess that is an just a mistake, atleast you have a brain, 810 is not an acceptable answer you morons, your father's need to stop breeding with their sisters or what ever close relative they are mating with to make you monkeys, I swear to God biz, this is what is wrong with you.


Not realy, one has to find the most sound one wich is 810.

Sound according to what? There are no guidelines. It isn't math either it's just pattern recognition and there no map as to what they are fishing for.

No answer is more sound because I could just as easily mark any of these wrong if it was a test as it wasn't what I was looking for what is what matters in these situations.

No. You’re retarded. The only acceptable answers are 88 and 810.
810 is the most sound though.

>found the real brainlet

I described the process in a post above. I got to 88 first and then 810. I believe 810 is more sound. Check the math.

How do you know it uses decimal? You don't. 88 is alright


It isn't a math equation it's a riddle.

it's 68. now go fuck your self

This guy got it too.