I just fomoed into icx. how fucked am i?

am I too late?

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You might well be short term, but if you're willing to hold for any period of time you should be fine.

Short something that just keeps going up and has plenty of room to go. I don't know user

>short term

If you plan on holding for a few days you should be good. Long term hold will be even better though but for not it's not showing any signs of turning around really.

It had two big days. It still has room to grow, but he shouldn't be surprised if he's 10% down or whatever tomorrow.

i mak a meme line

I don't see it collapsing before reaching this point cuss this was the great crypto apocalypse with its current momentum

but i can't into meme lines too good

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i mean when the yellow meme line and the red meme line intersect and btc looses 75% of its value again then i would be worried


It close to doubled in value in two days. I do think it will be worth more next month and so on, but even with the most promising coins, when you buy after two 40%+ days, you need to expect some kind of correction.

i herd this meme before and I'm still waiting for eos to come tumbling down

Please do more research or you'll just lose your money in an otherwise easy market. You are thinking about buying 1) a coin at pretty much ATH (the BTC induced altcoin frenzy does not count) and 2) a scam that is already at moon levels based on hype.

I'm just being honest, I don't want to be negative. As I've said, I still have faith in ICX, it would just be dumb if OP bought at the top of a pump then panic sold tomorrow because he was surprised by the correction. Who knows, it might have another 40% day tomorrow since there is a valid reason for the pump. I expect it to correct somewhat, but no one can say for certain, and that would just be temporary anyway.

You better not be talking about ICX buddy.


what is this fucking meme

Are you just tossing out buzz words. Literally buzz words won't predict market behavior.

I don't really give a fuck what is going on all I see is a clear break out and upward momentum with little to no possible FUD coming out that could cause mass panic.

So I believe it is safe to say this meme coin is going to continue on its upward trend.

Everything has risk memes and you could consider dow jones a pump and dump

Who knows if this USA meme will last amirite.

What is wrong with this board now? Reread my posts. ICX is good. But it nearly doubled in value in 48 hours. Things don't move in a straight line in either direction.

Do I think it will retrace all the way back to its floor tomorrow? Of course not. But you can't say that a coin that was at the top of the highest gainers for two days in a row has no more chance to have a correction before continuing its run than the dow jones has chances to crash, or the US economy to collapse.

We will see, imo it will continue on its path

Too many hypothetical memes getting tossed around from your speculation imo

Don’t listen to these dolts. This shit is about to hit one of the biggest Korean exchanges on the 25th. That’s the time to sell. It’ll explode.

>Don’t listen to these dolts
No one reads the fucking threads anymore. OP posted this thread when it was literally at the top. It has gone down 5% since then, and likely still has a few percentages points to go down before it does go up again. No one said anything else, so fuck you.

One second ago the meme lines moved.

It is going to move the other way in two seconds

I don't think you know how the market works user

ok OP why even post asking for advice if you don't want to take it
- good luck buying shitcoins at all time high (ICX)
- enjoy investing in billions dollar!!! market cap coin that is confirmed exit scam (EOS)

What is it like being this schizophrenic


Have you not read that ICX is about to be traded on a Korean exchange on the 25th?
Are you purposely being retarded?

The 5% drop is from someone dropping a big red cock of a candle on bitcoin. All alts are dropping at the moment.

It’d take two seconds to figure that out if the cavity inside your skull contained a brain instead of a pocket of air.

That lad is like the ur-numale.

well who do u think its gonna get fucked most in the next 2-3 days, when buttcorn gets back to like 6-7k? exactly, the shitcoins that pumped most during the recovery... so cut ur losses now and buy back later

While you look into the coins you are investing in, might want to look up the definition of schizophrenia. as well.
In any case best of luck with your 200$ investment (lol); probably too young to recognize genuine advice in between all the shitposting.

Holy shit, you really don't read anything. I've said that after this 10% or so correction he'd probably in the clear because there was a reason for the pump. This is fucking hopeless. I give up on this board.

OP cannot be helped. just sage

Being this triggered. schizophrenic med buy some

Fuck you, seriously. I sincerely, sincerely hope that from today on, every single day of your life is a bit worse than the previous one. My posts have been nothing but helpful, and you're either just trolling from the start or dumb beyond hope. I'm really tired of new posters like you.

You are retarded and obviously over emotional for trading. You can hardly control yourself enough to make rational arguments.

stop giving op the light of day dude. the guy is 13

>being this emotional on a Mongolian scrapbook website.


literally no control whatever BTC does ICX bots follow. I would rather sit on bitmex then try to daytrade ICX


>the light of day

Literally crossed the Golden Cross and is staying above it... You seriously can't be this retarded. Keep listing to second by second rational by schizophrenic emo faggot.

While you idiots argue I’ll just say this:
-Trading on Bithumb on the 25th
-Tradig on Upbit today-ish
-Partnerships with huge Korean bank announced today
Get in now or on the slight correction. This is a recovery in my opinion not a moonshot.

This guy knows what’s up.

correct, and btc going to dump into the weekend

icx has gotten the chance to gain during btc stagnancy. will lose more ratio during btc dump that will commence. we've seen for weeks now that good news and listings don't really affect the price when btc is tanking. even if there is something to icx, the timing is really too poor to make better gains than shorting btc.

>btc dump that will commence

being this much of a shill.

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If that was the case I’d just see it as a way to accumulate more ICX at the lower sat prices. Realistically everyone has been quiet on ICX for the last few weeks because we’ve been waiting for the real reversal and start of the BTC bull run. The effect of the next real bull run on ICX will be life-changing money so to buy now and dollar cost average down if you’re right is absolutely the best choice.

No need to shill anything because there is maybe 10k usd on this board.

You are trying really hard. Think it is pretty obvious who controls you.

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>buying green instead of red

do you guys ever learn?

We are waiting for the guy who eats shit out of another man's ass to pay his rent to repost. Think he took a break from his cubical to go beat off out of frustration

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>Say's good news doesnt have any effect on alts when btc isnt moving up

>ICX proceeds to move nearly 100% up in 3 days


Make an effort and try to really read his post, thanks.