Mainnet along with huge partnership announcement will drop literally any minute. Whales are loading up for cheap...

Mainnet along with huge partnership announcement will drop literally any minute. Whales are loading up for cheap, what the fuck are (You) doing?

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Finished accumulating my stack when it was around 0.14. I’m ready for this rocket to take off

Dubs confirm

Do you guys think it will moon? I mean we´ve already that there is a partnership and the mainnet will drop, isnt this kinda priced in? What are your thougts ?

main net is already out dumbass

How can a partnership be priced in when we don't know who is the partner? Also just imagine the FOMO once the first tokens start to get burned. People will realize that the price can only go up in the future.

Dubs confirm

Thats true, just look at what happened to bnb once token burning started.

anybody have the black block research report that they announced they were going to do on request network?

Needs link to truly take off. I'm still holding 30k though, but did sell some into this rumor.

be prepared to dump your stack on some unknowing fool when mainnet drops unless you want to risk your tokens getting burned

REQ always gets sick digits

For now it's just correcting toward a more sensible valuation, it was way too low
It will then see the usual pump and dump with the news and stabilize around 40c, unless the partnership is really huge and it moons over $1.
I would not count on it, the team only said that it was a strategic partnership and it was then overhyped, now it would take something unrealistic to appease the hype.
The real moon is in Q2 with fiat pairs.

30k Req here
$100eoy check them

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bye bois. see you at the next REQ top. (10k sats)

REQ $1000 EOY

delete this thread


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Got 50k right here. Will I make it Veeky Forums?

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Pisses me off that I lost 50 places in the token holder list. Holding for 1 yr at least tho (bought in end of Oct) and not won't touch my stack.

That sell volume

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Please no. I'll have too much money.

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