Best thing to do with 2000 ETH?

best thing to do with 2000 ETH?

I don't care if you don't believe or think I'm larping, what is the best thing to do with 2000 ETH to passively earn money over the course of 3-4 years?


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Everyone here is just gonna tell you to buy Chainlink. Don't.

stake it, if you believe it will go pos, otherwise trade for a pos coin.

kek don't worry
thanks though

it pays constant dividends and there is no minimum withdrawal

unironically, chainlink will be pos. please buy sir.

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Why would asking a simple, probably hypothetical question be larping?

Buy how ever much NEO you can get leave it in the NEON wallet and sell the gas every week/month

Sell half, put it in a Vanguard mutual fund for normie returns.
Split the other half between VEN, OMG, ETH, and ADA.

Hold that precious precious ETH.

Thats an awesome amount to be able to retire from when ethereum goes proof of stake.

Consider yourself very luck user.

I think it would be risky keeping it all in ETH..

to those wondering, I have no real understanding of investments and I was able to obtain a certain crowdsale ethereum wallet that had 2000 ETH.. now need to figure what to do with it

did you know you can earn passive interest just by holding ETH when it goes proof of stake?

that is your best bet.

Sell and be a millionaire? Or you could HODL untill 1k a piece, sell it and be even more of a millionaire

I can't sell it right now due to certain risks, I will need to sell small increments of it every time..

thinking to send it to a mixer, then atomic swap to Monero using Komodo and then atomic swap the Monero to BTC/ETH

Hey Joost, How's it going

how did you get it

Move 2000 eth to link

Run node

500 keep in ETH, 500 convert to NEO, 500 Monero, 450BTC, 50BCH

Put in wallets and forget about it.

I'm just larping

Does the atomic swap really work? Why not something like Shapeshift?

COSS has passive income. But it's shit.

I think shapeshift is not completely anonymous

2000 eth = 124 btc you numbnuts

he meant 500 out of the 2000 into btc I believe

turn it to bitcoin

or if you really have faith in eth wait till PoS and get dividends or whatever the fuck theyre doing

Transform it into EOS

buy a property in 3rd world country

Buy into some small ICO and own the network

Cash out at least half and pursue your dreams. Play with the other half in the mean time if you still want a shitfolio. Put a chunk of that half into gold coins and some safe investments (low yeild bonds) .

Build a small safety net with the help of a financial advisror.

Basic shit though, own your home, travel a bit, interact with the real world and see where you can make money. Once you have a solid idea pursue it.

Definitely do not take financial advice from me or any of these degenerates.

Take the money open up a Mcdoanls Franchise and earn money over some Years.

The Big side effect is all you can eat and your liveexpectation drives to 10 Years.

Thats sound like a Idea or anons ?

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10% nuls
80% eth
10% ela

Id buy lots of Aion thats for sure.3-4years is the perfect time spam for it.Even short term might work with it if crypto starts to boom again.

2000 fucking eth, oh boy i would have the greatest shitfolio of all time.
I'd sell 1500 of them
500 into buttcoin for a safe haven to wait for alt dips
1000 spread into every single coin on binance
And buy a ven node and stake the rest into neo

puttin 1k eth on binance might raise few red flags in their systems but it seems like the best way to get filthy rich
about the ven nodes, arent they locked-in already?

Might be, i thought it was just the X nodes being locked in on the 20th, but the biggest nodes might already be locked. Either way that would have been dope to just have the biggest node, live comfy off that and just shitcoin gamle with the rest

checked, and yes i checked and it was only for x nodes

Keep the eth for at least a year, eventually split half in btc, monero, ltc, nano. Profit

Wait until midnight and then convert to WET 0.002 at a time, you can thank me later


But a fuckton of POS coins and stake them 24/7 365

All in QTUM

Link you fuckin faggot

I'm really conflicted on ETH. If it continues on as a fiat ramp like now then the price will go up. But since it was never meant to it might slowly give way to other cryptos in that department.

Have any more info about this? I'm currently mining ether and I'm wondering where I should hold or sell it to buy more GPUs.

Half into PoWH and half into Use divs from one to buy the other. Win.

You have a million dollars if true. Buy a couple of houses and rent them out to people and earn passive rent income. Crypto is gonna be shit for a while until some roadmaps start getting hit anyway

>how to flush your money down the toilet

Pamp this game and I'll be grateful forever. I can draw you something, lurk for you or whatever.

Every ponzi game bursts off when a new batch of ETH arrives so you'll even make a profit eventually. Prices are so low not that it's a matter of time.

And honestly...
>passively earn money over the course of 3-4 years

Sell 1000ETH on highs and buy 4-5 flats in eastern europe. Move there, rent them and live comfy off dividends.

Rest of ETH invest in coins of your choosing. I'd suggest getting masternodes if a passive income is what you want.

My choices would be VEN and unironically DBC.

Fuck yeah

Cash out, invest in property, gilts, bonds, a few track record shares you like for example Shell A, have equal amounts in gold and silver, and keep a couple of ETH in crypto just for gambling with.

Op this, I would say chainlink to be honest but it way to much of a risk, but honestly use a few ether and buy chainlink

You need a share in a whore house user

Wait for pos and stake them for 1-3% daily proft

kek, most are just going to read over this

this. get OMG while it's low.

Sell it all for ven and retire in June.

>1-3% daily
lol delusional. 3% daily compound interest would turn $100 into trillions in like a year

that's why we are gonna make it user

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someone actually gave you good advice. follow it if you actually have that much eth

buy properties in shit areas. fix them to the bare minimum. rent them to section 8 hoodrats who spend their (your) welfare money on sneakers. collect rent from the government every month. Tons of headaches but you can hire someone to manage it and youre looking at 15%-20% net roi and 80-90% of the rent money deposited straight into your bank account.
or just lend it on poloniex

Power of Weak Hands 3D. Just check out the chart. It takes you like 2 sec. The chart is enough.

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Diversy no more than half in real assets, keep at least half man.

>Going from proof of stake where it 8-12% per year worry free just hodling Ether to dealing with trash of society for govmt money
This is why majority of /biz is poor

OP I'd sell 300 and get a small house/condo, decent car, travel a bit, fuck some whores, get it out of your system. The rest would be saved for staking.

I sold mine back in december / january.
Purchased a cottage for myself and a small apartment building in Peterborough, Ontario.
Its all paid, I don't expect a massive correction in this market (unlike toronto), and I expect 60k a year in income.

100% BIX. You need to do one trade a week to get tour share of their profits in BTC. It's enough to e.g. just sell 1 bix every week.

long term staking could be lucrative, but the stuff is still over valued and I expect a multi year bear market. Still a good time to hop out, protect your wealth and you can double your stake at the bottom